The Love of WarMature

Nessa Conely

I stood some distance away from the battlefield that was once SuperNova's guild hall. Smiling to myself, I whispered into my hands and sent more shadowy soldiers to join the fight. They were only illusions, but they kept the enemy distracted. I watched a powerful mage send a shockwave of magic energy towards both shadows and living alike. The illusions crumble like sand, but I quickly replenish them, drawing on the fear of the outnumbered clan. 

Beside me, Vahni appears, grinning at the carnage. Behind her, the scarred, SuperNova traitor looks suitably cowed. I payed her little attention. She was Vahni's project, and I had to provide support for the mages at ground zero, where the enemy was fighting to survive. Sending more shadows to that point, I decided to get closer. Wrapping myself in an illusion, I slipped towards the battle, Vahni close behind, and we joined the fight. I aimed at legs and arms, seaking to maim. The leader wanted as many of the SuperNova captured as possible, but still, it didn't matter if we killed a few. Drawing my dagger, I used my magic to lengthen it into a ferocious battle sword, it would dissipate in a few minutes, but with it I hacked and slashed at the supernova marks, severing hands, and slicing arms, and yes, a few throats were slit. 

Blood, both ours and the enemy's stained the ground, and I heard Vahni laugh beside me as we fought to capture the upstart guild members that had so wronged our leader. "Surrender now if you want to live." I hissed in the face of my opponent, grappling for the upper hand, trying to break into his mind and see his deepest fears. He fought against me, but finally, I broke in, seeing a girl, coming at him, scythe in hand, her eyes cold and distant. She does not recognize him, but they are close.

Taking the advantage, I used my magic once more, willing him to see the girl he loved, coming at him, to kill him. My sword became a scythe, and I spun it towards his throat. 

The End

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