A Couple of Bullets, and Some Busted HeadsMature

Vroooom, vrooooooooom, screeeeeeeeeccchhhh!!! Ryder reved his motorcycle, and sped away from the pursuing infected. As he drove his modified combat shades blinked, and zoomed in about 150 yards ahead, showing a pack of more infected coming from in front. Steering with one hand, he attached the M9 clutched in his right hand to the side of the motorcycle, feeling it click into place. He then attached his cord to the trigger of the gun, and fitted the other side to his finger. When he squeezes the end attached to his finger, the other end would squeeze the trigger, making an easier, and more efficient way to kill.
          His combat shades were counting down the yards to contact as he sped along the worn road. In the distance he could now see with his own eyes the pack running ever towards him. Wait for it..., wait for it..., wait for it....... Now! He gripped the trigger, spraying a hail of bullets into the bodies of the infected. Blossoms of blood erupted from the infected bodies as the bullets hit home. All but one of the infected dropped, and as Ryder zoomed by it leaped, grabbing onto the back of his motorcycle. Ryder swore and drew the longsword from his back. He twisted around, and impaled the zombie through the forehead with the blade. Its limp corpse flew off the motorcycle as he chuckled. His smile vanished as he turned back around to see his bike flying towards a brick wall. He leaned and jerked the handlebars, trying to take the turn, but he was going too fast. His cycle fell on its side, and skidded along until it slammed into the wall.
          His vision went dark, and he felt himself starting  to blackout, but he forced himself out of his daze. He shook his head, trying to clear it, and took assessed the situation. The situation was not very good, in fact, it sucked. Scores of infected were gathering around him, closing off any escape routes. "Damn it" Ryder said aloud. He reached down and detached the M9 from his bike. He reloaded the clip, and cocked it. "This might prove interesting" he said just before he brought up his gun, and uttering a battle cry, opened fire.

The End

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