Sinking into DarknessMature

Marx  Lancer

The shadows darted towards us, I braced myself but my mind became clouded and I felt myself sinking into the darkness. Fear gripping my heart forcefully pumping it faster.

Blood poured out from between its teeth as it crawled through the silky black portal its eyes piercing into my soul. My body quivered as I raised my hands caught somewhere between fight or flight.  It eyes scanned the room finding my little brother who's eyes and face were in absolute shock. He was petrified his mouth open. It snarled showing its large teeth as it crept up to him. I snapped running forwards screaming.

"Give Maria back she's my sister!"

The demon wolf spun around with an ear shrieking howl that knocked me onto my back. Its eyes seeming to stop my breathing.  Something else descended from the portal tangled in blue flames stopping the large wolf from snapping my head off.  I lay frozen on the ground as the flames settled revealing  a humanoid form.  Power emanated from the being as it patted the demon wolfs muzzle.

"It's been a very long time since I've been in the ether. I wonder what has changed?"  A dark voice filled the room.

It turned around to reveal slitted pupils, orange eyes and a black sclera. It had needle like teeth and skeletal but knife like hands covered in the blue flames.  My legs weren't my own anymore the darkness had taken control. It was unavoidable. My mind was slipping further away.  It came towards me; gently grabbing my right hand.  His eyes forcing mine to look at his. The slitted pupils widened, as did its  smile. Thoughts of butchering my family flashed into my mind. My right hand began to feel as if it was being disintegrated into ash. It walked away but the image of its eye was burned into my vision. I think I was crying out  in pain as I looked at my right hand. The number 15 had appeared there and flames were swirling around it; as it engulfs my hand. My head began to ring as a pressure built up around my chest, and hands. My sisters voice filling my head.

"You killed me! Help. Someone help! It hurt's so much!"   My mind sank deeper into the darkness.

I was following the demon , the dog and my brother now.  The demon was lighting the place on fire as the  wolf companion was brutally eating any of the servants, or guests.  Blood filled the halls. They were running away. The demon pointed at them and we obeyed.  Soren and I chased after them brandishing small knives in our hands stabbing them with glee. Hoping it would stop the burning; Stop our sister's twisted pained voice in our heads. We didn't stop at the murdering though we slowly pulled the skin off the victims offering them to the demon who snapped his jaw open like a snake to swallow the offerings. My sisters voice kept crying out.

"Stop it!"  She screamed.

Our hands, and bodies burned from the fire for a moment a feeling of lucidity came back. The weight of our actions crushed as we fell to our knee's crying into our bloodied hands.  The demons laughter filled the air as a woman begged to kill her and let her child live. They were both burnt to nothingness.  We did nothing. We  watched the two demons destroy the estate with fire, and other magics now. voices of despair were thrown into the air.  The nightmare shifted I was trying to cast it away trying to force myself awake but nothing. Just my hearts quick beating, and my cold sweating skin. My mind begging not to see it again, but it started again , and again. Each time it felt like more of my life was being sucked away.  Each time my body getting heavier.

"Someone help." I tried to say but heard nothing, " I don't want to see this anymore."

I didn't know how many more times I could watch this before I lose myself to it.

The End

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