Going HomeMature

Lara Leona

     I woke up with a pounding head and a dry mouth, and discovered that I was drooling into Carissa's lap. Across from us, Marx was holding some girl with red hair, and Carissa was snoring quietly above me.

     "Marx, how much did we drink?" I sat up, rubbing my head, "And who the hell is that girl? Please don't tell me she's a-"

     "She just needs a little help, so we're taking her back to the guild." Marx motioned me to be quiet, and patted the sleeping girl on her shoulder.

     "What?! So she passed out and you randomly decided to take her back with you?" I raised my voice, despite his warning, "How drunk were you?"

     "I had just as much alcohol as you did, and you were the only drunk one," he gave me a pointed look, "She has magic, and her friend asked us to help her."

     "So you kidnapped her??"

     "We didn't-"

     "No, but when she wakes up, she's gonna think we did!" I facepalmed, "I drink one mug of mead, and the team falls apart. You should've waited for me to get sober."

     "She's in need of medical attention," Marx insisted.

     "Which we could've gotten if you just woke me up with some cold water or something!" I drew two rolls of bandages out of my pockets and tossed them in the air, "See? Oh look! Medical attention! Could it be?" I wiggled my fingers mystically at him, "It's magic!"

     "Ok fine, so I forgot about your magical pockets." Marx crossed his arms.

     This whole conversation was making my head hurt. "When we get back, I'm gonna invent a potion that cures hangovers. Why did I accept that drinking challenge again?"

     "Because," he said in a high squeaky voice, "You're 'Queen Lara Potion Master'!!!" he let out a chuckle, "You are such a lightweight."

     That definitely did not help the situation. I'll have to get Carissa's help.

     "Queen Lara Potion Master, huh? You're damn right I am." I shoved the bandages back into my pocket, "Watch the queen conquer."

     Poof! Suddenly Carissa and Mystery Girl were awake. How could it be?!?! MAGIC.

     Okay sarcasm, calm down now. I told myself as I grinned at Marx's reaction. The best part of it was the girl that punched him in the face.

      Suddenly, Carissa was there, her hand in an iron grip around her wrist. I felt oddly calm as I watched the girl elbow Marx in the face. Then Carissa's scythe was at her throat and Marx was brandishing orange balls of energy. A knife had appeared in the girl's hand.

     Well that escalated quickly.

     And of course, it's time for me to play the diplomat again.

     "Stop!" I yelled, and threw a freezing potion at them. The thin glass of the bottle shattered, spraying the contents onto the three entangled fighters.

     "First of all, what the hell is going on?" I had noticed that the potion wasn't affecting Marx's face, and raised a threatening finger at it, "Start talking."

     Marx's surprised expression faded away, and he finally spewed out some useful information, "The girl's named Blue. She passed out at the bar and her friend asked us to help her cause there's no healer around and you were drunk. She can read auras, and that's pretty much all we know. Well, that and the tavern's phone number. We're supposed to contact her friend after she gets better."

     The potion was wearing off quickly, and I heard the girl protest. "I don't need help! What did you do to me? Let me go! Who are you?"

     "We're not trying to hurt you. Promise to stop fighting and we'll explain everything. We're from-"

     "Nightwing?" she asked hopefully, her eyes suddenly brown again as words rushed out of her mouth, "Are you from the Nightwing Guild? This might just be a misunderstanding. I'm sorry I attacked you guys, I just woke up and I'm kinda confused. Can we talk, please?"

     Her immediate change in attitude was disconcerting, but I gave them the antidote anyways.

     "We're from the Supernova Guild." Carissa told her. The girl's face immediately fell.

     "I thought..." she trailed off, "I wanted to join..."

     "Well you could join us!" Marx piped up cheerfully, as if she didn't just punch him in the face three minutes ago, "Your friend said that you weren't part of any guild, so why don't you join Supernova?"

     "Right," Blue thought for a while, "Right! That'll show them! I don't need to sit around waiting for Nightwing. I can just join you guys!"

     For a girl who just attacked us, it was surprising to see her so enthusiastic about this.

     And there's something else... Nightwing. That name tugged at my memory. I'm pretty sure I've heard it before. But right now it didn't matter.

     "Can we contact your family? If you're not an adult, we need to ask for permission." Carissa asked.

     "No, I'm eighteen." she said, smiling, "Plus, I don't have a family. I live in a homeless shelter in town."

     Some of my distrust faded away, and I thought back to the days when I had to live that way. At least I had my family. I couldn't imagine what it would feel like to live alone as an orphan.

     "Well," I put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "The Guild's gonna be your family now. You'll have a home, and you're going to join a great cause against evil."

     For a brief moment, her eyes flickered red. Or maybe it was just my imagination.

     "We're here!" Marx suddenly yelled.

     Through the window, I saw the familiar sight of Aile, my hometown. The train halted to a stop at our station, and our adventure finally ended.

The End

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