Supergirl, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Spiderman interact in the real world.

Supergirl was walking into Marvel Hospital as Flash was picking up a scalpel to save Green Lantern’s life. She took an elevator to the third floor as he made an initial incision. She waited outside an office while he worked to dissect a necrotic liver. When her name was called in the waiting room, Green Lantern’s heart began to fail.

While the monitors began wailing and stats were dropping in the operating room, Supergirl told a psychologist that she would like to kill her father.

A cardiac team set in to save Green Lantern and Supergirl left the psychologist’s office to walk across the building to sit at her father’s bedside. The elderly man had been in a coma for four months and the charts said he wasn’t going to get any better. Instead of looking at her father, Supergirl looked out the window.

Green Lantern had been stabilized and Flash left the OR. The patient had suffered acute heart failure and was hooked up to machines that would keep him alive until a new heart was available. Flash walked briskly to the third floor nurse’s station to pick up his next assignment. He walked past room 56 and saw the young woman inside. She was there every Thursday afternoon – and she had been coming for a while. Even the always-rushing Flash recognized her through the window.

When he passed again, she was gone.

Supergirl was making her way back across town to the law office of Levitt and Lee. Spiderman was being sued. 

The End

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