The VoiceMature

Who am I? What am I? Where do I belong? I have become an outcast in the place that I thought wouldn’t make me one, and yet, here I am, passing through the barriers that no one else could.

I just did the impossible, and yet, Marx still trusts me to take the barrier down. Is this what it means to be a member of a guild? Do we act like brothers out of instinct?

There was no way I was going to let Marx down, my guild down. No, it’s not my guild anymore, it’s my family.

I ran through possibilities in my head for how to get the barrier down. If what Marx said was true, then someone was able to take down a chunk of it. Maybe the caster is in the guild, I thought. However, I shooed the idea almost immediately. There’s no way the caster would be in battle, for fear of the barrier coming down if he is defeated.

“Ah!” I heard screams of guild members falling to the Nightwing’s magic. We were being overwhelmed. It looks like Marx, Grimlock, and I weren’t enough. We were outnumbered when this battle began, and now Nightwing is slowly encroaching Supernova.

Angel, it’s all over. There’s nothing you can do. The voice in my head, it couldn’t have been mine. I don’t call myself that anymore; it reminds me too much of my destructive past. Could it be…?

You were the voice that told me to leave my parents behind, aren’t you?

Oh, how naive you used to be, but it seems like you’ve grown up in Supernova.

Who are you, and where are you so I can show you how strong I’ve gotten too. I clenched my fists and prepared my magic.

Why don’t you come by the Nightwing Guild, and I’ll tell you in person. A Nightwing, in my head? But...he’s been in my head ever since my parents died. What is the deal with this guild?

I will guide you when you are ready. Farewell. And like that, the voice disappeared.

“Fallen! What are you doing over there!? Take down the barrier!” Marx’s voice was muffled as he shouted through the barrier. I shook off my nerves as I finally decided how I could take this down.

If I am like the Nightwings, I should be able to add my power to the barrier. I could overload it, and the whole thing should come crashing down. I let my magic resonate throughout my body, and put my hands on the barrier. I didn’t pass through it this time for some reason, but it allowed me to grip it.

My magic flowed through my body, supercharging it. I started having flashbacks of villages I destroyed because of this power. Fight it, Fallen. Fight it.

My aura sent a shockwave into the barrier. I managed to suppress its area of effect, sending it upwards into the top of barrier. Crash! The barrier shattered, and the pieces dissolved into thin air. The barrier was gone.

I turned my attention toward Marx, who was being overwhelmed by Nightwings. I unsheathed my sword, which I was terrible with, in order to slash through the wave of enemies.

One by one they fell to my sword, but with every death, another one took its place. It was about time I ditched the sword and did some real damage. I decided to sheathe the blade, and set myself up for another shockwave. However, more Nightwings were approaching, and I would be out of magic before they stopped advancing.

Marx and I were pushed to a corner, and I assume the rest of the guild felt the same way. We would need a miracle to defeat this Nightwing guild now.

The End

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