The Voracious DestroyerMature

Marx Lancer

Our backs were pushed into a corner, dried blood covered our brows, our hands. Our clothes torn and tattered. Fallen was breathing heavily his magic energy was faltering. I was better off but the more I fought the more of them came and it wouldn't be long till that electrical wizard found us again.  Around us our guild lay in ruin, our possessions shattered destroyed, our memories vandalised, our friends blood marked the walls torn by the fight.My arms and face tightened, I wasn't ready to leave and retreat like the others. I was going to make a stand. I would take up my namesake and show them true fear I would avenge the guild, and my fallen. I would embrace my powers fully I wouldn't hold back any ounce of energy if I could help it.

"Stand back." I said to fallen putting my left hand in front of him.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

I didn't answer as white magic built up around me starting at the base of my feet swirling upwards the blades of light shimmered strongly before I swung both of them downwards. A wave of light stole our sight crashing into the walls of the guild flattening them along with the many opponents that surrounded us.  The ground shook as the wave of hard light exploded dispersing the debris.  I took a few step forwards looking for the next target. As the dust began to settle the silhouette of a the electrical Wizard walked towards us.  Electricity surrounding an arcing around his body as a wide manic smile spread across his face.

"Don't interfere. I don't want you to get hurt." I said to fallen stepping quickly towards my opponent

"Thought I wouldn't have the pleasure of witnessing your last breath. For someone named so fearsomely as the Voracious Destroyer you really do disappoint with you cowardly actions. "

" Shutup! You have no right to speak here!" I said through my teeth launching myself for at him.

My magic swirled around my hands; the shackle still biting still swallowing portions of my magic but regardless I pushed on. My Blades came in contact with his forearms blocked by a layer of electricity. To my horror arcs of electricity connected with my body forcing me back, burning my skin and sending long jolts of pain through me. I screamed but managed get my distance away from him. He charged at me throwing arcs all over minimizing my movements. I stood my ground shrouding my  body in a veil of hard light deflecting his final arc towards the ground and countering with an outward expansion of the veil towards him launching him backwards.  Not letting him get the next attack  I sent out another wave of light that was stopped by single lightning strike from the heavens.  The air stilled briefly as the arcs of electricity built around him while my own magic began to push everything outwards.  The blades shimmered out of existence as I shot several bolts of light at him each hitting the ground around him. He laughed thinking that I had missed; but not noticing that from the small craters left behind from those bolts grew rods of light.  The electrical wizard  discharged a greater blast of electricity that didn't make it farther than few meters as the rods of light grounded all of the energy before exploding . although the exploding was not intended still served to keep him busy a little longer.  I smiled if I timed it right I could not only disable his defenses but disarm him!

I ran around him keeping my distance as I summoned many blades of light in the air that rained down around him. He danced around a few and struck back with his own attacks but could not stop all of them from piercing the ground.  The field of electricity around him was draining into the ground Large blasts of light emitted from my hand shot up into the sky cooking the rain cloud above us. As the light above us morphed into the shape of a large spiked gauntlet; I charged him reforming my blades, and swiftly dodging his attacks that were seemingly to be coming out a more panicked rate.  I reached him swinging my left sword rightwards that shot out yet another wave of hard light He managed to dodge it by jumping to the side but he was in the air now. I twisted my body swing my right blade upwards at him connecting with his torso. It hit something other than his body surely whatever was left of his static field. I pushed upwards and improved the cutting edge by building up light on the edge the sword exploded launching him upwards. I leapt backwards releasing the gauntlet of light that upon him which exploded on impact. cratering the ground below him and consuming and burning the battle grounds around us.

Only leaving a compacted crater surrounded by seared brick walls.  In the center of the crater lay the electrical wizard on his hand and knees burnt, bleeding, but laughing manically. He stood up still laughing his arm outstretched skywards. He yelled some kind of enchantment. Before I could shield myself numerous strikes of lightning hit him. In the Frenzy of lightning strikes he disappeared briefly.  Only to reappear before my very eyes grabbing me by the neck and dragging me against the ground before striking me with a blast of electricity. 

Summoning whatever magic I had left over I managed to disrupt his barrage, and get some distance from him. But he wasn't letting up on the pressure, and I didn't have much magic energy left.  I turned around to face my attacker and summoned what I had left releasing the hard light against his fist of lightning that exploded forcing the two of us getting cut up by the shrapnel from the destroyed brick below us. I was breathing heavily my magic was mostly drained now. My opponent on the other hand looked like he could dish out a whole lot more. I clenched my fists I hadn't gone far enough! I haven't paid these bastards in full not even close!  This damn magic eating shackle! No. I shouldn't be pitying myself I hadn't lost. not yet atleast. No I had one option left. The tattoo on my right hand began to itch and burn the flames swirling around the 15. He started to run towards me his hand open palmed electricity covering his hand. I closed my eyes placing my left hand over the tattoo. I loathed the idea of using it but I had no choice; I had to use it.

"I call forth to break five of my bindings. I will serve as your dark servant." I said moving left hand up my arm revealing a growing black stigmata coming from the tattoo. The stigmata was travelling up my arm making it feel like it was going to burned to ash as the stigmata caught fire.

 A girl started screaming in pain in my head; while a dark magic aura mixed with my white aura flowed around me.  My wounds stopped bleeding. My mind would have no rest from the girls screams. My body began to shake with excitement. My opponent had not stopped his attack.  A dark smile of malice crept over my face as I raced towards him grabbing his hand with the electricity directing the attack elsewhere while breaking his wrist before kicking him across the crater. My muscles tightened with anger and power. My jaw clenched it was the curse was taking over.  Two large blades of light appeared in my hand one of white one of black. I charged after him using an arc of light to push him into the air. With one burst of strength propelled by firing light beneath my feet I caught up to him.  He summoned forth several strikes of lightning that I deflected with my two  blades before reaching him slicing at his torso viciously but not lethally. Before removing his left leg from his body. I wanted him to scream and suffer like the girl's resonating screams in my head. I hesitated briefly this isn't who I am! He took advantage of the hesitation striking with his left hand summoning several lightning bolts forced me earthbound and managed to mark my skin and penetrate the dark aura. However the curse was quick to seal or minimize the wounds I had suffered. 

My opponent landed on the ground a little more gracefully, but wouldn't be standing for long as several walls of dark and white light him filling the area before exploding.  Air and debris span in a vortex as I propelled myself through it finding my opponents tattered body  I pegged him against the ground with my left as my right began to cast an orb of light that was consuming the light from everywhere seemingly turning the day into night.  The girls screamed intensified in my head.  My opponent eyes were filling with terror now the manic eyes of madness leaving him as mine stared with pure hatred. A pressure was building up in my chest the girls screams were dulling into a high pitched ring.

"I will consume your soul for the demonlord Ras-...

" Stop it!" I head a girls scream as hand gripped my shoulder.

"Stop it!" Grimlock's voice washed over me. The girls voice drowning out as the sounds of magic and wind filled my ears.  My opponent My right hand still held the orb of light that consumed the sky's light.  The urge to kill had left me I did my best to let the orb disperse peacefully but only managed to emit a explosive beacon of power into the sky that swallowed all visible light briefly leaving us in the dark.

"Thank you." I managed to say while a tiredness filled my body pushing me away from consciousness.  I looked into Grimlock's face that was contorted with anger, fear and disappointment. His mouth began to open but I didn't hear what he was trying to say as I fell asleep.

The End

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