Apocalypse Rising.Mature

I knew I felt a strange magic approaching.  

Blood runs down my arm as I get back up to my feet, feeling everyone’s magical energy surrounding me. Fighting is everywhere. One minute I was drinking in my usual booth waiting for Caleb to pick an Elite mission and next there were screams of agony as splinters flew everywhere and streams of spilt mead. I barely recognise the bar anymore…

I grip my scythe, flipping it around my body, running at the intruders who have caused so much pain. Rage fills my body as I put my magical energy into my scythe, expanding it when I slice through villain after villain.

Care! Are you okay?! I can’t get through these barriers!

I nod hearing Caleb’s voice inside my head. He sounds strained but overall okay. My blade goes through someone’s skull as my magic suffocates another. My thoughts go out towards the Master, wondering why he hasn’t joined us yet. He would never let us fight on our own like this unless…

Don’t worry about that now Care! We need to protect the others! The Master can protect himself!

Gritting my teeth, I attempt to resist but slowly I nod again. Caleb knows what to do. It’s not my place to disagree with him. The Master will be fine. I need to take charge here.

“Protect the children and those frail!” A few nods come around me, their faces full of anger underneath their cuts and bruises. More screams reach us causing me to glare back at our attackers. “No one gets away with hurting my guild! You are going to pay for what you did to Supernova with your lives!” Charging into the middle of them, I spin my body, my magic in the scythe slices their bodies. My glare hardens as the members fall. Seems like the attackers sent the pawns in first. Flashes of electricity sparks around us as a man laughs.

Sprinting back to the others I assessing their injuries. They need to get out of here.

“We can fight too Miss Carissa.” Jeremy, a frail man with arthritis, expands his magic out. I nod.

“Your magic is strong but your body is weak. All those who can, use long strikes at the enemy from here. We don’t need any more of our guilds bloodshed then we can help.” Their faces are determined, no Supernova refuses to fight.

“Well said… but I am still… going… to fight up there with you… Red.” My head turns, looking towards Zero. My eyes widen looking at his twisted and bloodied leg. “I am an Elite after all and no one destroys our guild, or our alcohol.” He smiles, throwing away the remains of his drinking jug. “I’ll distract the electric solider.”

Ignoring the mixture of feelings welling up inside of me, I turn back to where the fallen enemy guild lays. My glare hardening as my magic detects more forces coming in. A small growl escapes my lips.

Instantly, Zero sends a severe hurricane surrounds the enemy. Different forms of magic attacks them as I run forward with the others by my side, my scythe spinning in my hands.  Blood splashes onto my pale face as my blade continues to cut through their flesh. Out of the corner of my eye, Zero is fighting a single man. Expanding my energy, I can tell the man uses electric speed magic.

Cutting through more of our enemies, I frown. Elite or not, he can’t take on that guy alone with his injuries, even if he is just distracting him…

Gritting my teeth, I leap into the air, my magic stealing others as I feel it starting to build up inside of me. My fellow Supernova’s notice, falling back and casting long-range attacks. I think of all the blood which has been shed, all the pain which they have caused, all the lives we have lost.

My red eye glows as our enemy looks confused at why their magic is becoming weaker. I can’t risk trying to steal the magic from the electric man Zero is fighting; Zero is too close and I might accidentally take his too.

“Pay with your lives!” I scream as I release my magic. As soon as it hits the enemy, they get thrown back to where they entered from. Their bodies convulse before the magic takes over them and explodes, taking out another enemy force nearby.

Gently landing on the ground, I run towards the others again, my eyes still on Zero as my magic screams at me to steal other energy, wanting more. “Get to safety and signal the other guilds. Find out any information that you can about why they are doing this and who they are. We are going to need medical equipment after we repaint the guild with the bastards blood! Those who can fight try and get through that barrier!”

