Diamond ClaymoreMature

Artonus leaped to the side just as the massive tail of the dragon crushed the area he had been in. The other Supernova had been reduced to dodging, as well - only attacking in the rare chances he found an opening. His magic was something... odd, but Art had no talent in seeing the stuff. And even if he did, this damnable dragon gave no opening to do so.

"You OK for a plan b, boy?" Art shouted, throwing a spear at the beast. It swatted the weapon away as if it were no more than a fly and turned its attention back to the kid.

"Yes," the Supernova said between dodging a claw and snapping jaws.

Alright then, now was the time to take a chance. This was getting interesting, but Art valued his life more than a challenge like this. So he retreated back far enough to escape that blasted tail and placed his hand on the ground. There! The steel was hiding. Artonus pulled on it, gathering it in his other hand.

And then it climbed.

At first it was a simple steel beam that stretched above the guild even, but then Art added more and more metal to it. What was first a thin tower of metal became a massive claymore large enough to slice the guild itself in half, let alone a dragon. But Art really was out of practice. That shouldn't have taken long at all.

The other Supernova was beginning to tire as well... No time like the present.

"Transmute!" Art's magic flew from him and into the steel sword, turning the length of the weapon blue. Diamond had always been a favorite.

Art grabbed the weapon with his hands and his levitation magic and slammed the blade onto the dragon. It hadn't been paying attention, luckily, which proved Gates was a far superior beast. Artonus laughed a little at the thought as the claymore crushed its target.

It was kind of disappointing to see the dragon not cut in half, but Art was satisfied with just having the beast lay there with a blade halfway through it's back. He used to make the swords sharper... Maybe it was time he practiced again. But first things first.

Art walked over to the Supernova. "I have no idea what that magic was, son," he said, patting the younger man on his shoulder, "But good work. Now stay out here. I need to investigate and you need to watch this dragon. Its a yellow one, so that means it might have regenerative powers."

The man nodded and sat down, looking exhausted. Well, he did just fight a high-ranking beast. What an interesting kid, though. His magic reminded Art of... No, no one had that and used it safely. Must have been old age getting to Art.

Time to investigate. Art walked towards Supernova, touching his diamond claymore as he passed and changing it into a mass of diamond spears that started swirling around him, supported by magic. Art was glad his abilities didn't use up to much magic, though he was starting to get out of breath.

The inside of Supernova was far worse than the outside. Everywhere Art looked, he saw the remnants of magical fighting. Burned walls, ice spikes still melting, areas where the structure was just gone, and other destruction. He didn't need the ability to sense magical energies to know what happened here. It had been no accident.

Someone had attacked and destroyed his home.

The End

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