the surviving demons - Prologue

5 frends find themselves in a world of uncertenty ruled by a dictator who rules through lies and fear. as the last demons holding the balence our 5 heros must defend and survive against the power of the angels inorder to stop the world turning to chaos



         While the wind whistled through the trees, the cherry blossoms consented to pirouette through the air, sailing on the wind; they danced freely, yet trapped in the constant flow of the ever changing breeze. They continued dancing round the aged trees and over the lush green grass before dancing over Drew’s gnarled steel-cap boots, before he brushed the pink blossoms, disturbing them once again. He watched as they fled back into the stream of air.


          A light brushed the small clearing it flickered but otherwise remained constant, a new gust blew through the clearing as millions of blossoms schooled and pirouetting in its own rhythm. The smell of fresh air and crab apple filled Drew’s lungs and trapped him in an isolation of pink nightmares. A rush of pink silk darted around him. A small breeze wandered over his cheek, dancing elegantly on the surface. The clang of metal on metal and sword on sword filled the air, the blossoms’ flew in a beautifully elegant tornado with the clash in the eye, the petals hung in the air momentarily before dancing away, leaving a circle of their absence on the ground. Drew and the demon stood in the centre, sword to sword, blade to blade, soul to soul. They broke apart swords returning to there sides. There was a flash of light as they jumped with inhuman speed at one another. Clang sword on sword, the swords hissing for blood like raging serpents out of control. Clang petals rushed between the two, they where the only thing that existed in the clearing, in the world. Clang the demons massive strength forced drew back, stumbling backward, his only support the moss bitten ground. And the few insignificant bugs that made the ground there home. The demon holding his sword up high, then lunging forward for the final blow, as Drew rolled for his sword. But to slow the speed of battle was fading and the petals dispersing. The crimson sword, protruding from his right arm, flames entering his blood stream, slowly licking at his ever fading life. As the flames rose to his shoulder and began to lap his body.


          The demon spoke “where is it?” he barked with unseen velocity, “where’s the jewel.”

“I don’t know what,” Drew began

“Don’t give me that,” the demon interrupted. “Where is the jewel of the 5 elements?” His question was a mass of hatred and loathing. The flames turned Drew’s arm to ash which joined the petals which had begun to dance once more

“Maybe you didn’t get all of us demon”

“I am certain you are the last,” he muttered, though the demon was deep in thought for a few seconds, as if reassuring himself that it was almost done. Drew took his opportunity, pulling a small pearl like object from his pocket which seemed to display five different colours all at once red, blue, silver, brown, and a darkness mixed with a golden light it shone bright, the demon spotted this but to late, even his plunging blade couldn’t have stopped it. With a big flash and a loud bang it was gone. Leaving Drew lying with the demons sword plunged deep through his heart, as the remainder of Drew’s body slipped into eternal peace. Ash and dust dancing joined the silky petals moving in the wind. Dust and ash reducing into infinite nothingness. Reluctantly reviling a small half sphere, that glowed dimly.

Bending down the demon reached for the small object as his hand came closer to the jewel. His hand ignited and burst into fiery sulphur, yelping with shock, the demon withdrew his hand so fast it disturbed the petals and ash swirling in the air. The jewel shone like a constant star of light, the demon cursed his ignorance. Pulling a peace of black silk from his pocket that sparkled as the light danced off it, ignoring all hint of darkness and shadows. Using his good hand the demon moved the silk over the jewel half and scooped it up, the clearing became instantly darker and more ominous as if the darkness was alive and conspiring against any living being in the vicinity, weighing on their life force, removing all life and happiness from the world. The trees turning to monsters and animals to insane creatures of the darkest night. Hiding in any shadow, in all shadows, forming living hell itself. With the jewel pocketed it was time to return. Turning, the demon summoned shadows which enveloped his being. All that was left was a clearing deprived of all light and happiness without the strength to carry on. The demon started pacing the clearing looking for any hint of the other jewel half. The longing in his heart for this small object was enormous, overwhelming, and even scary. The demon realised his futile actions, he took a few steps before doubling up in agony as if nature was fighting back, his back shone with dark light, it danced around the clearing, moulding into an elegant black wing that shone and created its own light dripping on the unwilling environment, the wings oozing a dark pulse that darkened the already damaged surroundings. The demon straitened up, the pain fading as the grass turned red as blood and the plants became purple horned carnivorous nightmares, capable of cutting, slashing and ingesting the few uncorrupted animals which hadn’t already been eaten by the monstrous fire ridden fanged nightmares that filled the void the rabbits left, and other monstrous creatures more vicious than the new rabbits, twice as big and all the more deadly for it. Looking at the scene would turn any one mad, but to the demon it was like returning home. He smiled as the eerie green glow of the now toxic water bounced off his black armour, darker than night, swallowing all light and colour. Leaving the eternal darkness and absence. He turned and sprang high into the air, launching like an elegant crow, leaving behind nothing but darkness decay and despair.

The End

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