Marx Lancer

It was too bright. Oh god who left the blinds open on the window? Why is the sun so bright? and why oh why did my head feel like someone derailed a train through it?  Where am I? I tried opening my eyes again.  I think it's my room? I flailed an arm onto the bedside table grasping at the all so familiar keepsake of pocket telescope. Yeah it's my room.  I don't remember getting here though, or for the fact what I was doing last night.  I rolled back into the bed quickly finding someone elses warm body there.

"hello?" I said trying to contain the surprise in my voice.  They groaned and rolled away taking away the majority of the comforters with them.

Okay what happened yesterday after I was done speaking to Juxon. Met with Ceres went out on the town with her. We ended up at a bar that's were things got a little blurry. I think she dared me to drink a magically imbued with magic making it more like a potion. I'm sure Lara would have some words with me if I told her I tried something of the sort.  Come on head think what happened after?  Lots of dancing? or was that actually me just staggering from absolute drunkenness. Probably both.  I remember trying to wing man for Ceres. Then that was as far as my memory could go before my brain checked out for the night.  So who was this beside me? I pulled back some of the comforter to reveal Vivid red Headed girl with her forest green eyes angrily staring back into my own.

"Ceres?" I manage to utter in shock and surprise, " wha... what are you doing here?" 

"What do you think Moron? Let me go back to sleep." She replied rolling over and hiding in now a cocoon of blankets. 

"Did we uhhhhh....." My voice trailed off trying to think of what this all meant and what I should do about it but my headache was getting in the way of that.

" Why would it matter if we did or not." I barely hear her from her cocoon, " Now please would you kindly just let me sleep or two find me a hangover cure."

It was unfortunate but even magic had limitations and instant hangover cures were one of them.

"I'll get you some water." I said.

Getting out of bed feeling the full effect of last night’s drinking all over my body. Quickly putting on the closest clothes that were on to the floor I made my way to my door when there was a violent knocking.

"Hello?" I said caressing my poor head, opening the door to meet yet another set of forest green eyes. Ones that I did not want to meet at this particular moment for if knew Ceres was in there he would have my head on a stake, "Master Grimlock what a lovely surprise. I was goin..."

"Marx!" He said too loudly embracing me in a bone breaking hug before he started charging towards my window. 

How did he know? Glass shattered and now we were falling from the second story of the guild.  Instinct kicked I started forming hardlight to catch our fall but suddenly Grimlock was gone and I was in the grasp of large claws of a dragon.

"Gates! Grimlock put me down!" I try to yell as I feel the contents of my stomach trying to make an escape muffling most of that.

The vivid green hillside landscape blurred below me, the cold wind stung my face I began to wretch. 

"Are you okay Young Master Marx?"  Boomed the voice of Gates.

"Hell no. Why am I being abducted? "

"All answers will come in time?" the dragon replied cryptically

without warning Gates dropped out of the sky in a similar way that an eagle would rapidly veer left and drop instantly, except the only difference thousands of pounds of fire, muscle, teeth and claws plummeted from the sky.  The dragon let go of me a blast of wind caused me to lose speed only to be grabbed by Grimlock. Who wore a sinister smile as the dragon landed on a volcanic black mountain which shook from the impact.
 My Hangover was miraculously.

"Why did you two bring me here?"

"To see if you've gotten better at dealing with flying..Partially." Grimlock said sliding gracefully off of Gate's back where my attempt was more than unsuccessful landing face into the rock. 

" That would be an unfair test. I was hungover this morning."

" I saw that." He laughed pulling my sorry ass off the ground.

"How was venturing into the Dragon lands? I see that Ceres is still without a dragon partner." I asked seeing Grimlock's face fall into a frown with the mention of it. 

"The dragons have been annoyed a great disturbance has crossed them." Gate said lowering his head and lying down to face us, " They are very upset."

"ah let's speak of something happier then. I've destroyed less and less lately on my missions. I've even recently had a successful mission with some guild members I have never worked before."

"So Juxon has told me." Grimlock said looking still unhappy and troubled not the usual dad like figure who was seconds away from cracking a stupid joke, or about tease you about something.
 "Hey, whats up with you guys I feel like I'm going to my own funeral here."

"It's been a difficult year since we last saw you, but you're right.  Would you be up for a spar at some time?" Grimlock said playfully.

"Would I? I've always wanted to take you down in front of the guild." I said.

"Don't think you're going to win. I just want to see how much you've improved for myself."

"Why don't we just do that now. I'm ready. Plus no danger of wrecking up the guild."

"Cool your engines I have something to show you." Grimlock laughed walking up along the ridge of the mountain in his gigantic swifts steps forcing me to jog along side of him.

"So you did bring me here for a reason. What would it be on on the summit of this dormant volcano that you will be showing me." 

He laughed again still walking at his pace  we soon stood a the caldera of the volcano. It was beautiful. A turquoise lake lay below us as the rest of the landscape seemed to shy away from the immense size of the volcano. Smoke from Aile could be seen in the horizon behind a large forested ridge. Gates Had flown above and had settled into caldera.

"This is where Gate's sleeps. This is his home when were back Aile. Juxon got me taking on another student. One that I fear will be more of a challenge than you were to teach. "

"Are you trying to tell me Master Juxon got you to teach me?"  I joked.

"No. But he needs help and it is about time I let Ceres be on her own."

" What's that got to do with me seeing this place then?"

" Part of the reason I stopped teaching was Gates. He is a young dragon and has little interest in indulging even young humans he has world to explore and a great many things to see.  So for the time I will be teaching my new apprentice he will be on his own. I want you and Ceres to come here from time to time.  See if he is around. I'm sure it would be nice to see some old friends. It won't be too long till I have this Fallen kid all trained up.

"Alright. I'll visit him. " 

We returned to the guild hall Grimlock and I had caught up on some of his more recent adventures. He was like my guild father and it was nice to have him back in town.  Still I got the sense from him as we spoke that he was troubled by something and that he had masked but I could tell. I let  it go when we parted ways. He was going to introduce himself to Fallen.  I made my way to the usual seat saying my hello's to the various guild members, looking to see if Ceres was anywhere among the crowd. Only too it Vacant of more familiar faces. All the well I settled down with a pitcher of a lager and got my head into another book when suddenly the guild broke out into one of its many fist fights. Someone landed on my table causing it to shatter.  from the center of the hall was the mob of idiots now joining  in on it.  The air felt heavy as magic filled it. Juxon was nowhere near to stop it. On the edge of hall I could make out Blue and Lara staring out into the crowd. Lara tempted to throw one of her famous flash freeze potion in an attempt to keep the peace and not to have the whole guild embarrass themselves in front of one of their newest members. On the other side of the hall I caught a glimpse of Carissa looking somewhat happy with her mug sitting across from Zero Slater.

Huh now isn't that something?

I thought to myself dodging yet another  flying guild member.  The sound of table breaking followed by a hey Marx; marks another fine day at the guild.

The End

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