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This is my very first story about a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. this world was once known as earth "as we know it" but is now referred to as the wastelands. will they survive, read this first story and let me know what you think :)



The Survivors

The Town

The desolate wasteland wind blew over the "Survivors" who were camped on a barren sand dune overlooking a small scum filled town. Rave , the quietest of the group, had scouted it out the cold night before, performing recon relaxed him he had said , how was a mystery as all he had done was find yet another town overflowing with murders, sinners and dievents. Still "the Survivors" were low on supplies, Rosey stood proudly overlooking the wretch filled pit of a town, he sighed "tomorrow will be a long day " he claimed before returning to what could be called his camp. As Rosey wandered to his camp he couldn’t help but think about his life and the lives around him, survival was all they knew but was it always like this ? why in THIS lifetime did this had to happen ? what was the point anymore " could I just give up ? " He drew a long breath, he already knew the answer " no " he muttered " I cant ... I wont" determination almost smothering those words. Beside she had bigger things to worry about , as he looked up from his deadly trance he was horrified to witness his camp under fire , he smiled as he though it was time to join this fight, to risk his life for his group was to him , a true honour.

Rosey rushed over to the siege and rolled to cover which happened to be two bodies Faust had dispatched off prior to his arrival. Clearly from there load out they were raiders , likely from the town yonder. Faust was franticly loading his colt 45 magnum eager to rejoin the fire fight. Rosey without hesitation, whipped out "Bessie" his sawn-off shotgun which was carefully concealed within his overcoat. he regarded it as one of the family which had likewise saved his ass more times than he cared to remember. Rosey took aim and gently squeezed the trigger, leavening another raider a bloody smear for the sand to cover over and a body to claim. The raiders had attempted to circle the camp but had failed as they had triggered the traps previously set by " Muse" a few hours before hand and therefore were forced to take cover behind a small plump off sand, this was now easy pickings for "the survivors". Realising that the raiders were clearly out matched they got desperate, firing mindlessly in the direction of the camp, this was evidently entertaining to Faust as he grinned wickedly at Rosey before rising up from his cover only to pick another target, the raider never saw it coming, the gun crackled and echoed as the bullet pierced his fragile and weak skull, the raider dropped dead with nothing but a look of sorrow on his face, "then there were two " Faust screamed trying to intimidate the remaining raiders. Rosey glanced at Faust who was now desperately low on ammo but it didn’t seam to bother him as an eerie calm had swept over the area. The raiders were out of ammo and in a desperate attempt to save there pathetic lives had turned tail and ran, this was a problem and Rosey and Faust knew it, if they got back to that town and alerted others the situation could become fatal to them. Faust took off after them bearing a wreaking bar he had made to suit him in the years before, he caught up with one of the raiders and tripped him with one end of his staff, the raider hit the ground like a sack of shit and began pleading for his life, what little good that did. The other raider was about he jump over the empty sand dune in hopes of reaching his town but his hopes were dashed as a final shot was fired, but from where ? Rosey was stood about to pull the trigger when he had heard the shot fired before him, suddenly Rave appeared behind him " don’t worry, I got this one " he said with a warming smile on his face and he rushed over to scour the body for supplies. " what a night " Rosey exclaimed before checking on his other group member who were had managed to stay asleep through this whole ordeal, he tuted at the idea of them trusting him and his skill as Rosey's first law of survival was to watch out for yourself but the time for negative thoughts were over and he decided he was happy watching over them and turned to help the others strip the bodies before a clod and lonely sleep before another day in a corrupted land.

That morning the group prepared to disembark and pursue supplies that lay waiting for them in the town not 5 minutes walk from where they had previously been "camping" the night before. Rosey was already packed and ready to leave but had decided to stay with his "family" and help them prepare for the long day ahead.

