Chapter one, start at the beginning


It was an ordinary day in the Elvian secondary school, normal day normal life; it was first day back after half term. Simon a tallish boy who had long brown hair witch was straight unless for got to use his straightners then curly. Robin he was a bulky boy with a good beard beginning and a good sense of humour, Ben a tallish roundish violent and completely mad, but he fitted it well in this band of friends, and then there’s Alex, or Swashy as he’s more commonly known, completely mental and over all crazy in all sense of the word but funny. Usual lessons, and like any 15 year old. Rhys was being bothered by gcse mocks normal tests surprise tests and actual gcses. Nothing peculiar about him he wasn’t dramatically popular or unpopular, he had been classed as annoying on several occasions, but he didn’t really care, he was average of height, blond with blue eyes as usual it was school uniform he was wearing, if not scruffily. He’s stained shirt with the odd patch of paint, baggy trousers and scruffy black trainers. Not to mention the dilapidated blazer, but it suited him. Five friends whose world will be turned up side down, by the angels and demons.


English first lesson, tedious and dull the only consolation was they where starting a new book “the examiner visits” one of Rhys’ best friends’ robin sat next to him. The day slowly cycled through and morning became afternoon, only to be followed by the four-o’clock bell making there way out the pupils’ rushed to escape the tedious school nightmare the five friends separating to leave for home, Ben and Simon weighting for there lift home, robin making his way to the school bus, and Rhys and Swashy to the number 2 bus on the road at the back of the school. Suddenly there was a loud bang and shatter in the air braking the silence, never to be returned to peace, a deep ruby red fire yet cold as stone and unloved as the earth streaked from the source of the disruption faster than sound, as it split in too then came the almighty boom from the impact as the ruby crashed unwillingly. Simultainiously the other fragment landed, and across the continent five bangs where heard simultainiously. Like five atom bombs blasting as one.

Never to be returned to peace; anarchy was now the ruler. Rhys stood on the edge of the crater eyeing the contents suspiciously. He glanced at Swashy who was standing on the edge of his own crater looking down. He glanced back then, jumped the air carried him, it danced with him like a petal like ash pirouetting and dancing with the wind. He landed a meter away from the now small looking object. A loud thud from nearby told him Swashy had launched himself in his crater

Rhys called out “oi swash you ok?”

“Yeah” he yelled “what the hell happened?” he cursed loudly

“I don’t know” Rhys replied as a flash of deep red blinded him. He swore and raised his hand to shield his eyes stars were now popping into life in front of him. He approached the source of the light tentatively. As he approached his eyes grew used to the light, he dropped his hands and squinted ferociously. He could see the centre now. A small red stone perched in the heart. He started to move toward it. Thud it got slightly warmer. Thud walmth like a summer day crept over him. Thud the warmth became uncomfortable. Thud he was close now the heat was still rising. Thud he was within touching distance but the heat was unbearable now. Reaching out he touched it. Every thing went cold the light had faded leaving him in darkness once more. There was a loud bang Rhys scrambled out of his crater earth giving way beneath his bounding steps he scrambled to the solid tarmac then bounded a few meters, just to be sure he looked back. As a green light faded, he saw Alex lying in the centre of his crater, and a dark green snake like being vanish beneath the impenetrable ground. Alex got to his feet. He walked slowly out of the crater, hoisting himself on the cliff like edge of the crater. No sooner had he swung his legs out of the now dark abyss. The ground beneath him suddenly started rushing to fill the space. Alex jumped backward, like a cat caught with a jet hose. The ground moved like liquid urgently trying to fill the gaps. Then the tarmac joined the earth and ran like red hot lava over the hardening ground. All that was left of the two craters was a faint smell of sulphur, and a few disturbed leaves.




Simon was walking casually round the side of the school to where he knew his mum was waiting to pick him up, Bang! The grass in front of him was gone. Replaced by a large crater, the ground had given way to the air that now filled it. A cold chill ran down Simon’s back, cold as ice, taking a step back from the now steaming hole in front of him. The sound of sliding rocks reached Simon ears, as the ground gave beneath him and he slid into the hole. A huge rush of wind sharp, as needles buffeting Simon’s body. Wind rushed into him, beating his every cell. Despite his best efforts he fell into the crater, plummeting to the now glowing centre. Attacking every one of individual nerves, filling him with a cold chill of pain. Then he hit the ground, in the centre of the crater, nothing but the ground to comfort him. Slowly he got to his feet, legs aching, his hand, burning cold. He lifted it up in front of his face. He opened it slowly.  Light hit Simons face. It emanated from a small object in his palm. With a flash it was gone. Leaving him in darker surroundings. Colour returning to his eyes, he realised he was still in a crater he scrambled out. The ground clinging to his cloths. As he reached solid ground he heard a creak behind him as the earth surrounding the crater collapsed in on itself and the grass scurried back over the once more inanimate ground. Simon stood gasping at the scene with bewilderment at what had just transpired.

