Imposters' Illusions.Mature

Leaping into the air, I swing my right leg towards the imposters’ face, surrounding it with my magical energy.

Instead of coming into contact with her face, my leg slams into Zeros arms held out in a defensive position as he quickly throws himself in front of the fake me, engulfing my leg in thick ice as lightning attacks it. He breathes heavily, pushing me back. It’s amazing, even with using up so much of his magic, he is able to scrap together enough to ward me off. Well, not the average mage can become part of the Elite. “You’ll have to get past me first.”

I growl under my breath, not needing this inconvenience.


Caleb, now would be a great time to show up.                         

Moving fast, I run forward, dodging Zeros’ attacks as the imposter stands behind him with calculating eyes. I grit my teeth together as I glare at her holding firmly onto my scythe with a thin smile touching her lips.

Sliding under Zero’s legs, I kick the imposters’ feet out from under her before jumping onto my feet. Zero turn, building up his magical energy to slam directly into me. “Sorry Snowflake. I’m going to need a boost.” Holding onto his arm, I can feel his magic drain from his body. His eyes widen briefly before darkness takes over him.

The imposter swings my scythe at me which I barely miss. “Foolish girl. You shouldn’t have taken the weather mage out.” She laughs, swinging my scythe wildly. I spin fast out of the way. “I hadn’t finished having my fun with him.”

Letting out an angered growl, I leap into the air once again, feeling my magic build up before I let it fire down at the imposter. Where my magic balls of energy land, an explosion sparks, burning the ground to a blackened mess.

The imposter dances away from my magic, laughing as she does, her eyes taunting me.

As soon as my feet touch the ground, ghostly shadows appear before forming into solid images of me, all with matching scythes.

In a matter of seconds, they all charge towards me, laughing as they do.

Sending bursts of magic, they collide with the images of myself but they disappear in a puff of smoke. “Illusions.” I mutter, annoyed at myself for fooling for such a cheap trick. The illusions begin to change, becoming someone entirely different, filling me with anger and dread. “Master Juxon.”


The End

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