The SurvivorsMature

What do you do you do when you wake with almost no memory whatsoever. you can't even remember your own neame. where does life go from there?


So there’s a kid. Lucky midget is normal.
His name is Dylan. He was born in Miami, and always liked running, he wanted to
participate in the Olympics from the age of 12. He had a happy life. Mum, Dad,
a happy family. But he was always superstitious he dreaded his 13th birthday,
and he should have because that’s when it all started.

He was going to go to Thorpe park for his
birthday, he had always wanted to, but that was in England, and he would have
to go by plane and there was no way his parents would agree to that.

However on his birthday, his dad woke him
up in the morning and promptly told him to pack his bags, he was going to
Thorpe Park.

A few hours later, they got on the plane.
And that’s when Dylan noticed something was wrong. The plane was almost empty,
there were like seven people on the plane to Gatwick which could seat 80. But
Dylan was in no position to complain; and about what? The plane felt too lonely
for him? Anyway in minutes they were airborne. Then things got stranger.

All seven people on the plane started to
look at him spontaneously. It was enough to make him go slightly in sane, but
instead, he focused on Super Mario. Yuck. He had always hated Mario, but it
occupied his mind and the few hours went in no time. Before he noticed, the
“fasten your seatbelt” sign flicked on. He fastened his seatbelt as the game
turned off, but that was the worst thing he could have done.

All the other people on the plane then
unfastened their seatbelts and got up. They were all wearing identical suits
and walked towards him, then something behind him grabbed his mouth, then the
nearest person produced a gun out of nowhere, Dylan winced and closed his eyes,
then he felt a burning pain then nothing.

The End

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