Beer Helps it AllMature

Carissa Blackthorn.

Gritting my teeth, my eyes narrow as the hydra metamorphoses in front of us.

Fortunately, the speed potion Lara gave me still runs through my veins so there is a chance that we can all get a few more attacks in before it kills us. Or at least tries to. It’s hard to kill mages from Supernova.

Shooting glances around, I down, trying to work out what to do. The best time to attack would have been during transition but it’s too late now.

“Got any potions that can help?” Lara smiles, eyes still on the hydra as she reaches into her jacket. Lancer, distract the monster. We need to get close to this thing.”

Hearing him laugh about something, I see his form rushing towards the hydra, using his magic to distract and disorient it.

“We need to get this down it’s throat. Nightshade is my most powerful potion and if this can’t stop it, nothing will.”

“Get out another one, I have an idea.”

Quickly, I tell Lara the plan before running to opposite sides of the creature. I start to attack it with Lancer as Lara throws different coloured potions towards the creatures eyes.

It’s heads snap back and a deafening shriek escapes it’s deadly jaws.


Lara throws one vial of Nightshade towards Lancer who engulfs it with his magic, causing it to boil and spark inside the glass. Digging the frantic attacks of the hydra, Lancer aims the vial towards one of its many heads.

It’s not going to make it.

I run forward, leaping into the air and gracefully dodge the hydra’s fire, my scythe hits the vial up higher. Focusing my magic, I shoot a blast from my hands, hitting the vial towards one of the hydra’s open mouths.

Another vial us thrown near me, and I know that my team have done it again.

Golden bursts of magic hit the beast in various places as Lara’s potions attack the monsters skin.

Throwing the last vial of Nightshade in the mouth furthest away from the first, I attempt to dig my scythe into the beasts skin.

Both Lara and Lancer’s attacks have decreased the monsters defence but not by much so my scythe is doing little damage. Feeling fire search my right leg, I wince but ignore the pain. It will be over soon, I just hope that the others aren’t injured too.

“Get back, Nightshade is soon going to blow!” A excited glint in Lara’s eyes tells me that this scientist has faith that this will work.

Standing from afar, seeing the hydra thrash, we all aim towards the stomach of the beast and give it everything we have got together in a beautiful frenzy of magical energy.

Upon impact, the creature screams out as we know that Nightshade is taking affect.

As the body of the creature start to melt, I throw my scythe, cutting off the hydra’s many heads. Together, we aim once again at the monster with everything we have. I can feel the magic from the hydra weakening.

Suddenly, we get thrown back from the force of the hydra exploding from the inside out.

Thick smoke fills the room, briefly reminding me of the Shadow men. I oppress a shudder.

“Interesting, Lancer’s magic must have intensified the effects of Nightshade… Cool!” Lara giggles as she shakily gets back onto her feet.

“Guess it is over now. There’s no one here though.” I say frowning as I walk over to pick up my scythe, desperately trying not to show hat I am hurt, as the smoke begins to clear.

Turning my head, I head Lara’s laughter increase followed by a few comments by Lancer. A smile threatens to touch my face as I see that Lancer wasn’t thrown as far as Lara and myself and therefore was affected most by the hydra exploding. As he gets onto his feet, I can’t help but smile at his appearance as he is covered in melted hydra guts.

“Come on you guys, it isn’t that funny.” He sulks but soon he is wrapped up in the laughter too.

I reach down, my fingers wrapping tightly around my scythe but I stop. My eyes on an artefact close by.

I don’t remember hearing anything about an artefact, I wonder what it does…

“You coming Carissa? We are going to look around a bit to see if there are any clues as to why this happened.”

I stand, grabbing my scythe, and nod towards them, seeing Lancer flick hydra gunk at Lara who blocks it with a type of force field potion.

Feeling uneasy, like someone is watching us, I turn away from them, my eyes narrowing in my search. I can feel magical energy but I can’t tell if it is from the hydra exploding or something else.

My eyes drift back to where I saw the artefact and my frown deepens.

It’s gone.

Something dark appears in the corner of my eye, causing my body to go rigid as I block out my fellow team mates.

I try to extend my magic to locate something. Anything.


I pick up the scythe, the burn on my leg still feels like it is on fire. Maybe I am seeing things. It has been a long day.


“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.”  





“But we can’t just leave, we don’t know what really happened here!” I roll my eyes at Lancer’s constant moaning. Within the first ten minutes of searching for clues that evidently weren’t there, Lancer won’t stop voicing his thoughts and whining about not knowing how this all happened.

We have found a few clues, the odd book here and there with dark magic in it but nothing else. I would be lying to say that the lack of answers isn’t bothering me but there isn’t anything we can do if it’s not here.

 Walking in the village, we head towards a nearby bar. Man, do I need a drink!

I can feel Lara’s eyes on me as we enter the tavern.

“I’ll get the drinks in.” I leave them as I walk towards the bar, gritting my teeth to ignore the burn on my leg. “Three mugs of mead.”

“Carissa, I know that you are hurt, here take this healing potion.”  

“Make that four mugs!” I pass the money over to the bartender as I ignore Lara’s probing. Lucky we received our reward money before coming here.

Hearing her sigh next to me, I can feel her irritation.

“Look, you are in pain and I want to help you. We are team mates after all.” I ignore her, I use my magic to levitate Lara’s and Lancer’s mugs, placing them on the table as I heavily drink from one of mine.

The warm liquid fills my body, numbing the pain of the burn and the subconscious nagging of what the shadow men showed me.

To my right, Lancer is talking animatedly about what the monks wanted to gain and how they received the knowledge they needed to explore dark magic. Sitting down to my left is Lara, her eyes still on me.

I drain the rest of my mug, looking at my team.

“We work well together, all things considered.” Taking another gulp of my new mug, they both smile. Probably glad that it is all over and now we can go back to doing what we all were doing before.

In a few more gulps, I finish my second drink and get to my feet. “Drink up you two, the train leaves in a hour.” I walk out of the tavern, my leg feeling surprisingly better.

Looking down at it, I move the cloth. My skin is smooth, perfect. As if there was never anything there in the first place. I smile slightly, Lara sure is sneaky.    

The End

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