I'm Not The Imposter!Mature

Carissa Black.

Expanding my magic, I can since that others from my guild are here.

I cast my thoughts out one last time to Caleb, desperately hoping that he is okay. If something has happened to him then I will make each and every person responsible pay in blood!

Feeling my remaining magic inside of build at a rapid pace, I sneak towards the imposter with my face, my body already stealing magic from others around me. With my feet moving silently, I manage to stand behind the imposter.

“It’s good to know that you’re safe.” Zero smirks, his eyes intense as he looks upon the person pretending to be me. “Without you, I don’t know what I’d do.” He pulls her close against his hard chest, wrapping his arms around the woman with my face, causing her to tense slightly. My chest tightens, confusing me as my blood boils with jealousy. Why am I jealous? Zero is a jerk… a handsome… no, just a jerk. “Without you, I’d have to find another woman to tease and keep my bed warm at night.”

The imposter opens her mouth, an expression of protest takes over her features but I beat her to it. “I’d never share your bed Snowflake, not even in your dreams.” Zero’s eyes widen as he slowly removes himself from the other woman, his gaze directly on me. “Two Red’s?” His confused face soon turns into his classic smirk. “Now, I really must be dreaming.” Both the other woman and I moan at his words. My fist slams into Zeros face. “Shut up you perv.”

“What the fuck?” Zero clicks his nose back into place as he glares at me. Even with blood running down his face, he still looks… No! Turning my gaze onto the mage that looks like me, I narrow my eyes as she leans against her scythe. My body begins to shake, partly from being exhausted, mostly because of the anger radiating from within her bones. Breathing in fast, my cells tingle with brewing magic, ready to attack.

Zero shakes his head, seeming to realise something before his blank look turns into a dull scowl. He stands protectively in front of the other Carissa, his gaze suddenly hostile as his magic builds too. “I have three questions for you. Think carefully before you answer. Number one; who the fuck are you? Number two; what do you want? And number three; why do you look like my Red?” My chest tightens. How can he not know that that isn’t me?

I grit my teeth, growling at him. “I am not your Red, Snowflake!” My eyes glare at the other Carissa. “You’re the imposter!” I hiss, directing all of my remaining magic towards her as I leap forward, my red eye blazing a fiercely like blood.

The End

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