Did I Pass?Mature

Aside from a splitting headache and ringing in my right ear, I was in one piece.

I stood up, dizzied. When the room stopped spinning, I could see Blue standing next to me, trying to reorient herself as well.

“Angel?” She called out to me.

“I’m okay. Have you seen Grimlock?”

“No, but he’s not far. What are you doing here at the guild?” Blue always knew where people were at the orphanage. You could never hide from her, and I suspect it had to do with that fireworks show she had that one day.

“We’ll have to catch up later. Do you think you can track him down?”

“Yeah, I was able to master it with my mentor. I can feel him over there.”

We found Grimlock under some rubble, out cold, “Help me out, Blue.”

Blue and I put our collective powers together. One thing Grimlock taught me was not to suppress my power, but the ability to draw it out in small amounts. Apparently, it looks like Blue’s power is similar, because together we lifted the rubble with ease.

“Grimlock, sir?” My mind went another direction. Will he see me with pride ever again after I refused his command?

It took a couple hard smacks to Grimlock’s face before he came to. “Grimlock, sir, are you all right?”

He let out a hearty chuckle, “Yes. Just fine.”

He’s laughing. Why is he laughing?He never even smiles at me.

“Why are you looking at me like that Fallen?”

“I’m...just...confused. I mean, I just refused to fi—”

“AHAHAHAHA! Fallen, you passed. Welcome to the guild!”

“What!? My apologies, Grimlock, sir, but—”

“Our training was to teach you how to control your power, not to test your strength. I knew you were strong the first time we met in the hallway by Master Juxon’s. The fact that you didn’t try to fight Blue means you can differentiate friend and foe. You demonstrate control very well, and I’m proud of you.”

My eyes widened. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. All this, a test of restraint. For all I know, he wanted me to unleash against him, which is why he threw out so many insults. Grimlock really is the best mentor the guild has.

Grimlock started walking away, “I hope you’re both ready to fight. Follow me, Fallen. Blue, you should go find Lara. Fight your way to her if you have to.”

“Yes, sir. Be safe, Angel.”

“You too, Blue.”

We parted ways with Blue, and Grimlock took me towards the bulk of the battle. I’ve never been in a battle, but I’ve had a boost in confidence after what Grimlock said.

“You never told me your real name was Angel.”

“The irony in my name kills me; only Blue and Master Juxon know. You too, now.” After all the innocent people I’ve killed, I will never call myself that again. I’m no Angel.

“Keep close to me, you’ll be fighting soon enough. There’s someone I want you to meet though."

“Yes, sir.”

We were already at our destination when I realized what happened to the guild. It was divided by what appeared to be barriers. Is this the “Nightwing Guild” Grimlock told me about?

“Marx!” Grimlock called to a man who was preoccupied in a swordfight with the opposition.

“Grimlock!” He called back cheerfully, slicing the Nightwing’s head off in the process. He walked towards us, pointing at me. “Is he that ‘Fallen’ kid you’re mentoring?”

“Was mentoring. He just passed his exam. Fallen, this is Marx Lancer, another former apprentice of mine.”

“Well, I want to see what Grimlock has taught you. Try taking him on.” He pointed at a Nightwing running towards us with a sword.

If everyone has confidence in me, I guess I can show myself to have confidence too, “It would be my pleasure,” I told Marx with a smirk, and he laughed.

I approached him a little bit, waiting for him to come to me. I snapped into a fighting stance, preparing myself. He wound up a strike from over his head, looking to slice me in half. His thin sword glowed with a purple aura, oddly similar to my dark energy. Before he could react, I dove under his sword and grabbed it by the hilt. Struggling, he tried to push me away using his magic, but it wasn’t strong enough to work on me.

One thing Grimlock taught me was how to channel my power into certain parts of my body, making all of my hits stronger. I elbowed him in the ribs, doing just that. He let go of his sword and fumbled backwards.

“I’ve never been a swordsman, guess you learn something new every day.” I’ve never been one for silly remarks. I guess Grimlock’s personality got to me.

The Nightwing got up and charged me again. I channeled my power into the sword and once he came within swords length, lunged at him. The sword went clean through his stomach, and he collapsed.

I turned around to see Grimlock and Marx studying me, “So I get to keep the sword, right?”

Both of them laughed, and I decided to join in. I haven’t laughed since the day my parents died, I thought to myself.

The End

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