Mason Dean: New found powersMature

It was a simple task I told myself, I would be in and out I told myself. Now i'm sitting here bleeding out from a horde of zombies that I successfully fended off with my machete. Unfortunately one of the bastards bit my wrist and here I am wondering of i'm going to turn into one of those things! Luckily I found a first aid kit to wrap up my wrist but its still bleeding to much. Quickly thinking I remove the bandaging and pop open one of my bullets and poured gun powered over the wound and set it on fire with a match to cortarise the wound. The bleeding has stopped now so I bandage it back up. Feeling nauseated and dizzy, i try to think of a way out of this mess without drawing to much attention. I get up to start assessing the situation, as I start standing up I feel this cold shiver go down my back, light headed now eye sight blurry everything going black falling back on the floor and pass out.

 I suddenly wake up to the sound of glass breaking, eyes still blurry, releasing some thing is in the room sniffing around my injured wrist. Then suddenly whatever the thing was started to bite my wrist, quickly thinking i pull out my knife and slices whatever it was throat open. It released its grasp and limped away and fell on the floor, and I lost consensus again.

I woke up  to the sound of scratching on the door of the room that i took shelter in, sounds getting louder and more ferociously then it suddenly stopped and then there was silence. Looking around the room more clearly then ever, i could see the cracks in the wall more in depth, looking out the broken window of the room i could see far into the distance almost more then down the sights of a x8 scope of my rifle! I look over where the animal that bit my wrist died, it was a dog that was trying to eat me it was nothing but skin and bones. I look at my wrist that was surprisingly not hurting, to my surprised it was completely healed! I slowly get up grabbing my gear. I then hop out the window and start up my motor cycle still thinking to my self what have I become?

The End

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