Mayabelle, a little girl with sand magic, grips my hand. Her yellow eyes are wide with shock, reminding me of Aya and hoping that she is okay. And the others. Scanning through everyone’s magic, it is hard to detect Lancer, Blue and Lara. Guilt hits me when I realise that I haven’t spent much time with them over these past months. “Where shall we go? We can’t escape Miss Carissa! The barriers are too hard to get through. Only the enemy can.”

My teeth grit together tighter. “Follow me.” Moving away the rubble where the bar used to be, there is our guilds mark engraved into the stone. The sounds of Zero fighting attacks my ears. I need to get these members safe and then I can help. No child should be open to this much horror as they see their home and hopes get destroyed. I grab May’s hand and place it over the mark. “Charge your magic into it.”

“But my magic isn’t very strong-”

“You are a member of Supernova!” I point to her guild mark on her hand, anger radiating in my veins. “No matter where you are, that mark means that you are never alone because we are always together. Together, we are strong. We are Supernova!” She nods determinedly and does what I tell her which moves the stones and showing a room filled with supplies and beds. “This is a safety point. It exits outside although I am not sure that it will work with these barriers. If not, camp here and be ready to fight.”

After the last person enters the room, the stones move back as though nothing was there. A loud crash happens next me, causing my body to snap into a fighting stance, ready to attack. My eyes look over the body which was thrown into the splinters of the wood and my heart drops when I notice who it is under all the blood. “Zero.”

Slowly moving, he smiles at me despite the blood rushing down his face. “Nice speech there Red.” I scowl at him, even though I am glad that he is okay. “Shut up Snowflake.” I help him stand, his weight pressing onto me.

“Look here Zero, I have another not-so-super Nova I can play with.” Laughing, the opponents body sparks with electricity. He looks beaten up but is in a far better state then Zero who has been attacked by the mini armies too.

“Your fight is with me Blaine, not her!” Zero growls before pushing himself into the air, using the wind to keep him in the air as he tries to hit Blaine with his lightning and frozen spears. Soon, Zero is thrown to the floor again, struggling to get up due to his blooded, broken leg. I push Zero back down as I leap forward seeing red..

My red eye glows fiercely as it locks onto Blaine, my magic starts to build. The floor around us trembles with my war cry, disorientating my opponent. Moving my hands together, sharp shards of broken beer bottles and glasses rise and fly at Blaine, slicing into his body.

The ceiling of the guild hall suddenly collapses, rain falls down onto us, the sky angry at the attack on our guild. Our guild is getting destroyed. I look back at Zeros bloody form and the other bodies littering the floor.

Feeling my magic take me over, I rise off the floor, glaring down at Blaine who attempts to send shocks of his power towards me but my body absorbs it, making his eyes widen. Attack after attack, my cells latch on to the magic, using it to build my power. Around my body, my magic stirs and spits as it builds into an angry red.

“What-what are you?” He stumbles back as he watches my magic energy expanding, feeling the power in the air.

“Apocalypse.” My magic hisses before crashing straight into him. Blaine scream gets cut off as my attack causes his body to explode. Landing on the floor I fight with myself over power knowing that I can’t use all of it, the guild will still need my help after Blaine. I grip my scythe as I attempt control my anger and magic. It fights me back wanting more blood, more magic, more power.

A large hand holds my shoulder, my body instantly relaxing into it. The owner spins me around, grabbing my face between his hands. “Look at me Red. Stay with me here. You need to be in control now, the others need us.” Looking into Zero’s eyes, I can feel myself nodding, my eyes still an eerie red, but once again capturing dominance.

The rain falls harder around us as I smile slightly. “Using natural weather to heal you is cheating.” Zero laughs, as I move away from him, my body instantly missing his warmth.

“Come on my badass Apocalypse, we’ve got a guild to save. Afterwards, you can tell me all about how worried you were.”

“I wasn’t worried.” I muttered, ready to argue about him calling me his when more enemy reinforcements charge at us. I growl, annoyed at how wave after wave attacks us and we destroy. The others fighting with us are getting seriously low on energy. Where are these bastards all coming from?!   

The End

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