Fallen from GraceMature

I felt the moist ground squish beneath me as I passed through. Funny, it hadn’t rained for quite some time, and the grass was ravaged by various footprints of different monsters. What a beautiful tragedy to befall the place I once the called home, the only place I ever truly called home.

What a sick and twisted turn of events. Just when I thought I finally found my happiness, it was stripped from me once again. I guess, in a way, this was my retribution. My way to pay for all the villages I destroyed, and all of the lives ended by my magic.

“Blue. Blue, please forgive me. None of this should have happened. You should be alive. You should be here right now, with me. Of all the people who deserved to die, it certainly wasn’t you. I should’ve been there to take your place. And now look, take a look around.”

I turned in a circle, extending my arms at the rubble that used to mark the boundaries of the Supernova guild.

“This is all that’s left of the places I’ve been. Every. Last. One. Wherever I am, disaster will strike, whether it’s by my hand, or by the hands of my enemies. And you...you were foolish enough to bring me in close. You convinced me to stay at that orphanage, only for it to be a pile of shrapnel not long after. Is that what you wanted? Did you want me to free you from that place? You were better off letting me wander the continent until someone finally put me down.”

Monster roars and howls resonated in the distance.

“After all of my time at the guild, I failed to notice that you were here too. You were training, probably longer than I was. And now look. You’re dead, and the guild treats me like a saint. These people trust me with their lives. They don’t understand that by doing so, they are signing a death contract. So many have already died...including you. All because you decided to let me into your heart.”

A single tear slid down my face, only for me to wipe it away in anger.

“I have news for you Blue: I am not worthy of anyone’s grace. Because when grace is offered to me, death is swift to follow. I should have died long ago, in a tiny fishing hut with my parents. I wonder who the next will be to die because of their gratitude: Grimlock, Artonus, Marx? You and Juxon already have, so they’re bound to follow suit.”

The ground beneath shuttered, forcing me to jump back. Magic poured out of my hands as I readied a fighting stance, just as someone so graciously taught me.

In front of me stood a mighty dragon. It was smaller than Gates, but still scowled with ferocity as it towered over me. This one was clad in violet scales with a yellow abdomen. After all that time Grimlock and I spent searching this place for survivors, I finally got to face one of these majestic beasts face to face.

A thought popped into my mind, and a bitter smile overcame me. I pulled off my tattered crimson hood, and let my dark energies return into my body.

I extended my hands out to my sides, “Go on! Take me! Look at my mark! I am your enemy! Isn’t it your job to escort me into my coffin!?”

My guild mark rested over my heart. The stars spun rapidly around it, as if it was trying to create an impenetrable wall.

The dragon extended his claws reluctantly. Dragons were very intelligent creatures, as I observed from watching Grimlock and Gates. Surely it assumed that I was luring it in for a counterattack.

“Go ahead. I’m practically dead as it is.”

From what I could tell, thanks to Grimlock’s teachings, the dragon was certainly thriving with youth, much like myself. Except it probably didn’t have a death wish.

The dragon finally decided to slash at me. Finally, all of this pain would be put to an end. No one else would have to die because they wanted to help me. At last, I will be where I belong…

So you really want to die, do you?

Before the dragon could gore me with his claws, I unleashed a shockwave of dark energy from my body. The dragon flinched backwards, growling as my magic stung his scales. I scanned my surroundings, looking for the source of the voice that frightened me.

“Who’s there?” I asked, hoping to receive an answer.

But no one was there. No one but an aggravated dragon who was preparing another attack.

Don’t pretend like you haven’t heard my voice before.

“No. Not you again. What do you want from me!?”

I want to give you your answers.

“Nothing is going to get me to come to Nightwing—”


The dragon slashed at me again, and I found myself listening to the voice. The claw dragged just above my head, slicing off a bit of my hair.

“Why are you helping me?”

Is that difficult to understand? I’ve helped you several times, actually. Now, wait for him to strike again and send a shockwave towards his chest.

Reluctantly, I did as the voice asked. Once the dragon slashed at my legs, I jumped out of the way and sent a vertical shockwave towards the dragon, aiming straight for its heart. Being overcome by my dark energy, the dragon toppled over, nearly crushing me in the process.

You handled that rather quickly, wouldn’t you say?

So the voice noticed too. That dragon should not have collapsed so easily to my magic. It took a lot of energy for me just to penetrate those dense scales, let alone the skin beneath it. There’s no way I could’ve—

You’re welcome. Now, I believe you and I are due for a little talk. Now that I’ve grabbed your attention, care for those answers you’ve been searching for? Although, you might want to get away from this dragon. Who knows when it’ll wake up and attack—  

“Just shut up for two seconds,” I interrupted him as I scouted for a safe place.

Looking for somewhere to chat? I’ll wait, then.

The End

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