Chapter 1Mature

My story starts from me waking up and
feeling like I was in a cage. I was. My head was pounding and, I could barely
move my legs. Slowly, memories came flooding back about people all trying to
get me, in a strange place I didn’t understand, being bundled into sack. Then
running, I could remember running, as fast as I can then pain and nothing

As I was piecing together my memories I
slowly came to terms with my surroundings. I was in a sphere, which seemed to
by floating on top of some water. Net to me there was another one. In it there
was a girl banging on the wall with her fists in her underwear. She was called
Alex. Don’t ask me how I knew; all I was thinking of is what any 13 year old
guy would be thinking of with and almost naked chick in front of them.  I
started to blush when I looked down and noticed I was only in my boxers.

I couldn’t hear anything. The edge of the
pool I was floating on seemed miles away. I tried to get up then I noticed that
there was a cut going all the way down the outside of my legs. It was like someone
or something had opened my up the stitched me back together, literally.
Eventually I managed to get up and stand, I tried to move my globe forward, but
I had no luck. The girl seemed to be saying something to me but I couldn’t
tell; I said I couldn’t hear anything.

I was just figuring out how to walk when
there was a terrific bang and I was flung away from the girl at such speed
almost passed out. The edge of the pool rapidly flew towards me and I knew if I
hit that I would be crushed.

Franticly, I tried to burst the plastic
globe, I kicked, punched, but nothing worked, then I tried my teeth; success!
There was now a hole in the globe, but that was at the bottom. Slowly, it began
to fill with water. Sh**, that was stupid, I was now going to drown. There was
nothing I could do, apart from turn the globe around. So that is what I tried.
Yes it worked. No more water was coming in.

Then I realized that air was coming out. I
got to the edge of the pool, when half the air was gone. I tried to enlarge the
hole, but it didn’t end it would all end before it even started. I lay down and
tried to get my nose out of the hole, but it didn’t work. I was going to die in
this strange place, without ever knowing anything. I closed my eyes and made
one last ditch effort at getting out, but it didn’t work, and I slowly stopped
breathing, I saw a face above me…

The End

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