Light's OutMature

" I thought we had made a promise." I said through gritted teeth.

"Yeah and the promise involved effort on your side!" She yelled her voice filling the hall.

" Shh, can we not draw attention of the entire guild." I said my voice also rising.

"It doesn't matter I know what I want you're the one who wants to be all secretive." She said walking away.

"Ceres I'm just saying that we agreed we wouldn't get into a relationship that we would step away. Your father..."

"Will live. What are you so afraid of.  Just like last time I'm sure it has less to do with my father than yourself."

"That's not true otherwise why didn't you say hi to him when he half assaulted me this morning huh. You didn't want to be discovered!" I said my voice now filling the hall, " Last night I don't even know what happened but it was never my intention to wake up with you in my bed. I thought we would just try to be friends. I thought that's what you wanted."

"It's what I wanted because I was tired of the hidden nature of everything and how we seemed to be further than closer. And of course your immature fear of my father. I'm sure he wouldn't cut your head off. You are after all one of his prized students and like a son to him."

"So doesn't that make me like your brother?"  I said before I could even think of what I was saying.

" You know what Marx. If that's what you want. Fine!" She said through her teeth, balling her fists, and sharply turning her red hair waving behind her violently.

"Ceres! Ceres! That's..." I stopped trying to follow her lowering my voice," not what I meant."

"How cute." A silky voice said from behind, " are you normally that smooth  with the ladies?"

" You know Dan you're not really good at the whole comforting or being bro thing huh?" I said annoyed turning to around to look at him only to be greeted by a metal mask with crazy runes and tone of dark magic. 

"Dan?"  I said with my mouth dropping as the mask shimmered into the form of Dan's face. 

I tried forming a blade but this drowsy feeling came over me.

"You will stand down Marx Lancer, and follow me."

"Uh. I guess." I said strangely agreeing with what was being said.  My head felt light my right arm fell relaxed at it's side, and blindly followed the not Dan.  Who led me by the training grounds as we headed to towards the basement. 

"Hey Marx where are you heading off to?" Carrisa asked but her worlds barely reached me, "Marx?"

A consciousness entered my mind and suddenly I found myself saying.

"Just grabbing something for  Grimlock."

"From the Basement?" She asked


"Okay Marx." She said giving me an odd look as we walked by, " See you later I guess."

The not Dan walked me down a few flight of stairs as the torches lit themselves. Through all the fog that filled my mind. I tried to remember what the basement held but could not remember. We walked through a huge set of metal doors with the sculptures of dragons, and wolves, and angels. They slid open silently. The not Dan  turned around a dark mist shot out from his mask and weightlessness took over my body.

The End

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