Road TripMature

Lara Leona

     "Look, it'll be easier to explain once we get there." Vahni said again, refusing to look at me. Her eyes were staring intently at the road, even though it was completely empty.

     "No! I am surrounded by dead bodies. What the everloving FUCK is going on here?" It was probably not the best decision to start arguing in Nightwing straightaway, but right now I was too angry and confused to care.

     "Okay, technically they're not THAT dead..." Vahni hesitated, "Ember fixed them up and healed all of them. Good as new."

     "They are PEOPLE, not things. People who don't have a pulse and aren't breathing! I checked!" 

     "Yes, they're kinda dead I suppose," She was momentarily interrupted as I made a noise of frustration, "But we can fix that. It's fine."

     "Fix them? Do you guys practice necromancy? Exactly what am I signing up for here?"

     "God fucking dammit, they're not completely dead, yet. It's different than bringing them back to life. It's... shit, it's hard to explain."

     Wow, I thought to myself, Vahni curses a lot, doesn't she?

     I turned my attention back on the argument, "Wait, what the hell? You just said that they were dead!"

     "Kinda dead. That's what I said. Not exactly. We're not bringing them back from dea- Goddammit!" Vahni slammed her hand against the wheel in frustration. 

     This conversation was going nowhere, and I was starting to freak out a bit. "What are we gonna do with the bodies? Is the first mission I get in Nightwing digging a mass grave? That totally sounds like a fun thing to do with you guys! A real bonding experience, huh?"

     "We aren't burying anyone! Can't you just chill out until we get there? They're all coming with us." Vahni let out a few more choice curse words and exasperated gestures, "Also, you're not even a member yet. You're a long way away from your first 'mission'."

     "Didn't you mention headquarters? And initiation? What does that have to do with the DEAD BODIES?" I continued to plow forward. There has got to be some way to get that information out of her.

     "Can you two stop arguing?" A tense voice asked. I looked over to Rai. She was leaning out from her seat, and her piercing glare switched from Vahni to me. "I have a headache. You know, because of..."

     "Oh, I'm sorry," Vahni immediately backed down, voice suddenly gentle, and placed a hand on Rai's shoulder, "I know, I know. We'll get that fixed as soon as we can." Rai relaxed, closed her eyes, and nodded with a little sigh.

     Despite the fact that they were clearly having a moment of... whatever that was going on between them, I couldn't resist being a little nosy. "What's wrong with Rai?"

     Rai's eyes shot open, but Vahni clearly didn't think much about exposing information, "She's holding in a lot of energy right now. Someone else gave her their magic so she could open the door for us. What was his name again? Probably something cliche about shadows. Pretentious bastard, that one."

     Wait, what? Giving someone else your magical abilities... that's not possible. Unless they're performing some sort of dark magic? I mentally stored that piece of information for further investigation.

     "Okay, Lara," Vahni turned her attention back on me, "We're gonna explain everything once we get there and get you guys initiated. Please, just stay quiet about this until we get there." After that, everyone stopped talking.

     Awkward silence settled over us, and there was only the sound of the road under the van and the wind blowing past us.

     Finally, I dared to speak up. 

     "Are we there yet?"

     Vahni and Rai groaned loudly from the front seats, but their voices seemed small against the eerie silence from Ember and the still bodies piled in the van.

     I took a deep breath and prepared myself for what I would discover.

The End

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