Needing to Focus.Mature

Carissa Blackthorne.

I close my eyes, taking deep breaths as I sit down on the damp grass. I can feel everything around me, everything gives off its own energy. Footsteps sound behind me before stopping. My hands grip tightly onto the staff of my scythe.

“Your arse is going to get wet.” Zero says, waiting for some response from me. I squeeze my eyes tighter together, trying to concentrate. I can hear him sigh before sitting next to me.

After a few moments of silence, Zero decides to speak again. “He isn’t here you know?” Slowly, I open my eyes before turning my gaze to him, my eyes harsh slits. “Once I rested, I looked around the camp. No one has seen Caleb.” I tighten my grip on my scythe until my knuckles turn white and my hands shake.

I have looked for Lara too but it was no use. I haven’t been able to get a track on her magical energy either. Zero looks uncharacteristically awkward as he swirls the mead in his goblet. “Look, I know he was-” I glare at him, cutting him off. “Is.” A deep sigh escapes his lips as he takes a slurp from his goblet. “I know that he is – important, to you.”

I sigh, stretching out my legs in front of me. “What do you want Snowflake?” He opens his mouth as to say something but closes it again and passes me his goblet. I take it from him and take a deep gulp. “I might not be able to track the others who are missing but I should be able to find Caleb.” I pass the goblet back to Zero. “With the amount of time that I have spent with him, I know his energy. Even if he is far away from here, I should still be able to detect him.” My hands run against the blade of my scythe. “I should be able to hear him.”

Zero moves closer to me, his hands reaching out.

I jump to my feet.

“Oh, come on Red.” Zero stands in front of me, looking slightly annoyed. “I thought that after everything we could-”

“Could what? Be a thing?” My hands shake. I can’t do any of this now. I need to be focused, not trying to appease whatever feelings that I have for stupid attractive Elites!

Zero scoffs before draining the last remains of his goblet. “A thing?” He takes a few steps closer so we are only inches apart. “I was just looking to blow off steam but don’t worry. There are plenty of other people who I can sleep with.” The Elite throws his goblet onto the floor and walks away causing lightning to attack the empty goblet, turning it to ash.

Ignoring the pain at his words, I walk in the opposite direction where a giant pile of rocks rest. I pick the largest stone and lower my weapon. With my scythe, I run the blade slowly over the rock as I sharpen it.

After the blade is sharp enough, I begin to spin my scythe around, slowly gaining momentum. Images of all those the guild has lost flash through my inner eye. I grit my teeth as I try to focus solely on my scythe spinning around in front of me.

An image of Caleb comes to mind, pulling at my chest. I swing my scythe, cutting into the stone with ease. Master Juxon’s face keeps reoccurring, his old face smiling. I flick my muscles, causing two more rocks to break into small pieces.

Again and again, I bring my scythe down with increasingly more force.

In what seems like no time at all, all of the rocks have turned to rubble. I glance up at the sky, wondering how things have managed to get so messed up so quickly. My stomach dips as my blood roars in my veins. My body threatens to expel the magical energy which builds up within.

I shake my head, dragging myself away from the thoughts that threaten to overwhelm me. I need to find something to do. I need to focus.

I fling my scythe in the air and leap to catch it.

I have to focus.




The End

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