At all costsMature

Marx Lancer

Another explosion rocked the floor, debris , blood, the fallen littered the floor. They kept coming. we were losing Ceres was leading a retreat Fallen and I were preventing any pursuers but our fellow comrades who had joined us on this venture were beginning to falter.

"I won't let you bastards take another step!" I snarled releasing a beam of hot light that knocked down the next wave of enemies.

Fallen was covering up our right flank, for someone so new to the guild he was quite skilled with his magic, although not quite with his swordsmanship. He threw to much weight in his last strike causing him to loos his footing. His opponents took advantage of the situation powering their next spells up. I turned frantically  fire bolts of light but missed. However Fallen had managed all on his own as he used a burst of his magic to knock his foes down. 

"Careful." I told him turning around to face any newcomers.

There was a pause, then the air shuttered again kicking dust and debris in the air several more of them came in spells flying around us as fallen and I charged in.

"Let me pay you back for what you have done to my friends!" I yelled slicing an enemy upwards before yelling." Rending light!"

The blends extended outwards violently slashing and forcing them back fallen took out the remaining in a single swing and blast of dark energy.

" Is it me or are they getting easier?" Fallen said looking down on the bloodied edge of his sword. 

"Going to go with easier." I said, " None the less we will make them pay." I said feeling my grip tighten on the blade of the light.

The Shackle was beginning to burn into my arm. It hungrily ate a portion of the magic that I casted.  I hated fighting like this trying to monitor how much magic I had left.  I didn't want to restrain myself anymore, but I didn't want to add to the maelstrom of chaos or wound or destroy the guild any further.

"Lancer Carrissa told me to tell you to break through the barriers. As soon as one gets destroyed the get weaker." Calebs thought projection broke through my thoughts

"Thanks Caleb. But I'm busy covering up a retreat right now."

There was no reply. Dammit he must be really pressed to not answer. Not to mention there were probably others trapped behind the other barriers. More wounded guild members made it into the underground tunnels.  The other fighters were fighting to keep standing let alone fight. I couldn't bear to look. We were losing. What kind of enemy had me made? What had we done? Anger surged through me. I wanted to make our attackers face an unrelenting forcce of pain. I wanted to be vessel that would deliver that pain. 

"We cannot keep this exit open." I said Fallen and I will break down the next barrier, and open up another escape route. The rest of destroy the entrance to this tunnel, and alert Ceres."

"Marx. We can still fight!" Dan Yelled holding raising his fist in the air why allowing his wounded arm to dangle off his shoulder limply, " There are still more guild members here who need our help!"

"You can't help anyone in that condition let alone fight.  We've lost the guild and right now that you can do is survive. Now go. Fallen and I will be fine we still have most of our magic left. 

Dan stopped his eyes darted around his face falling, his fist shaking. His eyes holding back tears.

"Make them pay for every single thing they've done. At all costs!" He said fiercely, " Show them why they call you the Voracious Destroyer."

" I will. Now get out of here." I said turning towards fallen who was already making his way to the closest barrier. 

Dan sealed the tunnel behind us. I could feel a incredibly strong but familiar force of magic build near the guild hall. It was getting stronger.

"Do you feel that?" Fallen asked.

"Yeah, I don't think its something to be worried about it. That magic is on our side." I said putting a name to that familiarity. It was Carrissa's magic.  I put the thought behind me of what was happening to her.

"Grimlock and I walked past a barrier down here." Fallen  guided me as we turned left through another corridor, but before he could say more a blast of electricity through the wall throwing up a wall of debris.  through the dust a large figure about 8 feet tall with spiky hair stepped forwards.  The dust was blasted against us a the figure showed off his magical energy. 

"Finally a couple of wizards with some actual fight in them." The figures voice boomed.

Lightning enveloped his palms.  I put up a shield of light just in time as the corridor lit up and explosion of energy shook the floor the shield of light dissipated instantly.  The man charged  I dodged left the two swords forming ready to strike. Fallen dodged left and let his magic envelope his sword.  Our opponent discharged his bolts of lightning forcing us both to crash through the wall.   I gritted my teeth through the pain and got up. This man was no ordinary opponent magic power seemed to just seep from him unlike anyone I had ever met.  I summoned a great amount of magic to equal his output, and charged him. Ducking underneath his attacks I manage to get close enough to slice him. His body gave off another charge destroying my blades and sliding me back again. Fallen was thrown even further.  Another bolt of lightning came at me I quickly enveloped my body in a light armour that managed to absorb the shock but not the force of the attack I slid backward some more.  Fallen was preparing an attack for him from behind. I would have to keep him distracted.  I gathered more magic enveloping my blades as I charged him again dodging left and right and swinging my blades down upon him.

He intercepted each attack carefully and retaliated with strong attacks that shook the floor and left holes. Come on fallen! I parried the next attacked and slashed at him this time allowing my sword explode on impact. Finally a direct hit!  My opponent backed off Fallen struck him with his sword which was filled with his magic.

"Ha ha good try but I think it's time to kick this up a notch." Our opponent laughed covering himself in lightning.

Tendrils of electricity began to expand outwards from him tearing apart the floor.  The magic around him brightened before the electricity exploded outwards. We were thrown through the guild until we came across a barrier. Well at least I  was thrown against the barrier. Fallen was on the other side of the barrier somehow. Pain was shooting all over my body this guy was stupidly powerful. 

"How...Why.." Fallen said from the other side of barrier, " Am I one of them?"

" I wouldn't worry about it.  Fallen I can't get through that barrier but something telling me the source is on that side. I will deal with this guy."

"Marx I just went through their barrier. What does that make me?"

"An exception?" I said getting myself off the ground." Please Fallen get that barrier down.  Race to see who get it done first?"

"I'll see what I can do I guess." He voice sounding a little disheartened.

"You'll be fine. Good luck and may the best wizard win." I replied summoning my blades as my opponent rounded the corner. 

"Going to buy your friend some time. How sweet?" He said lightning enveloping him again. 

I could feel my own magic building up today was not the day that I should be holding back.

The End

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