Nessa Conely, of the Night Wing Guild.

I stood, poised over the wizard, scythe inches from his throat. A killing blow, but I would not do it.

"Care, don't do this," the boy managed to say. Frustrated, I swung the scythe back around and hit him in the skull with the base. Sending up a magic flare, signaling the Night Wings, I bound his hands together. 

It was then that I spotted her. The girl that I still looked like, scythe in hand, her dark hair waving around her face from the pure magical energy that radiated from her. You didn't have to have any special abilities to see that she was nearly bursting with it. 

She was weaving through the battlefield drunkenly, her eyes wild. Keeping up the illusion, I strode toward her, scythe at the ready. As I came close, I knew it was her fear, her nightmare, that I had seen. 

"Look what you've done, Carissa," I said ominously, using her voice.

"What?" The girl was struggling to hold on, but she brandished her own scythe at me. I knew to her it was like looking in the mirror. "No, no! Supernova will not back down!"

"Supernova is finished!" I said, beginning the battle. I didn't have much time before she began to absorb my magic energy as well. She was already so charged with it, she could barely stand, but I knew that a blast from that kind of power would be devastating. I needed to find a way to cool her off, discharge the energy. Circling around, I tried to move in closer. 

"Stay back!" Carissa shouted, swinging her scythe. I wondered why she hadn't fired off her energy yet, but I still stepped forward. My own magic energy was running low and I was feeling a little faint.

I had enough left for one big illusion, so I started one. I made Carissa see herself, glowing with magic energy. I let the glow grow, and blew it out in an explosion, sending out nearly all of what was left of my energy to knock her back. It was just my luck that it was enough to knock the girl back against a large piece of rubble, where her head slammed back, and she fell unconscious to the ground.

Picking myself up from the ground, the tension in the air had dissipated. Carissa lay crumpled in a heap in the rubble, but she was breathing. Tossing a quick illusion over her like a blanket, I hid her from sight. It wouldn't last longer than a few hours; I was really low on energy now. I was about to cut the power to my own appearance, still exactly like Carissa, when a hand grabbed my arm, and the battlefield vanished, to be replaced with the concerned faces of the supernova survivors. 

What had I done?

The End

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