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Marx Lancer

Childrens laughter filled the streets as the sun began it descent in the sky,

"This is Aile and the longer you stay here the more you will regard this place as your home." I said to blue pointing out some of my various haunts such as. The bakery, the Mead house, the restraints, the taverns, the library, and old gothic looking cathedral. That used to house a long forgotten religion. It was used now for community events and such and usually sits empty. It had a great view of the town above on the various balconies, Mezzanines, and roof that had been nestled in between buttresses.

" You know Marx there is more to this town then bars, and food." Lara pointed out.

" I didn't just point those out. There was the library, and besides those are my favourite places. Why don't you tell her yours?" I defended myself.

" Yeah I'll be sure to point out some more useful places." She said smiling.

"How about we show her the guild before we overwhelm her with the town." Carrissa said sternly stepping ahead of everyone else.

"That would be a good start." Blue said nervously.

"Alright, Alright. Sorry it's is kind of exciting showing someone around."

"We do have to report to Juxon as well Marx, and seeing since this was your mission. You should do it."

"uh yeah right." I said rubbing the back of my head. 

Stupid reports. Well he would be happy to hear I didn't blow anything up. Well that's not true there was a crater somewhere which was my fault.   I just didn't have anything lined up to say to the guy.  We hiked up small way up to the guild greeted by the familiar sight of the over four storied brick guild hugged by the nearby forest.  Every time I came back here from a mission a warm feeling would fill me as if I was standing in a beam of sunlight. A large smile crept over my face.  We were home and everything was great.

"This is our guild hall." Lara said to Blue who was fully taken in by the brickwork and size of the thing.

The front doors slammed open as a small blond haired girl with a tiny voice shouted;

"Lara, Carrissa Marx!"

"Aya." Lara and I said as if greeting a younger sister. Aya ran and gave Lara a hug eyeing Blue suspiciously.

"Hey don't I get a hello or anything? Not even a welcome back. No it's nice to see you. Marx?" Another familiar voice with Red hair and rounded face.

"Sarice! You're back?" I said incredulously suddenly wishing I had chosen better wording. As she quickly appeared before me with quite an unhappy look.

"Just a 'you're back'. It's almost been a year since I've seen you."

"Welcome back? " I said exasperated

"You're an idiot." She said smiling pulling me in for a bone crushing like hug which was really surprising come from someone who looked like a bean pole.

She let go quickly looking at blue.

"Bringing another back with you guys.  Did you guys secretly go on a recruiting mission? The name is Sarice." She held out her hand which was covered in leather glove and metal from her gauntlets.

"Blue." She said her eyes changing colour to yellow.

"Pleased to meet you Blue. Nice to see you again Lara. Carrissa." She said.

"Nice to see you again." Lara said, " What's got you back here. Did you and you're dad finally finish the mission?"

as Carrissa, " Gave a simple hi." Before mentioning something about going to the training area, and saying bye to us all quietly.

"See ya later Carrissa." I said stopping the conversation between Sarice, Lara , and Blue. 

It was funny she had kept close to Lara and I the entire trip, and now suddenly leaving as quick as she could. I found myself hoping we would work together again.

"Hey Marx how about after I'm done taking Aya around town, and your done talking to Juxon we should have a coffee, or drink catch up."

"That would be great." I said, " see ya in a bit. What are you going to do now Lara." 

"Think I'm going to check up on my shop then go look for my sister."

"Well I'll see you later. It was really fun working with you."

"Ya it was despite everything. Blue you should go with Marx to meet Master Juxon. See you all later." 

"are you ready?"  I asked her as we made our way through the guild hall to the stairs to get up to Juxon's office or should I say floor? It did literally take up the entire fourth floor.  

" Ready as one can be I guess."

"Don't worry Juxon is one the friendliest, people ever. He truly and deeply cares for everyone here. Some would even say he is like their father."

"Do you?"

"ah. I dunno sort of. Been in trouble with him plenty of times. Im afraid of disappointing him. I would say no though he is much different than what my real father is like."

"Okay." She said simply as we opened the door into Juxons study.

" Marx welcome back! Safe mission I take it? Who's this.  Do we owe them money for something you destroyed?"

"No." I said hiding a smile as he raised an eyebrow," She wants to join the guild. We met here in Cirras"

" I see what's your name dear?"


"Pleased to meet you. If young Marx hasn't already told you I'm Juxon the guild master of supernova. It will be a pleasure to have you with us. Miss Blue. Do you mind waiting a minute though as I discuss Marx's mission if you wish you can wait here? Marx how did it go?"

I started telling him about how we met Aya how that went. Which went with some warning about my choice to leave Carrissa and Lara behind. Then how things went at Cirras the missionary that lead to many questions about what we found there. I told him that much was still bothering me about the Hydra and shadow people, and that there was much more than what we saw but could not find evidence for.

"Well I'm glad you all arrived back here safely. Quite a team that you, Carrisa and Lara make. Do you all plan to work together again?"

" I don't know. I would be happy to it's up to them though."

"of course. Well Marx thank you and enjoy your time. Sarice has just returned.."

" Yeah she greeted us at the front door, thanks though."

"Yes, alright. Bye Marx."

The End

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