Blue Alder

I sit behind the bar biting my bottom lip. My legs dangle over the bar stool knocking against the wood impatiently. The door opens and cool air rushes into the tavern. I gaze up at the clock for the millionth time, and I roll my eyes. I pull at my hair anxiously.

"Twenty more minutes." I mutter to myself.

"Three mugs of mead." demands the newcomer.

She has tousled black hair and looks either baffled or just really pissed off. Her friend tugs at her jacket nervously, 

"Carissa, I know that you are hurt, here take this healing potion."

I turn around and choke on my own breath. These days it's rare to see Guild members. My boss told me they had abandoned our part of the village. My heartbeat quickens. I've been waiting for the Guild to find me. 


"Make that four mugs!" interrupts the one called Carissa, sliding some money across the counter.

I hand her the mead and she walks away.

I stand there helplessly waiting for one of them to come back and ask me to join their Guild. I've waited for them for so long and they won't even talk to me? 

“Drink up you two, the train leaves in an hour.” says the one called Carissa as she walks out.

It's then that I realize that these aren't the Mages I am waiting for. Dark Mages don't ride trains. I'ts a strange, but known fact among the magically inclined. Dark Mages don't ever ride trains. Motorcycles, pick-up trucks, and airplanes...sure, but not trains. Dark Mages believe that they are superior to those without powers. They consider trains much to mundane for them. I ball my hands into fists until my palms hurt and I curse myself for becoming so excited...for nothing.

"Blue! Are you okay?" says Brian.

"Not really." I say, almost growling.

Brian is the only employee at the tavern who knows what I can do.

"Calm down Blue." he says nervously clutching onto my shoulder. 

I bite my cheek and breathe heavily. I try to imagine that his words are a cool, calming blanket, but a dim silver glow is already radiating from my skin and my eyes have turned from brown to red, then green, then blue. 

Red for rage. The Mages I wanted, hell, needed hadn't even bothered to show up! Green for envy. These kids had probably never had a worry in their life, never been abandoned, unloved. Blue for sadness. I had been so excited when I first saw them, and now they were just Light Magic Mages. Even if I did want them, they wouldn't want me. I am not nice. Not always at least. I am dangerous. I can't be trusted.

"Blue!" Brian whispers desperately, but it is already too late. My light glow turns into a blaring floodlight. Dark blue light radiated from my body. I feel like I'm on fire. After a few seconds of searing pain, my body drops and my head smacks against linoleum.

Carissa cautiously walks in from outside. She senses a power. She can't tell if it is Light or Dark, but she can feel that the energy is a nervous wreck. When she opens the door she is blinded by a bright blue light. Lara and Marx are already rushing behind the counter. Behind the bar is a girl who appears to have passed out. The male bartender standing beside her doesn't look too surprised. 

"What's her power?" Marx demands.

"Yeah...I do..uh..potions." Lara slurs.

Carissa smacks her forehead in frustration.

"Marx what the hell! Why would you let her drink that much? You know she's a lightweight!" she yells.

"Am nooooot," Lara mumbles looking hurt, "I am the master of potions! I rule...potions rule...Queen Lara Potion Master!" She smiles proudly at her idea, nodding her head.

"Hey potion master, do you have anything to wake this chic up?" asks Marx.

Brian just shakes his head,"She can read auras. Sometimes, her own aura gets a little overloaded. Usually when she's upset. It's never been this bad though!"

"Do you have a healer in the area? A doctor? Anyone who can help her?" Marx asks.

"No. This whole area is pretty mundane. Besides, Blue isn't even part of a Guild. She's been an orphan since she was really little. There has to be some way you can help her!" says Brian, genuinely worried about her. 

"We can find her help back at the Guild since Lara doesn't seem like she can function properly at the moment," Carissa says, glaring pointedly at Marx, "but the train leaves in half an hour."

"Can you promise you'll keep her safe? Help her?" Brian says. 

"Of course. We'll contact you as soon as she's okay." Marx says scooping her tiny body easily off the cold linoleum. 

Brian kissed her forehead. "They'll take care of you." he whispers, and the three Mages rush out to meet the train.



Carissa sprawls herself uncomfortably over two seats on the train. Lara's head rests in her lap and Marx sits directly across from them holding Blue in his arms. He looks as if he is deep  in thought. Probably thinking about the monastery. Something definitely isn't right.

The train makes a faint humming sound as it speeds down the tracks towards the Guild. In a few short hours they will be home.



The End

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