The sun came early and beating down hard on "the Survivors", blistering in the heat they headed down to the mound of smouldering rubble which people called a town. Camp fires bunt brightly, as they approached, in preparation for cooking the meals for the remainder of the day. Meals these days consisted of whatever you could find, mainly involving rodents wild and plant life and human flesh, not the best of meats and certainly not one a person would want to be caught devouring. As they entered the town people couldn’t help but stare at the outsiders , what they were wearing, there weapons, those that were visible and the way the moved there bodies, it was obvious to them all they were being watched ... by everyone. One woman wittered and almost decaying stopped and stared at the Rosey who was at this point leading the group. She was carrying a large trunk on her back and had been doing so from an early age this was clear to Rosey as he studied her carefully, the way her back was deformed, the rips and tears on her hands and the scars on her legs, it was clear to everyone , she was a slave. Slaves were not uncommon in the wastes but still disgusted "the survivors" to their very soul. The slave woman looked up at Rosey, her eyes creaming "help me do, whatever to take me away from here" but through her eyes she watched him carefully. Rosey was a very we toned man , from many years working in the wastes, scares split his face as if it had been carved from rock but each one was a story to tell around a fire with good company. His hair was tied back, thick and curly but as he frequently described it " it was in my way ". He stood proudly wearing a simple grey and black over coat and dark green combat trousers. His black boots were falling apart but it was "make do with what you got" and Rosey had grown accustom to this way of life. He kept "Bessie" hidden close by him under his ,now, blood stained overcoat yet still over his old and worn military molly vest which had kept from before that horrific war.

Rosey debated the idea of helping her, but she was beyond help. He glanced back at the rest of the group, Faust was busy haggling with the locals of the town for more magnum ammo as he unfortunately had to use the night before, Muse and Yuki we de deep thought and conversation as to weather or not they should leave and catch up with Rave and possible set some traps if they needed to make a hastily withdrawal form this pathetic little town. Das Wenchy however was right behind Rosey almost starring right through her, it was as if she sympathised with her, which was incredible rare for her. They both knew something had to be done but time wasn’t on their side, the raiders from the night before had most definitely come from this town and were no doubt due to be reported missing and who should get blamed, though it was partly there fault. The pair turned away from the poor woman, both dying slightly inside but not allowing it to effect the faecal expression.

They moved over to the nearest merchant who’s stock was very well kept and held allot more than they had first thought. "greetings" cried the stumpy man behind the counter who met them with open arms and an overly keen grin. "what brings you all to our quiet fair little community" he inquired

"supplies" demanded Rosey "were running low and need to restock BEFORE heading out again, think you can help ? "

The grin on the merchants face quickly vanished "well that depends what your after then doesn’t it"

"food, water and ammo" replied Rosey lowing the tone in his voice

"well let me see what I can do to help you be on your way, you do have trade , do you not" he inquired

"of course you twit. Do you take us for fools ? "

The merchant recoiled at this possible threat and retreated to his back room where he proceeded to gather what he was prepared to trade. "they don’t know about the raiders yet...lets get what we can and leave" he said with a heavy sigh Das Wenchy just remained silent, this did not sit well with her.

After much haggling Rosey had acquired all the necessary supplies for him and several other members of his group but he couldn’t help but think that this was way to easy. The raiders from the night befor had come from this town and were to be expected back , as it wasn’t like raiders to be gone for so long. And why were there so many slaves being kept in this dievent town, it didn’t add up. Rosey and Das Wenchy rejoin the others who were keeping vigilant by sitting back to back under a tent , to escape from the overwhelming heat and Faust had some news. "this town is beyond saving Rosey" he exclaimed without looking directly at him

" I’m well aware Faust"

"you didn’t let me finish Rosey" he smiled as he said this

"..... go on then " Rosey said with interest in his voice

"yes Faust what could you possible add to what we don’t already know ?" interrupted Das Wenchy, she was very defensive of Rosey and didn’t like secrets or Faust for that matter.

"well look whose all up in arms about the wrong doings of this town" he said "strange for someone like you to be showing emotion for anyone other than Rosey here " she stepped over to strike him but Rosey held his battered arm straight out in front of her and she stopped dead in her tracks, Faust smiled again " well Rosey, there may be a way to assume control and help the people of the town, mainly the slaves, and yes I saw the pair of you eyeing up one of them earlier "his face went stone cold and his tone became serious "but are we really willing to risk it for some slaves that will only die without........"

