Having Lost so Much.Mature

Carissa Black.

Darkness surrounds me as my consciousness slowly returns to me. The smell of recent rainfall and bloodshed fills my nostrils as a cold breeze roughly brushes against my cheeks. The hard texture of a wet, hard, floor presses against my back.

Taking a few deep breathes, my senses expanding. My body is sore as I continue to lay on the ground. Opening my eyes, the scan my surroundings. Above me is a large broken roof with the nights sky looming high. The sound of voices slowly fill my ears as my body stays still.

Searching deep within myself, I frown slightly. My magic energies are too low to be any use for me. The voices I hear aren’t familiar to me but my surroundings are. I’m in my guild… well, what is left of my guild anyway.

Slowly stretching out my magic, I can tell that the strangers in the guild aren’t close enough to detect me. As long as I don’t attract too much attention to myself with my body feeling as weak as it does now.

Swiftly moving into a crouched position, I hide myself behind some rubble of the former guild. My eyes quickly scan around me for my scythe, feeling slightly on edge without it.

The pain is my body seems to be spreading as I feel faint. Gritting my teeth, my eyes scan past more and more piles of the dead and the rubble. It’s not here! I curse under my breathe.

The ground shakes with a horrendous roar. I crouch even lower, feeling the creature getting closer. Looking back towards the strangers voices, I frown as they move away from their huddled positions with smiles on their faces, the magic they just used has started to disperse.

The sound of roaring comes closer. I watch the strangers start to leave.

“Come on Rio, we have to go on our next job, what are you doing?” An older female mage scowls as the younger mage runs towards her with a goofy smile on his face. “I’m coming, keep your wig on. Look what I found! Seems like even some Supernova's have some good stuff!” The mage laughs, showing the elder mage what he has found.

I resist the urge to scream in rage as the item in the mans hands is something very familiar to me.

From the right, a loud crash sounds as trolls burst through the remains of the guild. Standing where the mages were moments ago, the trolls roar again before their bodies sink into the floor. A large rune glows in their blood and a deafening cry shrieks out as a large black and yellow dragon arises out from the ground. The old mage smears as she glares at the dragon. “Now, you are called here to watch this guild. Destroy anyone who tries to enter. That should teach those Supernova's that their actions have consequences!”

I have to get out of here and worn the others. My body is too weak to take on the dragon by myself and I highly doubt that I would be able to when my magic is at its fullest.

The younger mage laughs as he spins his stolen item in his hands before it heavily falls onto the ground.

My body shakes as I ball my fists.

With one last scowl, I sprint away. As my feet take me further away from what was once my beloved guild, my mind travels back to the young mage who stole MY SCYTHE!!!

Ignoring my aching limbs, I push myself further towards the place where I can feel my fellow guildmate’s magic is gathered. I need to tell them about that dragon, at least to warn the townspeople.

As I get closer, I register the members gathered. My teeth grit as I can’t feel Lara’s magic which is a shame because I could have used one of her healing potions. Panic tugs at me as I can’t sense the Masters familiar energy. He should be here. Where is he?

First, the guild gets invaded where some bitch knocks me out, then that scum stole my scythe and now I can’t feel the Master’s presence.

Caleb, give me a head count… Caleb!... Caleb?

I push myself further as fear starts to sink into my veins. Caleb isn’t answering me… he always answers me!  He has to be okay, he just has to be. Maybe he is too busy flirting with some dumb Bimbo to reply... 

But if something has happened to him, I swear that I will slice those bastards into shreds! Once I get my scythe back that is. I swear that if that man scratches the blade...!

A small smile pinches at the corner of my mouth. Blooded images of the young mage who stole my scythe fills into my mind as I picture him being ripped apart by my bare hands!

I can feel myself getting closer to the others.

My eyes lock onto Zero’s broad figure, causing my feet to slow down and my nerves to calm. At least Zero is safe. I open my mouth to call out to him as I attempt to ignore the strange feelings that are welling up inside of me... Not that I cared anyway... he's just a guildmate... who I want to be next to right now...  

My body freezes as a scowl deepens as I glare towards Zero who is sending his signature smirk towards… No. That can’t be right.

Standing closely to Zero is someone who looks exactly like me. And she has a scythe. I tightly ball my fists, welling up the last remaining magic that I have within me. How dare that imposter stand with my guild! How dare she wear my face and hold a scythe that looks like the one which has been stolen from me! How dare she stand there smiling at Zero!... Wait, what?

I shake my head, clicking my neck as a small growl escapes me.

I’m going to kill that bitch!

The End

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