The Warring DemonsMature

Angel Demeeks

“You think we got a bite, Dad?” I said as I noticed the slight tugging from the fishing rod.

“I think so.  Wanna reel it in?” My dad urged me.

“Well, I don’t want it to slip away.  You’re better at this than I am.”

“If you don’t try, you’ll never be able to fish like your old man.”

I let out a sigh, “Fine.  I’ll do it.”  I grabbed the pole with both hands as I began to pull back and reel it in.  Whatever bit, it was heavy.  I thought we finally caught our dinner.

The fish yanked me forward a bit, but I didn’t let up.  It was about time I made my dad proud.

With one strong pull, I finally won the battle, and the fish became my reward.  It was bigger than my head, and my dad looked at me with pride.

“Wow! This is a nice catch, Angel!  This should last a couple days!  Come on, let’s go show your mom!” My dad smiled and turned towards our cabin, and we walked from our fishing spot to our cabin.  

My family lived in a small cabin a half mile from the lake we fished at.  It was wooden and meager, but it was cozy, and all we really needed.  We had four rooms, a common room which consisted of a kitchen and living area, a bathroom, and the two bedrooms.  The cabin was enough, and I never complained about it.

By the time my dad and I reached the cabin, the sun already began to set.  I stared at it with wonder; the colors enticed and intrigued me, and I had only one thought: Home.

My mom was overwhelmed with the enormous fish we brought home, “Oh my, this’ll last a while.  This place will reek of fish for who knows how long.  Hope you’re all prepared.”

I clenched my nose shut, “You know, maybe this catch was a bad idea. Ewww.”  My parents let out hearty laughs at my disgust; I was never able to get over the stench of uncooked fish, and my family never let me live it down.

I never understood how my mom could turn a terrible odor into gourmet cuisine.  When she cooked, any fish we brought home was a dish fit for a king.  I don't recall how she cooked it, but her methods were so unorthodox that it probably flew over my head anyway.

After dinner, the sun was already far below the sky.  My parents sent me to bed because my dad wanted to fish at the strike of dawn.  I didn't mind it, so I climbed the stairs to my room and slept.

It felt like I was asleep for barely an hour when I heard something from the first floor.  The sounds resembled that of plates breaking, and banging on the walls.  At first, I thought maybe one of my parents slipped and fell, probably knocking over the plate rack that sat next to the sink.  After that, silence broke my panic, only to have it return when someone let out a scream downstairs.

I crept slowly down the stairs, each step more careful than the last.  As I approached the wall between the kitchen and staircase, I took a peek around the corner.  I saw my mom in the corner diagonal from me, terrified.  She was facing toward the other side of the room, towards the sink.  I couldn’t peek all the way around, but I heard more bangs from my blind side.  I decided to use the noise as a distraction to slide into the other side of the partition, and get a better view.

Using a coffee table and a couple chairs for cover, I wrapped around the living room to see the other side of the kitchen.  There, I saw my dad, struggling against another man.  We’re being robbed, I thought to myself.  The man didn’t seem to have a weapon, but he was strong enough to overpower my dad.  Nonetheless, my dad continued to fight.  I could hear him gasping for breath, grunting in pain, but it distracted the robber from me.

I scanned the living room for something, anything to subdue the robber.  However, there was only one thing I could use: my dad’s coffee mug, which sat on the coffee table.  It’s my only chance, I thought to myself.

With the mug in hand, I took another peek around the corner, and I thought my dad noticed me, because he forced the robber further away from me.  My dad put his back to a corner, leaving the robber vulnerable.  I crept hastily towards the robber and Bang!  The mug broke on his head, but it seemed like it did nothing.  

He turned to me, enraged, “Fine.  You can be the first to die tonight, tough guy.  Your parents get to watch as their son is strangled in front of them.”

He charged me as I backed up into a corner, and he reached for my throat.  It felt like time slowed down, and I felt...powerful.  Something coursed through me, and a shockwave erupted from my body.

When I came to, it was dawn, and a blanket of rubble covered me.  My family’s cabin was in shambles, and I was the only thing left standing.  I searched the rubble for my parents, praying I wouldn’t find corpses underneath the wreckage.

Then, a thought popped into my head, Even if they are alive, why would they want you there.  You ruined everything they held dear.  Just go.  

It was strange.  To this day, I can’t tell if that was really me that said that, or if there was something in my head.  Either way, I listened to the voice in my head, and walked away from my family, tears falling from my eyes.

Then, my eyes opened, and I was in my bed at the Supernova Guild.  I turned to write in my journal on the nightstand next to me.

Five years, same dream, I wrote.  These flashbacks have haunted me for this long.  Why didn’t I stay and help my parents?  They could’ve been alive still, who knows.  If I survived, maybe they did. I hope this guild can help me. I know I’ve only been here a week, and the Guildmaster said he could teach me to control that power.  I’m still worried about why they really brought me to the Supernova Guild.  I hope the Guildmaster wasn’t lying, otherwise I might just be a ticking time bomb of power I can’t contain.

The End

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