Loseing AntibodiesMature

I thought to myself that I must hurry. Going into a blind fit of rage and power will only weaken what little antibodies I had in me. I must make it back to the bus and make a new batch of antibodies to counter balance the infection.

During Angus’s blind fit of power he managed to take out all but one of the level 2's, and only a small handful of level 1's remained. In order to conserve what little antibodies he had left, he decided to power down for the remainder of the fight back to the bus.

“I will not be done in by this unnatural force. I shall not falter. I will get through with me own strength.”

He raised his hammer into the air and brought it down to the ground with enough force to make a small crater in the road. Angus looks toward the bus and then to the infected. Assessing the situation he comes with only one plan.

“Hey you beasties. Why don’t you fight me like real men?”

They lunged at me all at once with the level 2 coming in first. With my right hand I took the handle, with the hammer itself laying to my left, and swung as hard as I could with the axe side of me hammer. Lopping the beast’s head clean off I take me hammer by both hands and slam it into the bodies of 3/4th's of the infected. With them knocking into the other standing by they stood their ground staring at me.

“If you don’t want what happened to your friends to happen to you I’d suggest you scurry off now.”

They just stood there staring at Angus. Being enraged by this, he uses little of his power to strengthen the muscles in his vocal cords and gave off a loud roar. The remaining infected grew wide eyed and ran off to hide from what they thought was too hard to swallow. Weakened by his ordeal, Angus slumps back to his bus dragging his hammer on the way there.

“Mutton I’m home.”

His pug comes bounding from his bed under the hammock to greet him.

“Did you miss me my little friend? Well I have a treat for you.”

I open a jar from above my weapon wrack and pull out a dog biscuit. I tell him to go long and he rushes to the end of the bus. Tossing the cookie I realize that it might have gone too far. It hits the wall on the other end. Due to floor being so smooth Mutton slides and hits the wall. He bounces back up looking frantically for the treat. Finally finding it he eats it and rushes back to me.

“I’m sorry Mutton but for right now daddy has to get to work.”

With hands shaking wildly from over use of the infection Angus goes hard at work to finish making more antibodies to go into the tobacco. He is losing time and patience. The virus does not like to be held back as long as it has. With the last few seconds he finally finishes the formula.

“Ah, now to put it in me bagpipes before I truly go mad”

I put the remedy in me augmented bagpipes. I simply blow into them and the bagpipe goes to work turning the formula into a pure, potent, gaseous form that allows me to breathe in and calm me nerves.

Playing a melody from his homeland the day goes dark.

The End

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