Luna: Encounter of Alexis/IrisMature

Luna shifted her position trying to stay hidden. She didn't know why it was following her but it was. She looked over the counter seeing it cross the street to the mini-mart she was held up in. Seeing the monster again was still a shock to her six arms legs like that of a bulls a long fluffy tail and the head like that of and shark and gorilla mix. What was more crazy was its multi colored fur pattern. The criss cross pattern of reds, blues, and yellows that covered it's entire body. She ducked back behind the counter. It was the same creature that she had seen back when she was fleeing her hideout. She had decided to call it a gorilla shark. Luna started to think of her options while calculating her odds against it. Her odds were pretty slim and she only had one real option, hide.

She heard a loud snarl and some pounding on the ground outside the store. Luna looked over the counter again seeing the gorilla shark facing down another girl. Like they were having a staring contest.  The girl was at least 5' 5'' and had pitch black hair. She was wearing a loose grey hoodie. and baggy green cargo pants. She also wore a katana strapped to her back. The girl slapped the gorilla shark in the face and started scolding it.

"Who is that woman. Slapping an infected like that, she must be crazy!"

The gorilla shark reared up and pounded all six of it fists against its chest. Like the way a gorilla did. The woman just continued to shout at it. Luna couldn't tell what she was saying, but it seemed like they knew each other. Just then Luna's bag of pennies hit the floor making to much sound. Both the girl and gorilla shark looked toward the mini mart she was in. Luna ducked behind the counter again. her heart was racing she thought it was going to beat out of her chest. Stupid mistake she had attracted their attention. A crash sounded at the front of the store. Luna got on her belly looking under the counter. She saw only one set of feet near the front of the store. It was just the woman, the gorilla shark hadn't followed for some reason. Luna could see the point of her sword being dragged across the floor of the store as she walked. She could feel fear building up inside her. She watch from her spot behind the counter as the woman walked slowly toward her. She couldnt see anything but her feet so she didn't know where she was looking. Luna acted silently picking up a penny and tossing to the back of the store. She must be getting lucky because it broke some glass. She knelt back down watching her feet again. The woman was walking to the back out the store now. When she reached she turned around standing there for a moment.

"Alexis I don't think there is anything back here you know how some infected are. They tend to get smarter just like Vargus out there. It could have been a distraction."

"Shut up Iris I don't need your two cents on everything that happens. Don't you think i haven't figured that out already."

Luna's blood turned to ice. Who or what is the woman? Why is she talking to herself? And even worse why is she answering? Luna's heart skipped a beat because the woman named Alexis or Iris or whoever she is was looking under the isles in the store. She could see the back of her head as she look under the isles. Luna silently shifted her position and moved behind a box to conceal herself. The woman started to laugh.

"You are here aren't you. I can hear that infected heart beat of yours. Oh I bet the taste of your blood is just exquisite."

Luna could hear crashing going on around the store. It stopped abruptly.

"Alexis check behind the counter. It is the only place you can't fully see under."

Luna started shaking she couldn't move. She was having another one of her episodes. Alexis's katana sliced through the counter right beside Luna. Luna was to scared to move, she was racking her brain for a way out of this.

“I found you, you stinking infected piece of shit!”

Luna stood up swinging her shotgun around, pointing it at Alexis. Alexis seemed shocked by this, because she just stood there mouth wide open like she had no idea what she was even looking at. She even dropped her katana.

“D-Don’t S-Stay. Get Away!”

Luna uttered those words with much effort. Her heart was beating faster and faster now. Tears were rolling down her face. She kept the shotgun trained on Alexis as she side stepped around the counter. She knelt down picking her bag of pennies up. Alexis tried to speak.

“ I-”

Luna cut her off, cocking her shotgun.

“D-Don't You Move!!”

Luna backed up slowly to the back exit of the mini mart. She fumbled with her hands trying to reach the handle of the door without turning around, but she was still shaking and she dropped her shotgun. It went off blasting a box to shreds on her right. Luna dropped to the fetal position and scooted over to the corner near the exit. She was completely scared now she couldn’t even run. She felt Alexis’s hand touch her shoulder. Luna curled her ball tighter.

“Shhh its ok I didn’t mean to scare you. i thought you were one of the infected.”

“ So you try to kill her but its ok because you thought she was infected.”

“Shut up Iris! You are not helping the situation.”

Luna was shaking not wanting this lady to kill her. Luna felt her touch again she was whispering to her now.

"Its ok I'm not going to hurt you. My name is Alexis. Whats yours."

Luna could feel the fear fading. For some reason she didn't feel as scared of this woman anymore. Her words seemed to have a softer touch to them now.

"L-L-Luna, m-my n-name is L-Luna."
Luna uncurled her self from her ball and looked into Alexis's eyes. The were soft and inviting. She didn't look like she was going to hurt her.

"Well Luna I tell you what how about we work together to survive."

Alexis stood up and walked over to were she had dropped her katana picking it up and sheathing it behind her back in one swift motion.

Luna stood up shaky at first still unaware of her position in all this.

"So y-you're not g-going to k-kill me?"

Alexis looked back at her and smiled.

"I only kill infected sweetie. well save for Vargus out there." She gestured her thumb to the Gorilla shark still standing outside. Luna was a little confused at why she would choose the spare an infected, let alone name it Vargus. She decided not to ask.

" H-have you s-seen any other s-survivors b-besides me?"

Alexis looked at her inquisitively before answering. "A few I usually leave them alone though because well, they are kinda crazed, but there are a few that are surviving well enough. They haven't needed my help so I steered clear of them. To be honest if i had seen you i probably wouldn't have bothered with you, but seeing you freeze up like that, well i have decided to stick with you. I would feel real bad if something happened to you."

"Oh that is sweet Alexis. Are you going soft on me?

"Shut up Iris."

Luna still felt a little shy around her. She was intimidating, talked to herself, and for the most part she seemed completely crazy. all that aside she didn't feel to threatened by her at the moment maybe having a partner wouldn't be to bad.

The End

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