My Worst Nightmare.Mature

Carissa Blackthorn.

Red eyes was the last thing I saw from the corners of my vision before everything went black, my world turning upside-down.

Waking up, I scan my surroundings, gripping onto my scythe so hard that my knuckles turn white. It’s dark here. So dark. Where am I? How did I get here? This all seems familiar but I can’t place it. No matter how hard I try to shake it, I know that this has happened before… but what has? Why can’t I place it?

Feeling eyes on me, my back straightens.

Ever so slowly, I feel something getting closer. The hairs on my arms spike up as I feel their presence looming over me.

“Car-is-sa.” Haunting voices whisper and scratch my ears as I feel the owners of the voices descend on me.

Shadowed claws graze my unclothed arms.

Turning in the opposite direction, my legs rapidly taking me away, running deep into a nearby forest like a scared child. My heart is in my mouth, my limbs threatening to shake as the darkness sends fear into my very being.

Pushing my legs further, I race through the various plants in the dark forest.

“Car-is-sa. You will never escape.”

Fear stabs my stomach, my body urging me to keep going. To escape whatever it is that is trying to get me.

“Car-is-sa. You can’t get away.”

My foot slips on wet leaves, my feet being tripped up by tree roots. Scratches coat my arms, pain shoots in my feet. I frown down at them, even though I never wear shoes, they have never hurt me before… or have they? Do I normally wear shoes? Why don’t I know? Why can’t I remember?


Gritting my teeth to keep from screaming, I push myself onto my agonizingly sore feet and start running again.

I need to get out of here! I just need to get away!

In the corner of my eye, I can see the comforting glow of a large building. Running as fast as I can, I stumble into the building, throwing the doors close before heavily leaning against the thick wood, breathing heavily.

Raising my head, my vision shows me a large group of people, with grim looks on their faces. “There is something out there. You have to help me!” They start to move closer, readying their weapons. The familiar feeling that has been gnawing at the back of my mind is finally gone.

Slowly moving into a fighting stance, I move away from the door understanding that it is me who they intend on attacking, not wanting to be closed in like some kind of vermin.

An older man with thick red hair, a scruffy beard and only one arm glares down at me. “You do not belong here monster!” He spits at my feet, hatred in his eyes.

With that, I feel them descend on me. Various weapons and magic fill the atmosphere as I try to dodge as much as I can.

Spear after spear, blade after blade, come flying towards me, sinking deep into my flesh causing me to scream out in pain.

Suddenly, with a green liquid thrown at me from the, my sink starts to bowl as anger takes over my fear. I bare my teeth, glaring at the girl with the dragon skin jacket, as I feel the magical energy in the room absorb into my body, connecting with my own.

“We are the mages of The Supernova Guild and we will destroy evil scum like you!”

The name means nothing to me, and why should it? I have never heard it before.

Swinging my scythe, I slash through body after body with its sharp blade, decorating myself in their blood whilst collecting up as much magical energy as I can.

Shadows try to restrain me but they are easily destroyed with a fatal blow to the drunken mages head. As I move through the group, I head towards the source of the attack; the one armed man.

Feeling my scythe fly from my hands, I use my magic to feel the one responsible. There, to my right is a man with …. Hair. Gritting my teeth, I charge at him, spitting my magic at anyone in my way before coming upon him, jumping high in the sky then crash down with my hand either side of his head, ripping his neck rom his shoulders.

Looking around quickly, there is only three mages left for me to face. There is te one armed man, the dragon skin jacket girl who keeps throwing strangely effective potions at me and a man who they call Marx.

Looking down at the blood that covers my hands, I smile at the three sadistically SSI know that soon they will be dead. Running towards them, I absorb their magical energy and with a swift blow, I take out the girl and the Marx guy, letting their blood slowly weep from their fatal wounds which my explosive mimic magic caused.

“Caleb, Lara, you know what to do!” They nod towards the red headed one armed man, calling him Master. Before I have time to react, my body is thrown against a wall, pain shooting up my body.

A potion is lobbed at me, releasing a silver mist. My head starts to fill fuzzy as my surroundings become unbalanced. “Kill the monster!” Kill the demon!” They chant, over and over, slowly getting closer to my trapped form. Seeing the evil glint in their eyes pushes me into action, absorbing as much magical energy as I can from the man Caleb. He fights me, trying to remain the oppressor, trying to clung desperately onto his magic and I absorb the last shreds of energy produced in his body. We both fall to the floor at the same time, me landing on my feet whilst he collapses to the ground, unable to hold into consciousness without magic flowing through him.

The alchemist screams but before she retaliates, I fling myself into the air, building up my magical energy in my hands before throwing it down to the dragon skinned jacket girl. As soon as my attack hits her, it explodes, scattering her limbs everywhere.

Without hesitating, I grab my scythe, swinging it down hard, severing off the Master’s other arm. As he falls to the ground, I let the blade bite deep into the man’s neck, causing a deep weeping gash to appear across his throat.

As the sound of his life essence drips away with each drop of red liquid, I feel my body start to relax, realising that there is no longer any threat to me. The pain in my feet reaches my head, reminding me of the events which transpired outside.

“Care.” That voice. I know that voice! It is from the Master.

Out of the tugging, confusing,  familiarity, I look down at the dying stranger and feel my eyes go wide.

My knees go weak as they crash to the floor, a sick feeling erupts in my stomach.

“Master Juxon.” I cradle his head as tears run down my face as I remember who these people I just killed were. I remember everything about them. They are my guild mates and I slaughtered them, slaughtered them all!

The pain in my chest intensifies as I realise that I am once again, truly alone.    

Feeling the Master lightly stir in my arms, I look back down at him through a haze of tears.

“Care. Carissa Blackthorn… you are a monster.” I freeze, staring down at the dying man, confused. “You … enjoyed that… didn’t you? You have always…. Always wanted to kill us… beast. You are evil.”

I shake my head vigorously, my tears streaming even faster down my face as very word he says puts more and more fear into my body. “No Master! I didn’t know it was you! I didn’t know!”

More blood flows from him. “Of course you …. Knew.”

“No, you are all my family -!”

“You… knew and you … did it anyway. You… are evil…. And you have… murdered me… murdered all… of us…”

He dies in my arms as I scream out in pain, closing my eyes, at the loss, feeling my magical energy being casted out recklessly, as for the first time in years I truly release all of my power.

Opening my eyes, my surroundings are all gone and I know that I destroyed it all. The blood staining my hands is the only indication of what I did.

The shadows with the red eyes appear again but I am too numb to me scared as I feel myself falling into despair.

“You are one of us. Cold. Powerful. Evil.” I can feel them touch me, causing agony to spread throughout my body, causing my eyes to close tightly.

Opening them again, I am back in the guild hall but instead of being by the door looking out at my attacking guild mates with no idea who they are, I am watching from far away.

I start to scream out, trying to stop my past actions from resurfacing themselves but it seems like they cannot see, hear, smell, or feel me. Like I’m a ghost.

As past me kills the first attacker, pain shakes my body, causing me to double over. My hand grins my side, the same side that past me killed Jace.

Again and again, more and more, the agony builds as I relive my guild members deaths.

The red eyed creatures laugh around me as my dead guild members faces haunt me, twisted in anger.




They hiss at me, telling me that I was never one of temp. Telling me that I killed them. Telling me that killing is all I can do, us all I will ever do….

The dark takes me over.

When I awake, I feel creatures of all sorts start to tear at my skin, pulling my limbs apart as I scream, unable to do anything, as the voices of my family laugh. Fear grows onto my soul, knowing that they will not kill me. Just torture me like this. Over and over again…

The End

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