The NewbieMature

Blue Alder

Miss Blue?

M-I-S-S Blue?

What the hell was that supposed to mean?

Was this "Master Juxon" trying to talk down to her?

No I wouldn't stand for it!

I curled my fists -"Do you mind waiting a minute though as I discuss Marx's mission if you wish you can wait here?" Master Juxon said eyeing the door to his office.

I shook my head and exited the room. Why did I always assume the worst in people? I rolled my eyes and slid into the bench outside of the humble little office room.

"Hey newbie." says a disgustingly cheery voice.

I look up to see a bulky guy who honestly looks like a roughed up model. Grey eyes wink at me and he flicks his dark ponytail.

"I heard you got picked up after a little incident at the pub...I've always liked the idea of working at a pub. Free tap right? By the way, my name's Caleb. Caleb Moon''

Although I was slightly speechless due to his alarmingly perfect beach body, his attitude made me feel like he was playing me like a tavern game and I was not in a mood to be played with.

"With all due respect," I said grimacing at my own politeness, "I'm just not interested."

He shook his head and just grinned at me for a minute.

"Neither am I sweetheart." he said and my cheeks burned, "Carissa just asked me to show you to your new room."

My eyes flickered for a minute. "Sorry...really I am. Excuse my manners. Thank you for trying to help."

I smiled timidly and he nodded. "No problem. Follow me," he said.

We walked through narrow halls with high ceiling made of old wood, yet somehow managing to look almost cozy and comfortable. I followed him up a few spiral staircases and when we finally arrived at my room I was out of breath.

"Just holler if you need anything. I'll let you settle in," said Caleb.

I had absolutely no possessions to unpack because of my abrupt departure so I flopped down on to my new, fully made bed. My body was enveloped in dark blue satin. I felt almost at home. 

Home. My, what a touchy subject in my world! I sit up abruptly. I don't belong here. I need to find my best friend. That was actually the reason I wanted to find a guild. Not because I wanted to find my home. He was my home. These idiots were keeping me from my mission.

Sobbing, I lie back down and pulled the covers close. I drifted deep into sleep.

"Blue...wake up! Mrs. Smittson is making pancakes for all the kids who clean their room this morning. I can't make the bed if you are still on it!" 

A face scowled down at me, yet I was surprisingly happy to see him.

I woke up smiling. "Yay! Thanks for waking me up Angel."

Angel quickly made my bed and lead me downstairs towards the smell of sweet syrup and crispy bacon. Dozens of other kids sat at the three huge tables in the dining room.

"Morning Angel, Blue. I'm glad to see you finally woke up!" said Mrs. Smittson cheerily.

I sat down next to Angel, who seemed to be deep in thought, and began my breakfast. The pancakes were delicious and the sun was bright. I smiled. It seemed as if the day could become the best one ever. As I pondered this I realized that everyone was staring at me.

"Umm...Blue? You're glowing." said Angel.

My eyes widened. This hadn't happened since Mom and Dad left. I panicked, but my glow only grew brighter. The lights above me flickered and kids cried and murmured around me. Angel shook my shoulders, "It's just a dream"

I shot straight up, opening my eyes, and scanning my surroundings. Angel and Mrs. Smittson was gone. Lara was shaking me. "It's just a dream!" she said.


The End

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