Following my usual route, I run through the Guild’s grounds with my scythe on my back. In the early morning mist, my mind thinks about the events since Master Juxon told me to go on a group job. Going on a job with others was rare for me but I actually enjoyed being with Lara and Lancer. Strangely enough, I enjoyed finding Aya and Blue and seeing how happy they were when they came to the guild. The Master was so excited to see that we all came back in one piece and was more than ecstatic with our new members; our family ever-growing. The founding mother Aurora would be proud, Master Juxon really is a father to Supernova. Picking up my speed, I leap over the forest obstacles with grace, my bare feet softly touching the ground before taking their leave again. I will make Master Juxon proud!

Walking around through the guild, I breath in the quiet while it lasts. Say what you will about The Supernova Guild but morning people we are not… unless staying up all week constantly drinking counts…

My hands sweat slightly as I make my way to training. Tightening my grip on my scythe, my eyebrows knit together slightly as I ponder why they are reacting this way; it’s just Zero Slater. I have known him for as long as I can remember –granted that isn’t very long due to my amnesia- but I still shouldn’t be nervous. Years ago we were different together; not spitting insults at each other and one challenging the other to a fight. Whenever Caleb left for a job where he couldn’t take me along with him, Zero watched out for me. Even back then, as a weedy child, he tried to seem tough.

Racing around the guild, we heard that there were rare winged turtles by the hot springs. After telling Master Juxon about going on our little adventure to see them, his eyes glinted as he leaned down to our level, his expression uncharacteristically serious. “If you are going to go near the winged turtles, you have to careful otherwise suddenly they will rip your arm straight off!” Master Juxon flashes us his stump of an arm. Shocked gasps escaped our lips, Zero attempts to stand taller, his face set. “It’s okay, I’ll protect Carissa. Those winged turtles won’t know what hit ‘em!” Zero clicks his knuckles. His dark blue hair spikes up in all different directions, soft sprinkles of frost covers the tips of his hair.

“I’m sure that you can and Carissa would be able to look after herself too. Right Care?” Master Juxon ruffles my hair and winks at me, making me nod enthusiastically. “But to really make sure that they won’t attack you, you have to point at them, look them in the eye and say no.”

Zero and I excitedly walked to the hot springs where I dangled my feet in its warm waters. Standing near me was Zero, watching over in case I fell in. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him looking at me curiously. Taking off his shoes and socks, Zero placed his feet in the waters too, smiling at me cheerfully. After splashing each other for a while, we noticed that a large group of winged turtles had appeared around us.

Standing in front of me, Zero put his arm out as if to protect me from getting my arm ripped off like Master Juxon. Zero looked them in the eye, his unbroken voice clear. “No!”  

Soon, the animals started to hiss and nip at us. Running back to the guild, Master Juxon was waiting outside for us, laughing at our expressions. “I can’t believe that you actually did it! I didn’t really get my arm ripped off by the winged turtles! You should see your faces! Those animals are basically harmless!” Looking at Zeros annoyed and sulking face, whilst listening to Master’s continuous laughter, the corners of my lips started to lift and a soft laugh escaped from me. Soon, everyone in the guild was laughing. And Zero began to chase me as punishment for joining in with the others.

Shaking myself, I ignore the memories of my past and focus on training. Things are different now, for years Zero and I have been constantly competing with each other. He isn’t as carefree as he once was. Underneath his teases and has a bad-boy attitude, sometimes I look at him from afar and see him deep in thought as snow falls onto him.

Zero is stretching his large muscles, an indifferent look on his face, as I feel myself stare for a few seconds.

My hand goes to my hair, worries how it would look, heat rising to my pale cheeks… What’s wrong with me? I am Carissa Black and like hell I will let some unfamiliar feelings make me act differently! Using my magic, I move my scythe onto the rack against the wall.

Feeling his eyes on me, I tie it back into a tight ponytail. I scowl as I walk over to him, my hands on my hips. “You’re late.” He frowns, raising an eyebrow as he continues to stretch.

“And you’re a dick. Glad we got that settled. Let’s train.” I glare at him, my voice deadpan. Despite the knot tightening in my stomach from looking at his expanding muscles, my voice is clear and doesn’t give away any of my odd feelings. Maybe I just need to train and these feelings will go away?

After weights we focused on our accuracy by having holograms appear and vanish randomly whilst we aim our magic at them and then we completed the guilds obstacle course. Where I beat Zero. Twice.

We walk over to the sparring arena and stand on opposite sides, ready in our fighting stances. “Don’t worry Red, I won’t hurt you. Much.” A mischievous smile spreads across his face making me grit my teeth at his use of my childhood nickname he made for me after noticing my red eye. It annoyed me then and it annoys me now. “Shut up Snowflake.” I shoot back at him making his smile vanish and his dark violet eyes narrow.

