Horrible News.Mature

Carissa Blackthorn.

With a great gust of power, I slam my hands down onto the ground causing the floor to crack open in a blue light, causing the imposter to slip. Walking towards the one with the face of Master Juxon, I pick up my scythe and glare down at my opponent.

“How dare you take my Master’s face!” I growl, pointing my scythe at the one with the false face before slamming it down onto the ground, slicing through the opponent as the wind around me spins. Walking forward, the imposter’s body begins to shimmer before turning into someone who I don’t recognise. I glare down at her as I bring my scythe down on top of her, feeling the steel bite into her flesh.

I turn on my heel, walking away from the mess I have created.

I lean heavily on my scythe as I regain my breath, my body beginning to feel the strain of battle. Passing to catch my breath, I look down at Zero’s slumped body and sigh. I push my scythe underneath his body, lifting him up so I can easily throw him over my shoulder without placing too much pressure onto my injured ankle.

I groan under the weight.

Bloody bastard. He gets all big eyed over the imposter – not that I care- and then he refuses to believe that I am really me. I bet he won’t even thank me for this. Ungrateful jerk.

Caleb, come on Brain Boy.

If you can hear me, I will be at main camp soon.

Following my senses, I walk in the direction of the greatest amount of magical energy as I ignore the dread I am feeling that Caleb isn’t replying to me. It’s rather quiet in my head without his witty remarks.

As I walk through camp, I notice the solemn faces all around.

I grit my teeth, dragging Zero with me as we walk into the Masters tent. I need to speak to him and then I will find Lara. I need to get her to make a potion that can make me more accessible to Caleb’s telepathy.

I ignore the people warning me not to enter the Masters’ tent. Whatever he is doing, he will make time for me.

As I drag Zero through, I throw him onto the floor, making him moan and slowly open his eyes.

“I need to see the Master. Now.” He has to know that I can’t get in contact with Caleb. He’ll be able to advise me. My eyes scan the tent. I frown, not being able to see Master Juxon amongst the people. I scan the faces each in turn; first Grimlock and then Ceres. Their faces are grim, as though I have missed something.

“He’s here.” Ceres mutters.

I frown, looking around again and getting slightly annoyed. I don’t like playing games. My gaze hardens.

Ceres sighs, looking down at her hands before looking back at me. “Grimlock is the new master.” Her voice shakes, as though she is attempting to stop herself from crying.

I roll my eyes, looking at Grimlock. “Don’t mess with me. Where is Master Juxon?”

Grimlock’s face darkens as he rubs his face. “He’s dead Carissa.”

My scowl deepens, not amused at this stupid joke. Does Grimlock not notice how serious it is around here? It is not the time to be joking around! This is why I hate people. Why would they joke about something as horrid as that?! Master Juxon cannot be dead, that’s just stupid.

Zero shakily stands, getting to his feet slowly. He scans the room, looking a little confused before his eyes stop on me. “I knocked you out.” I mutter, feeling irritated. I just want to see Master Juxon!

“How do I know that you are the real Red?” He frowns, getting closer to me. I sigh before kicking him in the balls, calling him a pervert for being all over that imposter. He chokes, falling to the floor with a silly smile on his face. “Yup, that’s my Red.”

I growl, turning back to Grimlock. “Where the hell is Master Juxon!”

He looks at me, shaking his head sadly. “He- He didn’t make it Apocalypse.” My eyes widen as the words finally sink in. I shake my head, barely noticing that Zero is standing behind me with his hand on my shoulder.



He can’t be…

He just can’t be dead!

I push past Zero and charge out of the tent, ignoring Zero following behind me, telling me that it will be okay.

My feet carry me onwards, my chest feeling tight and heavy. The magic from the others around me begins to build inside my body, my cells tingling with the stolen magical energy. I want to scream.

I glare into the bonfire becoming quicker with every hurried step that I take. My body shakes as I scream, letting balls over magical energy burst from my body and fly straight into the bonfire, causing it to crackle and explode. All around me, I can feel myself falling apart. Rage starts to take over, making my red eye glow.

“Apocalypse, calm down.” A familiar voice screams at me, trying to get through but is heard on deaf ears. It’s no use, only Caleb has been able to calm me down and that’s because he got inside of my head.

Two hands grab onto my shoulders, spinning me around.

Through my red vision, I can see Zero’s face before he pulls me into a tight embrace. “I know Red. I know how you feel. Master Juxon was like a dad to me too.” He pulls away slightly, knowing that I am starting to relax. His hands cup my cheeks, wiping away the tears that I have shred.

My grip on my scythe tightens as I turn my head away and see Lance watching us, sadness in his eyes. I slowly move away from Zero. My body feels heavy as my chest feels as though it is smashing into pieces. I growl under my breath, gaining further control over myself, not liking the feeling. 

The End

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