Once more everything was still and calm, the trees waved the birds sang; their song dancing on the wind as it rustled through and over the blossoms of a near by tree

Thrown up and surrounding and filling the field. Dancing and pirouetting, then dispersing and laying lazily at Simon’s feet.

He began to walk continuing in the direction he was going originally. He walked around the gym and to the car park where his lift waiting for him.


Robin was strolling through the trees next to the prep school; the trees on his way to the school bus. Walking through the pink petals he had just said goodbye to his friend Simon who was off home. A loud bang halted his movement. He spun around; he saw a blue light crash near the gym. He started to stagger backwards. He disturbed the petals as he moved blindly backwards. The light had grown strong it was a huge orb of light. With a slight pop the light phased out of existence while leaving a lasting imprint on his retinas. He continued toppling backwards. The roots of the pink blossom wielding trees. Grappling at his feat. He landed on the uncomfortable soil arms and legs splayed. Another flash, this one of black light. It collided with the ground next to him. Digging a crater four meters deep. Robin staggered to his feet. He looked down at the chaos that had landed next to him. The impenetrable darkness was thick like tar. Like clotted blood black clotted blood of a foul demon. It shimmered and moved like it was a living being. From the depths of the dark and evil light shone in brilliant malevolence a small orb of black light. The shadows clung to it like huge magnets. The black ooze rippled and moved with the jewel. It rose and spread out of its dark dominion. The jewel holding the darkness in place. It morphed and rolled. Choosing its shape carefully. Picking every detail until it had become solid. It was a mirror. A perfect copy of Robin. Exact in every detail bar colour. The shadow was black. They faced each other the shadows eyes opened to reveal two shining red orbs. Robin flinched, the darkness over whelming him. The shadow moved for him. Robin tried to doge but couldn’t move he was frozen with fear. The shadow drew closer faster than the eye could see. It was but milliseconds away. Robin braced for impact he screwed he eyes shut. It was going to fast it would impale him in one blow. He had no chance. Anger and rage rising. He snapped. In one move he opened his eyes side stepped and threw a punch that would shatter bones. They collided, a worrier and his shadow. Robin struck it in chest where a faint light emanated. There was an almighty bang. The petals flew as sharp as steel cutting through the branches and spilling onto the sleeping grass. As the petals died down robin stood in the centre of the chaos. Standing tall and proud. Eyes open and glowing blood red

Ben the fifth member of the group was walking silently to the shop through the feeble saplings and quirt houses nothing but his thoughts to keep him company. He started to wonder what he would buy when he reached the shop. There was an almighty bang as the final shard of the jewel fell shining to earth. It fell reaching almighty unforgiving speeds. It shone bright with a deep blue resonance. It fell and crashed. Shattering the saplings as it went cleaving them in half. Another bang and it landed in the grass verge. Ben looked at the phenomenon. Before thinking twice he sprinted for the cavernous hole he looked down to see a glowing pool of liquid it tossed to and fro. Threatening to spill over the edge. The mass of water increased, but didn’t spill. Instead it became a huge sphere of water. Ben stood dead still. Watching the chilling scean in front of him unfold. The liquid moved and bubbled. He motioned towards the marvel influent of him. It lunged at him like huge writhing tentacles binding his arms to his sides, like a bower constrictor crossing him, ben writhed in pain struggling to breake free, as the water crushed him it delved into his clothes and pockets crushing there contence. It reached his phone. The mass of water writhed as if in pain. It loosened its grip on Ben. It was more than what was necessary. He broke free; water flying from the tentacles as he ripped them in two. They retreated violently. Boy and monstrous thing. They charged at one and other gravel slipping under bens feat. They collided however instead of his fist making contact with the rolling water it vanished inside, sucking him in like the vacuum of space. He vanished within the deep sea blue depths towards the glow in the centre. He yelled and struggled but was completely submerged in the water which clawed at the air in his lungs. The water trying to feast on his breath. He began to turn blue and lose his grip on the air in his deflating lungs; he choked and tried to breathe in. Swallowing the blue light. The water vanished he lay at the bottom of the creator spluttering and gasping. Five friends in a world they know nothing about.

The End

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