Both of us lunge for each other at the same time, pushing each other this way and that to gain the upper hand, feeling our fists come in contact with each other’s bodies and magic barriers. Together, we exchanged punches and kicks at each other, our magic expanding around us. Zero’s weather magic tightly wraps itself around me, freezing my bones one minute and then shocking me like lightning the next. I do the same to him with mine, squeezing his body tight. I suppress the darkness of my magic when sparks of red become visible, trying not to let my magic get too intense and absorb his.  With a few jabs and quick take-out moves I send my magic directly at him, forcing him onto his back.

Before he can get back up, I am on top of him, using my muscles and magic to hold him there. The lose strays of my hair fall down my shoulders.

“Now Red, if you wanted to have me underneath you, all you had to do was ask. But you know that I like to be on top when it’s my first time with a new girl. ” I growl down at him, my body jumps at his words and my head tries to ignore it.  He is such an arse! I can feel my magic wanting to merge with his and it takes nearly everything I have to deny it whilst it tries to resist my restraints.

Seeing his chance, Zero pushes me off him and with a flip he is on his feet again easily. I scowl at him as I leap onto my feet. “Don’t look so sad Red, if you ask nicely you might have me under you again but with less clothing.”

“Jerk.” I hiss, throwing a punch at his head which he easily dodges.

“Hot-head.” He hisses back, his smile pulling at his lips. I leap into the air, delivering a powerful high kick to his head and resulting in lightning to surround me.

After two hours of sparring, we call it even and warm down. By now we can hear the voices of others arriving at the guild. My skin is slightly bruised and my muscles ache from a good work out whereas he only has a few scrapes compared to me. As an Elite, his reflexes are faster than mine and his magical stamina is slightly more then what I possess but I can feel his magical energy has lowered the same amount as mine. Feeling his magic, I narrow my eyes, my lips thinning. He went easy on me. I know I went easy on him too but that’s not the point!

Our breathing is ragged as we stare at each other, my throat is sore from the amount of insults we were slinging at each other and my skin is still tingling with anticipation from his touch. Sweat glitters across our bodies. Filled with adrenaline, our magic is heightened. I take a step closer to him, feeling drunk on his power, getting stronger the closer we are. My magic sparking, wanting just a little taste of his in my system.

He tilts his head down towards mine. My breath hitches as my magic screams at me to reach out and touch Zero. My hand twitches but I know that I mustn’t; with my emotions acting strangely around him, I have a feeling that I won’t be able to stop my cells from latching on and draining his power. I don’t particularly want to destroy the guild today.

His eyes are wide and dark, moving closer to me. His smiles down at me as he moves closer. I step back and he follows.

As my back presses against the wall, Zero smiles wickedly putting his hands either side of my head and bringing himself closer. I push him away with all my might, his body hits into another wall making him narrow his eyes at me. With a run, he tries to tackle me but my bare feet push off him and I use my magic to hold me in the air.

Zero turns towards me, causing the air around him to lift him, the cold air trying to push me down. My body start to engulf his magic, I can feel my cells start to mix with his, my magic is ready to explode. No, I can’t let it. I won’t be able to control it!

Seeing his chance, Zero crashes into me. The air rushes around us as we get closer to the floor, his smile is mischievous. I feel my back collide with the floor, feeling it concave around my body. I ignore the pain as Zero has me pinned to the floor by his body.  I freeze. Part of me wants to run but the other part refuses to leave. I don’t know what to do. Do I need help? Do I even want help?

I lick my lips, our eyes locked as a deep, possessive, growl escapes Zero…

“If you two are quite finished doing… whatever you were doing, Care, Master Juxon wants to speak to you.” Caleb’s voice breaks mine and Zero’s trance. Sending a wave of my magic to an unsuspecting Zero who was scowling at Caleb, his body is pushed away from mine. I move towards the exit, trying to calm myself down and act normal, reclaiming my usual stony composure. I hope the damage we caused doesn’t inconvenience anyone too much.

“Hey Red, train some more and then maybe next time it can be a slight challenge.” I narrow my eyes and ball my fists, refusing to look back at Zero as I continue to walk away. I push my hands together, the crash mats fly into Zero with loud slaps, causing him to fall under their sudden attack. At least I didn’t let my magic get strong enough to permanently mimic Zeros abilities.

“So what were you two up to?” Caleb laughs wiggling his eyebrows suggestively as we walk towards Master Juxon’s office. Taking my scythe off Caleb, my strides quicken.

“Nothing. He’s a jerk.”  Small amounts of red tinted mist escapes with my words. I sigh, clearing my mind, gently releasing the rest of Zeros’ magic in the form of light blue mist.

The End

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