"silence" Rosey commanded with a very swift and aggressive tone " what’s the plan and no I’m not explain myself to you " By this point Muse and Yuki and picked up their ears and were eagerly awaiting a response from Faust,

" this has grown to be an interesting few days has it not but lets move to somewhere were prying eyes cant see" Faust got up as he said this closely followed by Muse and Yuki.

"what’s that idiot got planned now ?" muttered Rosey as he and Das Wenchy turned and followed.

Faust led them to a small and burnt out building with broken and barren wall, all of which was slowly falling apart. The doors were merely cloth that had been hung over a ruin doorway and fluttered in the gentle breeze, the roof , though appeared to have been hade from left over wood which the occupants of the town had found, seamed sturdy enough to hold some amount weight and provided the cover the needed.

Muse and Yuki stood watch outside the door way but close enough to listen to what Faust had to say. " this town is part of a slave ring and i have been to these disgusting places befor" his voice was low and he almost sounded worried " there is but one way in which you can help these people, why is beyond me..."

"we know your approach to survival Faust just get on with it " Rosey demanded

Faust glared at him "very well " he said as he turned to sit down " these places always have a ring leader, more than likely a tyrant who cares little for those who follows him but you take him out, and your in a position to help these people" he smiled sickly at the thought of the entire situation but nether the less had provided useful information.

"so we take out the ring leader, assume control, set the scores with the rest of these hooligans free the slaves and collect what we earned"

" wow Rosey you make it sound so easy and simple " mocked Faust

"keep your tongue still , BOY " stressed Das Wenchy then they all looked at each other uncertainty had set in then came a voice from outside.

" I like this plan " came Muse’s sweet voice she put this voice on to try and ease the situation they were considering.

" I take it your both up for this plan then ? " Das Wenchy implied with a more aggressive tone.

"sure, why not " came Yuki’s voice from outside and yet still out of sight.

"very well then, I assume you have found the leaders location ? " Faust nodded once " in that case we shall return under cover of dark, and lets not have a repeat of last night ok"

"got it"

"all set " replied the sisters

"thank you for doing this Rosey" Das Wenchy replied

"Its not for me or you, its for about what’s right and wrong" he exclaimed as he said this Faust stood up and stormed out.

" this is going to go to hell very quickly, but I shall enjoy every minute of it " he muttered just loud enough so everyone could hear.

Rave was anxious and uncertain about the whole plan. Back at camp as the evening grew darker and colder bringing doubt to there minds, Rave had been informed about that nights plan and needless to say was not all impressed by it. Rosey was to sneak into the camp and eliminate the ring leader, while Rave and Faust took care of the guard, Muse and Yuki were off setting trap around the camp so they could flee in all directions, Das Wenchy was to accompany Rosey into the building where the ring leader lay and keep watch she was not overly excited about this but it needed to be done for if anyone failed in the duty tonight others would pay the consequences.

"Darkness is upon us.. lets move out" cried Rosey. All but Das Wenchy were wearing a gas mask or face coverage of some description, she however liked to be seen by her opponents. The time to execute this potential suicidal plan but it was for the greater cause, to stand up for what was right in the world, this was part of what "The Survivors" stood for and this case was no exception. Rosey entered the campsite to find very little resistance. Two guards posted outside the building door. It was a large building likely used as a library befor the war with many large window, easy to get into for someone as skilled as Rosey. He went round the back to where he saw one guard half asleep in a chair, suppose to be watching the back door. He was about to make his move, when he spun round and drew his knife up to what he now knew was Das Wenchy’s throat. " I thought I told you to follow at a distance" he said sheathing his blade.

" I want to help, that’s it " she sighed

"For the love of the almighty..... fine just don’t get shot" they proceeded with the plan, Rosey drew his knife again befor stealthily approaching the guard and dispatching of him. His eyes went wide once he felt the steel of the knife, then silence as the light left his murderous eyes.

