Marx Lancer

Many questions filled my head around the mystery of what a hydra was doing down here, why, and what  was with the shadow people?  The mystery behind all of it didn't matter though as the hydra reared its head and snarled showing its large white teeth.

"Lara. I need a speed potion. Please." I said summoning my blades.

"Lancer what are you thinking?" Carrissa asked.

" Fighting it head on. I'm going to charge towards it, create clones that will create light chains to minimize movement.  I'm sure you two know where to handle it from there."

" Don't cut off their heads." Lara said as she gave us each a speed potion.

With a quick swig of the potion I sped off as several images of me shimmered into existence spreading out and dodging the heads as they moved towards us. Lara had also joined the charge shielding a clone from a sweeping attack. Carrisa had managed to get onto the neck of hydra and was running down it as her scythe gracefully left a gaping cut on her way down.

"Now!" I commanded.

The clones emitted the chains that wrapped themselves around the hydras many necks and forced it to the ground. The hydra struggled and began to pull on the chains. Carrissa used this to slash at the central body.  While Lara was throwing those spike bombs at the center. I myself had thrown a large bolt of light. This fight was rightfully ours. An explosion shook the room. Carrissa and Lara had managed to stay out of harm's way as the Hydra roared in pain. Shattering the chains of light taking out half the clones with a few quick bites.

  It charged towards Carrissa; as Lara seemed to sink into the shadows undoubtedly using a stealth potion. With the speed potion still in affect I charged to aid Carissa who fended off the several heads with ease, but she failed to notice two heads that went to flank her. I appeared on one side blocking with my blades as I sent a blast to the other head which stopped its advance.

" We're even now." I said jovially slashing the hydra back sending a few bolts of light to send it away as Carrissa fended off the others. 

we fought together not quite in sync as we both had to tell the other off for getting in the way, but we were managing to keep the heads at bay. But not much else. The hydra stepped back as several explosions emanated from the base of necks.  The heads retreated roaring and writhing in pain. Flailing in exasperation. 

Lara had given us the opening we needed. We jumped into the air forgetting the cardinal rule of fighting a Hydra. I created a beam of light that I had aimed down at necks and body of the hydra cutting off a few heads. While Carrissa had spun around cutting off two more heads.

I cursed as ten more heads regenerated from the stems all quickly charging at us.  Two halves of a shield form around my arms as I fended off two of the heads while a third came from above.  I sent my right halve of the shield through the bottom of the hydras mouth pinning that head to the ceiling. While being knocked back from another. Lara appeared beside me shielding me from a barrage before disappearing again.

"Thanks." I said recreating my blades stabbing one of the heads in the eyes while blocking another head.

I spin around creating a two beams of light the give me some space as the heads retreated roaring in pain.  I could feel the tattoo on my right hand burning the fire swirling around the fifteen violently. It had been like that since I woke up but now it was begging me for me to use its power. I was tempted I'm not sure how long we could keep fighting like this before we were overwhelmed. I shook my head. not yet.
 I summoned power from within myself a white aura swirling around me as the heads shot towards me.

"Lara, Carrissa! Watch out!" I yelled. I span around letting the heads come in close slashing  my swords  around them leaving deep wounds wounds that burned with white light, " Rending light!" I shouted.

There was an explosion of light blinding as all while the hydra deafened us with a roar. The ground shaked. It rained hot blood as the light faded large bleeding wounds covered the necks of the hydra as chunks of flesh were missing all burned.  A few burnt stems failed to regrow new heads.  More explosions rocked the ground. This time a poison mist lingered around the heads of the hydras the room as Lara cut the head off of one of the heads with a flaming sword.

"Their heads won't regrow if you cauterize the wound!" She said landing gracefully beside the head of her query.

"Lara how do I do that?" Carrissa yelled dodging a couple of the heads  throwing in a counter attack here in there with impressive footwork.  Lara ran over to Carrisa to aid her.

I smiled this was perfect. The blades of light began to glow orange with intense heat as the hydras heads came for more.  I sidestepped bring my blade down slicing  a head while stabbing another to hold in place as a blade of light fell like a guillotine from above. that was five heads down. Then seven heads down; three more to go. The hydra  retreated a little re-evaluating its strategy.  We were closing in on it now.  Lara must have gave something to Carrissa that lit  the end of her scythe on fire. 

I went for the middle the three heads had little choice but to attack one at a time or to split its heads leaving it vulnerable either way. I sent a barrage of light at its heads getting its attention letting the other two deal with the body of the hydra. The Heads retaliated and charged st me. Sidestepping the first two attacks I readied my blades to cut the third.  That's when the blades exploded causing me to lose my balance. I had done it again. dammit.  I had little choice as its gaping maw came at me. I jumped missing its teeth and down the throat of the beast.  I re-summoned the blades not getting the time to heat them up and reused the rend spell slicing my way out the beasts throat. I landed on the ground covered in blood and mucus.

Watching the number of head go back to six. Carrissa and Lara were thrown back off the beasts back. In an explosion as the weight of dark magic increased in the room. The hydra roared so loudly our ears began to ring.  The force of the roar threw us back into the end of the room. The hydra was changing. It necks began to increase in size as if it was growing armor plating. The feeling of the dark magic increased. Things were only going to get harder from here.

The End

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