I decide to go eat some breakfast after I get ready.  This is the first time I am able to navigate the guild without having to ask someone every time I turn a corner.

“One last apprentice, and I will not bother you again.” I hear a voice from Master Juxon’s quarters.  He mentioned an apprentice. Did he mean me? Is my new mentor in that room?

I press my head against the door. “You know full well I wish to be close to my daughter, and who will look after Gates for me? What’s so special about this kid that you need me?” The other voice was burly and rigid, like he was an elite that had fought many battles.

“His power is too much for him; you are the only one with the wisdom to teach him how to control it. You did a fine job on Marx, and I cannot have one of the newer elites do it, for I am certain they will not be able to suppress Fallen.”

I look at my hands, and they were glowing that evil purple again. I strain myself, but finally got it under control, still unnoticed by Master Juxon.

The burly voice spoke again, “How strong is this ‘Fallen’ kid?”

Master Juxon responded, “Strong enough to destroy the guild if he wanted to.”

Those words rattle me. There were times when I destroyed entire villages due to loss of control. If this guild were to be destroyed, I would never be able to learn how to control this.

“What am I going to do about Gates? I’ll have to devote so much time to Fallen, who will look after him?”

“Gates has grown up quite a bit, Grimlock.” Grimlock, so that was his name. “I’m sure he could live on his own for a while.”

I hear Grimlock sigh, “This will be the last apprentice. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to find someone to check on Gates while I train this kid.”

I hear footsteps coming towards me, so I begin to walk casually down the hall. Grimlock turns the corner however, and notices me.

“Hey, spy!” He calls, and I stop dead in my tracks. “It’s not polite to eavesdrop. Now turn around!”

I did as he said, and pull my hood off. “What is your name?” He asks.

“Fallen,” I respond.

“So you’re the kid Master Juxon wants me to mentor. Don’t act stupid; I knew you were there since we started talking. You will meet me at the training grounds in an hour. There, we will begin your training. Don’t be late.”

“Yes sir.” He spoke with intimidation, and it worked. He was irritated at the least, and rightfully so, because my training was going to interrupt his time with this Gates person.


I have never experienced so much pain in my life.

Training with Grimlock is like being in a volcano about to erupt. Then again, he did take me one time to this volcano, so I guess the parallels are there.

Trying to contain my power is tearing me away physically. Grimlock, however, tries everything in his power to mentally break me. His words are pebbles to me though, because I refuse to quit. I’ve killed too many innocent people because I was out of control. There is too much at stake for me to give up. The memory of my parents still haunt me, knowing that I am the reason they are not around anymore.

Grimlock, though brutal, is still a very effective mentor. I haven’t lost to another apprentice for a long time, after Grimlock let me fight, which was about a month or two later. I could never tell if he was pleased or not, because his mouth sits shut, eyes stern, as they always are. I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t smile.

The only time he ever does smile is when he’s around his dragon, Gates. I was far off with my assumption that Gates was a person. There was one time he let me ride with him, which was fun, until I realized we were training at the volcano again. I wasn’t sure if he was playing with me or what.


It’s been three months, and I wake up as early as usual. It’s strange, because I usually meet Grimlock at the training grounds. Instead, he wants me to meet him in front of Master Juxon’s quarters.

As I approach Master Juxon’s, I see Grimlock enter, closing the door behind him. I guess I’m unwanted once again, but I decide to eavesdrop again, even though they always know when I’m there.

“I think he’s ready. I can barely even feel him outside the door.” I recognize Grimlock’s voice. 

“Well, if he is, we have one other apprentice ready for their exam.” An exam? Does Grimlock really think I’m ready? It's only been three months, and a normal apprentice waits until six.

“Who would that be?”

“Her name is Blue Alder, and from what I have seen from her, she is the perfect adversary for Angel.”

Blue. Why does that name seem so familiar? Then I remember: the orphanage. After the incident at my cabin, I lived at an orphanage for some time. Blue was my best friend, and I didn’t even know she is here, at the guild.

The day of the exam came around too fast. Already I am approaching the training grounds, and I’m not prepared. After so long, trying to contain my power, only to use it against my old friend.

I walk to the center of the grounds, waiting for Blue’s arrival. I start having flashbacks of the orphanage, all those times I spent with her.

She approaches the center five minutes later, and I become tense. She looks just like she did when we were at the orphanage, except much stronger and much older.

Grimlock motions us to get ready, and yells, “Begin!”

But I don’t move, and put my arms to my sides. Never again will I hurt another person I care about.

“Angel?” Blue asks me. Even her voice is the same.

I look up, only to be blown back by pieces of the wall that blasted towards me.

The End

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