A Risen AngelMature

We built a makeshift infirmary on the campgrounds as soon as we escaped the guild. Healers rushed all around it to make sure everyone was stable. It was funny; many of them came up to me to examine my condition, even though my only problem was an emptied magic reserve.

I sat next to Marx’s bed, watching him for the moment he would wake up. He slept peacefully and laid perfectly still. Some of the healers said there was nothing to worry about, but I felt like I needed to remain by his side.

“Angel?” someone called behind me, a guild member I never met. I specifically told Grimlock—Master Grimlock—not to mention my real name around Supernova.

Fallen,” I corrected him.

“Right,” he said. “Anyways, Grimlock wanted to see you; something about receiving your guild mark.”

“My guild mark?” I guess Grimlock wasn’t joking about me passing my exam. “Where is he?”

“In the middle of camp, by the bonfire.”

“Thanks,” I said, speaking a little more comfortably than I did when I joined the guild. People have been more and more friendly and accepting of me since we lost the guild.

Before I turned the corner out of the infirmary tent, the guild member called to me again, “Hey, you’re the one who broke the magic barrier, right?”

“Well, someone else broke another piece of it, but I finished the job.”

“Wow! I’ve been hearing your name all around the guild!” He ran up to me and smacked me on the back, “For a new member, you did really well!”

“Thanks,” I replied awkwardly. I prayed that this man would leave me alone, “I should get going. If Marx wakes up, tell him to come find Grimlock and me.”

“No problem, Angel.”




When I approached the bonfire, Grimlock was sitting in front of it, examining the flames closely. He seemed to be in another world, or probably contemplating Gates. It has been a while since he last saw Gates. Grimlock was certainly worried.

“Grimlock?” I asked.

He looked away from the fire, but did not make eye contact with me. He snickered, “Finally, someone who doesn’t call me ‘Master.’”

“You told me you hated formalities.”

“And you have always been a good listener.”

“A better one than you. What did I tell you about using my real name?”

“HA!” Grimlock let out a hearty laugh, “It’s time that you learn to be proud of your identity.”

I folded my arms and turned away in a few silent moments. Like a toddler who refuses to give up his toy, I refuse to be called “Angel” anymore.

“Fallen is my new identity. Like I said, Angel died a long time ago.”

“Well, my initiate’s name is Angel, and he is going to get the mark,” he lifted up a magic stamp that bore the guild’s insignia, “Where do you want it?”

I thought about for several moments, then finally I pulled off the tattered hood I have worn for several years now, and pointed at where I wanted it. I wanted it to symbolize my brand new family, and that Angel was an entirely new person now. Not necessarily Fallen, but not the same Angel from years ago either.  

“Over my heart,” I told him, in order to replace what no longer beats.

“Good choice,” chuckled Grimlock as he slammed the stamp against my chest. Now, there was a spinning circle of progressively shrinking stars on my chest: a Supernova.

At last, I have found my new family.

The End

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