Chapter 3Mature

Running, when you really want to run you
completely forget that you have stitched up incisions all down you leg and all
you do is Run.

I ran and ran, as fast as I could until the
doors beside me became a meat blur, then I saw the end of the pathway, a single
white door contrasting with all the others. But hold on, it was coming towards
me too fast, I had to stop before I was smushed like a bug on the winsldshield
of hell.

I put my foot out in front of me to stop
myself but I was going at such a speed that my ankle twisted and I was sent
flying forwards, I tumbled for an entire minute moving ever closer to the White
door but slowly getting slower: it wasn't enough, I crashed straight through
the flimsy wooden door leaving a huge ragged hole in it and landed on a street

The sanity of this compared to the previous
insanity put me of the borderline of sanity

And if you don't thinkthat'sa weird sentence then maybe you should re-read it.

The End

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