Alexis: Still Human?Mature

I don’t know how long its been, time is a fading concept to me all I know is that must kill them, all of them” Alexis licked the blood off her blade cleaning it in one smooth motion. She could feel the power of the virus growing stronger she liked it. She turned her attention to some Infected that were watching her and she smiled.

“Time to party.” Alexis bolted toward them so fast they couldn’t react. She moved the blade up the body of the first on and ripped the heart out of the second one taking a bite out of it. She cut the next three in half in a single swing. The last one was attempting to flee. Alexis reached down ripping a rib out of one of the dead and tossed it. The bone hit dead on embedding itself in the back of it’s head. She loved this feeling of being more powerful than the infected. She wanted to slaughter them all in her masters name. They would all pay for killing him. All of them. Alexis licked the blood off her blade once again relishing the taste.

She stopped, grabbing at her head the pain she was having was intense. She fell to her knees.

“Stop Alexis! STOP! You aren’t one of them. They are monsters you are still human.”

Alexis punched the ground creating a small crater in the pavement. Tears were rolling down her face she was still fighting the virus for control and it had somehow created itself and alternate personality it called itself Iris and they were not friends.

“Oh but you could be so much more than human. Shed this form and take your place among gods. you know you want to.”

“NOOO!!!” Alexis pounded the ground making the crater bigger and bigger with each smash. She stopped abruptly. Noticing that infected were starting to gather around her.

“Hey Iris.”


“How about I cut you a deal, you stop fighting me for control for now and lets survive together for now. If I can't find a reason to go on or if I do and lose that reason you can have me.”

“Deal. But you can’t back out and if you try to find a cure or take one that is found I’ll kill you and me.”

Alexis laughed to herself. Things were going to get fun in like five seconds.

“You ready Iris.”


Alexis sprung to her feet, katana in hand, dicing the infected all around her. Blood was flying splattering her face. It felt great. The infected she hadn’t kill were starting to run now.

“Oh, how careless Alexis, you’re letting them get away.”

Alexis smiled to herself. “Oh yea.”

She dashed forward cutting a row of them down the middle. A group jumped to the roof top of some building, she jumped after them walking into a massive horde that was waiting for her. Alexis stopped looking over the horde.


“Alexis looks into the center of the horde.”

She obliged looking toward the center, then she saw it. They were fusing into one. She watched as the process sped up consuming the horde it was like a large pile of living meat play-doh that was forming itself. The arms where the first thing to form. They were massive about the size of semi trucks, trailer and all. Its chest was the next thing that formed like that of a body builders except really gigantic. Its legs formed and then its head. Just as Alexis thought it was done it sprouted wings. It looked like some demon out of the bible, and it was massive. At least 4 stories tall she was surprised the building they were on could even support its weight. It screeched at her, an ear piercing yell that shook the building they were on.

“Level three mutation? Well i must say I’m impressed. I haven’t seen one in well a while.”

“Its pathetic Alexis. Kill it and consume its blood so you can become stronger.”

Alexis smiled. “You don't have to tell me what I’m already going to do Iris.”

Alexis dashed up the arm of the creature slicing hands that were sprouting up at her trying to catch her. Just as she was reaching the shoulder, she dug the sword in and slid back down the arm cutting it clean in two, right down the middle. The monster screamed jumping back its arm limp and useless. It started to flap its wings attempting to take off. Alexis dashed forward climbing up its leg at an amazing speed. She scaled around to its back cutting off its wings. The creature howled in pain as it fell to the ground collapsing the roof of the building. Alexis dug her sword into the back of the creature, holding on for the ride down.They landed with a crash. The creature was throwing a fit now tearing the building down, from the inside out. Alexis pulled her sword out and swept off its head ending its fit. She jumped through a window just in time as the building collapsed in upon itself. She licked the blood of her blade feeling the virus getting stronger in her. Alexis sheathed her sword and started to walk down the road.

The End

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