Luna: Welcome to the jungleMature

This is a collaborative story about some survivors and their struggle to survive in Lochden City during an apocalyptic mutant zombie outbreak. So read up and get lost in the story.

Everything started out normal that day, until those stupid survivors found her hideout.

Luna ran on. The infected close behind her, she knew it would catch up, considering they can run practically twenty miles per hour. She swung around pulling the trigger on the combat shotgun she was holding pennies spewing forth blowing apart the infested that had been chasing her. Luna looked over the mangled corpse of the infected she had just blasted she was feeling sick now not liking the mixture of colors that were not oozing across the floor red and greenish yellow, yea not the prettiest combination. She fell to her knees shaking.

"Why can't this just be a bad dream." She stopped her self right there. "No this cant be a dream I shouldn't think silly things like that."

Luna stood back up. She rushed on to the end of the hall she was in. "If there was one there will be more." When she reached the end of the hall she looked out the window. Infested were starting to gather around the van that some of those idiots came in. She rushed down the stairs to her right sliding down the rails so not to make to much noise to alert any infected of her presence.

"I need to get out of here if the infected keep getting drawn to this place ill be in some trouble."

Luna reached an emergency exit, one of her planned routes in case something like this happened, and as she had anticipated something did happen. Luna turned the knob slowly not wanting to foolishly stumble into any infected. They have this nasty habit of knowing what doors were. She cracked the door peeking outside into the alley. As she had thought there were four of them there sniffing around. Possibilities started going through her head. She could get them all and escape without alerting any other infected, so long as she could keep composer that is. Luna swung her shotgun over her shoulder grabbing a penny from the large bag she had at her side, and a pistol she had found in some desk on one of the upper levels of this building. She eased the door open a little and tossed the penny to the back of the alley. All four infected snapped their heads in that direction investigating the sound. Luna swung the door open firing on the infected. She only had two bullets in the pistol, and she hit home with them, killing the two infected at the back. The other two turned around the face her, not fazed or enraged by the death of the others. They advanced slowly watching her movements. She knew what they were up to. One of them was going to act as a decoy and get her attention allowing the other to kill her without getting shot. She backed up slowly playing into their little trap.

"Well come on you freaks."

They made their move. The one on the right faked to the left while move some what quickly toward her direction. Luna smiled grabbing the shotgun and swinging to her right were the other one was making its move. It lunged at her at an incredible speed. She pulled the trigger sending a hail of pennies into its chest. It flew backward hitting the side of the building. It started coughing up blood, and she knew, she knew it was going to drown in its own blood. She had definitely hit both lungs. It started to thrash on the ground fighting to get air. Luna turned her attention to the last one witch was throwing a temper tantrum another bad habit the infected had. They hated to loose. She cocked the shotgun ready to finish the last one off. At that moment a larger creature landed on it feet first smashing it into the ground ripping at its flesh with rows of sharp unforgiving teeth.

Luna dropped the shotgun fear and shock starting to build up in her. It had six arm, and legs like that of a bull with split black hooves on both of them. Multi colored fur covering its body  reds blues greens and yellows. And its head its head was like nothing she had ever seen before like a cross between a shark and a gorilla. it also had a long bushy tail like that of a cat. A level two mutation there was no way she could fight something like that and why would there be one here. Luna couldn't move. She was frozen with shock and fear. "How! How had I not foreseen something like this." The monster stopped ripping into the infected it had smashed and turned its attention toward her red and yellowish blood dripped from its mouth as is slowly walked over there her on all eight limbs tears started to run down her cheeks she couldn't move and she was about to die. It was inches from her face now sniffing her it backed its head away a roared very loudly in her face. Its breath was rancid the smell was like nothing she had ever smelled before. It probably feeds on infected. The monster turned its back to her and walked back over to the infected picking the mangled corpse up with one of its many ape like hands, and jumped. It jumped all the way up to the rooftop above leaving her alone there shaking in shock and fear.

Luna grabbed her shotgun having recovered from her episode. That infected was bad news even if it had shown no interest in her she bolted out of the alley and down the street still a little shaken from the evens of the day.

The End

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