In side the building, the walls were covered in nothing but ruined posters and tablets, doors stretching out as far as he could see. "there" he said pointing to a large door at the top of a balcony, It was where the ring leader could stand and watch over his minions . the moved quickly through the building befor Das Wenchy stopped suddenly." What is it " asked Rosey

"a noise, in there... crying "

"stand back" he commanded as he dashed into his vest to retrieve a set of lock picks. As he opened the door a jar the crying became sobbing or so they thought. They peered in to see three women, slaves, all about the mid thirties bent over around something crying but so as they were muffled. "what are they doing ?" asked Das Wenchy.

" I know " said Rosey worry setting into his voice " this isn’t right ...this isn’t right " he uttered. Das Wenchy moved over to an angle in which she could see what they were doing, she stepped back in surprise " cannibals" she whispered.

"yes but not by their own choice, I imagine its all there given" he sighed deeply "its that ... or death"

"lets put an end to this" said Das Wenchy leavening the food depraved cannibal slaves to there fate.

The time for being quiet was over, Rosey and Das Wenchy busted through the door leading to the ring leaders room, there three guards lay in wait for them and Das Wenchy threw herself at two of them slamming them to the floor, the third went to draw his weapon on Rosey but he was too slow, as the barrel was about it hit waist level Rosey was upon him, he force the gun barrel to face the floor just as a short burst was fired, Rosey did not flinch. He drew both Mustang and Sally and scissor cut his throat by bringing both arms around and plunging them deep into him. The raider gargled blood and dropped to the floor. Rosey turned to Das Wenchy, she had beaten one raider to death and moved onto the next, like the raiders she opposed, she her self was a bloody mess but had little time for caring. Rosey felt it time to remove her from on top of the raider she was attacking. He grabbed her arms and pulled her off and had to use some force, she was only small but still required Rosey’s attention to stop her. They stood, standing over the beaten but barely alive guard, he raised his hand in an attempt at mercy, as soon as he had Rosey gave him both barrels from Bessie. They looked down and continued to kick the door in where they found a petrified little runt of a man, cowering behind his desk. "what do you want " he yelled trying to sound in control of the situation.

The simple answer, which Rosey had known since they saw the cannibals on the lower levels.

"your head and an end to this madness" replied Rosey

"your in the wastes and things..don’t..change." the ring leader pleaded

"we shall see about that... but you wont be around for that long" scream Das Wenchy

" no.... wait........." a gun shot echoed through the town, and the ring leader collapsed on his stomach, blood spilling from his guts, as he tried to push them back in he stumbled backwards towards a large circular window, he attempted to sign for help, but to no end. "DEVILS ..... Devils..." he cried pointing at the pair, and Das Wenchy lost it. At full speed she charged at him, sending him fling through the air, out the window and plummeting to the ground below.

The pair didn’t look or say a word to each other until the walked out the front door to find Faust and Rave searching through a pile of bodies " look Rosey ... free shit " Faust exclaimed. Rosey just looked at him, "this place has to go " he said "where are the oth......"

"there waiting at camp for us to return..... don’t worry we know the secret to this town. Is the ring leader..."

"dead yes " Das Wenchy stopped Rave mid sentence.

Silence that seamed to last a life time swept over "the survivors" Rosey looked at Faust " you know what needs to be done" he nodded back " right if were done here" he stopped his sentence and just started back to his camp.

Back at camp the sisters were ready to disembark and were backing away the remaining tents and equipment, they saw the group returning , but one short. "where’s Faust ?" asked Yuki

"he’ll be here shortly" explained Rave

"oh ... I see" said Muse "the mission went that well then ? " no one answered only silence, until a horrific explosion was heard and a large black cloud of smoke appeared on the horizon, Faust appeared shortly after, black and burnt but still smiling. "its done Rosey" he said his smile fading.

"so I heard, as we all did " he said quietly" we got what we needed, lets move on"

"Rosey about what happened in there .."

"save it Wenchy what’s done is done so let just go" he said it so calmly that to her nothing else seamed to matter.

"but why didn’t they care about there missing raiders?" she asked

"either we were to become slaves for them...... but because they died they paid no attention to us and they got more meat to feed the slaves before selling them on."

"that’s just sick" boasted a horrified Wenchy

"for them ...that’s life" they both sighed and prepared to leave .That was another day in the wastes and they had more to come

The End

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