A Rude AwakeningMature

Marx Lancer

A thundering noise woke me from a deep dreamless sleep. A bright light penetrated through my eyelids singeing my unprepared eyes.  A could metal was wrapped around my wrists.  What is going on, and where am I? Echoes of battle and waves of clashing magic filled the room.

"It's down here. I'm sure of it." A rich silky voice said.

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness although my mind had felt like dense fog had been sitting there for too long.  I was shackled and was facing outwards a few hundred feet ahead of me there was a source of light distorted by dust.  Looking up I could see I was shackled to some sort of silver thing, beside me similar bindings stood. The shackles all held a rune. A rune that I did not recognize but that being said I had no interest in finding out.  I summoned up my magic but quite quickly found that the shackles  absorbed a good portion of it before it could be casted.  Strange sadistic artifact thing one me zero. The hell did I get myself into? As I tried subduing my panic , I remember hearing the silky voice when I first woke up. What happened to it and was it something I should be worried about? Probably.  Calm you're not in complete trouble yet. Think. How'd you get here? I screwed up my face trying to force some memory out.  I was lead here by Dan... No someone who had made themselves look like Dan.

Where were they now? Why. Didn't matter wasn't a solution to getting myself out of here. Magic gets absorbed. I thrashed around a little bit. Nope good ol fashion way is out. Waiting for someone to save me. Screw that; if Carrissa or Ceres heard that. There would be no end to the teasing. Wait hang on if I am in the guild basement and that battle is....  I balled my fists up. There wasn't time for me to be goofing around down here. I had to help the others and make whoever has done this pay.  I began gathering magic again. Footsteps where getting closer to me. I didn't have much time before I was left a sitting duck. The shackles continued to absorb the magic.

"come on!" I growled pushing harder; noting that the shackles could only absorb a portion of the magic I was gathering.

A layer of light formed around me and cut outwards.  I was freed but one of the shackle binded itself into my arm. I tried to free myself from it but the magic around my wrist would be absorbed too quickly. I'll live with it for now it was by estimates only stealing 25 percent of my output. I surely could handle it if I was careful. The source of the footsteps crested over the hill revealing  three figures with the one in the middle about my height wearing white mask with black markings pointing towards the middle.  The other two shorter and wearing

"Sir! He l..." One of the shorter figures said

"I know. He won't be an issue."

"My ass. " I  said through gritted charging into them two blades forming.

"Stop!" The middle figure commanded throwing his right hand forward. 

I found myself in place as if I was frozen in time unable to move.

"I think our subordinates will have a little more fun with him. Be gone!"  the middle figured said 

whipping his hand back his side.  There was a flash of light and I was above in a room covered in ice. Some of them frozen, others bleeding out on the verge of death. I could feel my blood boil. These bastards. I gritted my teeth I wanted to burst forth in a furious rage.  But that being said I needed to get the wounded and those who were alive somewhere safe. I created four pillars of light emitting heat to thaw out the room.  I checked the pulses of the members of the guild so far this room struck me as the safest so far I could reinforce the doorways with my magic and it should be okay. There was no ways I was getting everyone out of here safely.  There were at least 15 injured. Dammit how long was I out for?  I hope Ceres, Carrissa , Aya, Lara and Dan were okay.  I sealed off the room and planted some runes that held exceptions for other guild members.  I headed left towards the guild hall only to run into a barrier. I couldn't break through and held no intentions to waste my magic trying to break it by force. 

I headed back down the hall running into a confrontation of larger group of our attackers to the overwhelmed battered guild members.  Jumping in between the two battling factions and having the element of surprise  I turned the table cutting down several of our attackers.

"Marx! Ceres is fighting  near the dormitories , last we saw her opponent was giving her a hard time." Dan said  ducking behind cover as fire user filled the halls.

"Alright you guys better be okay when I get back though alright! and If you injured I blocked off the common room just down the hall. " I called behind my shoulder.

I reached the top of the stairs turning to the right seeing the dormitories completely trashed filled with holes and upturned. Ceres  is was on the other end breathing heavily looking pretty beaten. Between us stood a man in black suit of armor that looked over bulky, and had a blue cross on the right side. He wielded a over sized sword that was six feet long, and at least half a foot wide. His sword was swirling with dark blue aura.

"Are you quite done missy? It would be a shame to carve that beautiful body into a bloody mess."

"Ceres don't!" I said but it was too late as she charged foolishly into his next attack.  I jumped in between the two intercepting his attack and allowing Ceres to slam the guy with a firey punch.

I  pushed him off of us and threw in a few bolts of light to give us some space.

"So what's this guys deal?" I said cockily holding my blades down.

"His sword disperses Magic then absorbs it to reflect as an attack serving both as defensive and offensive weapon. He looks slow but moves quickly."

"Alright.  I'll go first you hit him when you've got an opening." I say quietly charging ahead magic surging into my blades, the shackle hungrily eating away at a portion of my magic. I had to make this quick. I jumped left missing his down swipe slashing at his armor first blade hit cutting a scar along his amour the other blade I manipulated into a blast forcing him backwards and hopefully disabling his amour making it more into a nuisance for him.  He managed to block it with his sword. Shit. A blast of energy emitted from his blade slicing through the walls of the dormitories.  His sword sliced through the dust missing me by a few inches I swung downwards my sword instantly dissolving from contact with his blade. Dammit what am I thinking.  I jumped backwards reconsidering my strategy. I need to separate him from his sword.  I smiled ducking underneath his next swing this guy was an amateur at best with his swordsmanship. Chains of light shot from the hall grabbing his arms in midswing.  Ceres knocked his sword out of his hands with a wind kick before delivering a crushing punch mixed with stone that crushed his armor and shattered the floor below him violently breaking his arms as he fell.

" Geeze. Didn't realize that elite level wizards sucked so much." I smiled giving her a hard time.

"Yeah well to be honest would have done that earlier if you lower tiers weren't getting in my way." She shot back.

An explosion rocked the floors below us. opening up the hole that Ceres made.  We fell below seeing our allies laying on the ground defeated and blooded as a singular Nightwing member stood above them. His fists smoking, and his face wearing that of a Cheshire grin, and a pressure of magic that struck fear into the soul.


The End

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