Breaking PointMature

Carissa Black.

My fist connects with an attackers face, knocking him unconscious. Casting my gaze around me, more and more Supernovas’ fall covered in their own blood.

Caleb, we need to get everyone out of here. Tell those who are injured where the hidden tunnels are. Caleb? Caleb!

Biting my lip, I swing my scythe around my body, the blade biting into the skin of others, tearing them apart. I know that Caleb is fighting, I can feel his magic, but he always gets back to me when I call out to him. I just hope that he can tell the others.

My hand wraps around an opponent’s neck as I push them into others, draining their magical energy. With a flick of my wrist, red thorns pierce into their bodies, my magic eroding their bodies from the inside out.

More enemies surround me. Blocking their attacks I can feel the sweat running down my face, stinging my eyes as it mixes with dried blood. I grit my teeth together as a throwing knife sinks into my arm. The metal starts to burn, causing me to drop my scythe as they come closer towards me.

Strong gusts of wind mixed with lightning knocks into my attackers, causing smoke to appear from their bodies. Appearing at my side is Zero, sweating as much as me as he lifts his arm causing a thick frost to freeze some of their bodies. “We are getting destroyed here Red.” Wrapping my hand around the dagger, I pull it out of my arm, causing blood to spit out of the wound. The metal starts to singe my hand, making me throw it hard onto the floor. Magic is surrounding us, being aimed straight at us.

Zero stands out in front of me, taking on the attacks. My hand touches his back, expanding my magic to wrap around Zero and absorbing the attacks. My breathing becomes harsh, my fingers shake as I remove them from Zero. “Thanks Red. I’ve got this here, you work on breaking those barriers. If we want to win this, we all need to be together and fight as one.”  I nodded, sensing more of my magic out at the others. “Oh, and Red? Don’t die.”

Whistling over some of the more injured members of our guild, we go towards the barrier. “You break, I’ll protect.” My guild mates put their hands against the barrier, trying to decipher the runes which created them.

Straining against the constant attack, I grit my teeth together. We need to get though these barriers now!

From the corner of my eye, a large spear pierces Zero’s shoulder. Anger starts to wash over me.

Letting my magic expand, I can feel it reaching out and taking the magic of our attackers. Feeling myself becoming stronger, I drain all of their energy until they collapse on the floor. Turning to my guild members, I signal to the hidden exit where the bar used to be. “Get out. Now!”

As soon as they are out of sight, I consume more and more magic. Glaring at the barrier, I can see that enemy has all but surrounded us.

Gripping onto my scythe, I insert some of my magic into it before slicing down. Over and over I swing, putting more magic into my attack.

Soon, the barrier shatters around me. A smile touches my face as I can feel the runes in the other barriers have gotten weaker.

Caleb, tell Lancer and the others to break through the barriers. As soon as one gets destroyed, they all become weaker.

A scream comes from a little girl caught up in the middle the fighting. The enemy surrounds her, and soon the screaming stops. Her magic is gone and her body is thrown onto the floor. A low growl escapes me as I run forward, stealing more magical energy, letting it consume me.

They will pay! I will not rest until every one of them is dead by my hand!

The End

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