Rage Angus RageMature

“Yes, leaving the bus to look for tobacco would be quick I said. I would not be caught surrounded by the things. Well look at me now I’m bashing in heads.”

 I awoke this morning in my bus feeling a tad bit shaky. The nervousness of the virus was getting to me. Oh sure I have my remedy to help me keep the virus at bay, but even that can’t stop the shakes I get. I look over to me bagpipes. I remember the first day I modified those daft o’l things. First I made it so they are used like a pipe for my tobacco so I can play music and get my fix at the same time.

 Angus reached for his supply of tobacco in the cabinets beneath the stairs to the upper level of the bus. To his dismay he was out of his famous homemade tobacco. He sits back in his hammock with a woeful sigh.

 “Ah, it looks as if I need to brew me a new batch of tobacco.”

 He walks up the stair to the lab in his double decker bus. Hanging from the walls are his many medical and technical tools he uses in his remedies and other various chemical. O his lab table he has bottles, jars, and test tubes full of an assortment of different colored viscous liquids and fluids. To the front of the bus sit the controls for upper half of a tank he used as armor and roofing for the bare top of the bus. Just past the seat to the tank barrel is his supplies cabinets. He looks through the supplies and finds out that he has all the spices and flavoring for the tobacco but was missing the one basic ingredient.

 “Me and me daft forgetfulness. I forgot to get more tobacco from that convenient store I passed a while back.” He looks about dismayed and slightly annoyed by this new development. “It seems I’m goin to have to have a look about for another place to get the need supplies.”

 I go over to the tank seat to wear I added a scope system to the top of the tank barrel to assess the situation outside without having to leave the comforts of the bus. I turn on the scope using the energy provided by the solar panels I installed just last month. It seems to be quiet from all sides but I cannot seem to find a . . . . Ah there she is. I found a tobacco store in the city I stop for the night. It seems to be only 3 maybe 4 miles away.

 “It seems to be quiet enough. What do you think Mutton?”

 He looks to the dark area in the corner. Out comes a slobbering beast running up the man and licking him heavily on the face. The pug seems slightly larger than normal but other than that it looks to be fairly healthy.

 He steps to the doors of the bus and looks to the right for his weapon of choice for the trip to the store. Choosing witch weapon to bring along for the walk to the store seems to annoy him so he closes his eyes and grabs at random. Opening his eyes he sees that he has grabbed his massive 200 pound sledge hammer he ripped from the parts of building sites. The handle is a beam from a construction site while the head of the weapon itself is a large hammer shaped piece of granite with sharpened metal sticking out the back end like an axe.

 On my way to the store everything seems to be quiet. The city is large with many buildings falling apart. The stench of death is in the air and a foul odor of something unnatural hits my nose like a slap to the face.

 “Oh great I’m surrounded by the things.”

He did not notice that when he passed the square a mile back that there were the beasts tuck way in alley ways waiting for food. All he can see so far are maybe fifty to a hundred level 1 with less than ten level 2 scattered about. He makes it into the store and blockades the doors. It seems safe for now. He stocks up on his supplies of tobacco and takes in deep breaths to calm his already shaky nerves.

 Agitating the virus already inside him his muscles start to grow and bulge in an unnatural rate. The veins in his arm and neck become more prominent while his face becomes flushed, almost as red as his hair. He looks like Mr. Hyde in "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He bashes though the doors not concentrating on what’s ahead just mashing his way through the hoard of mutations to get back to the bus.

The End

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