Looking for One, Finding AnotherMature

Carissa Blackthorn.

Walking around, I let the darkness wrap itself around me, the wind whispering in my ears as it warms my skin. The stars guiding my way.

Lara's words earlier has got me thinking; we all need to work more at being a team. Team. That word means so much to so many but I am not sure what it means. I've never really worked in a team before, unless Caleb counts. He taught me how to get a better control over my magic and learn that it is beautiful and amazing and should never be ignored. Caleb helped make me into the person I am today, even though he can never understand why I don't like working with others.

I hope Aya finds someone like Caleb. Supernova is filled with mages who are always looking to help and they all seem social able enough for Aya to grow and mature both in magic and in soul. 

Watching the fallen leaves on the pavement chase each other, my mind wonders to Caleb wondering what he would say about all of this. I don't have to wonder too hard. I know that he would tell me that I chose to be on a team and so I should act like one. Then he'll laugh and say something about me needing to be nice or something to others.     

Stretching my toes against the cold pavement, I turn towards the hotel.

Opening the door quietly with my key card, I enter the room silently, ready for a good rest. Lancer murders in his sleep, his face distraught as he mumbles. He looks like he is having a bad dream. The tight knot comes back again.

Getting to my feet, I walk out of our room and knock on Lara's hotel room door until she opened it with sleep in her eyes. I look away from her, my jaw tight.

"Sorry it's late. I need your help." Her eyes widen at my words, full of wonder. "I have been having night terrors and I was wondering if you have any potions that will help me get to sleep restlessly."

"Sure. One second." Lara vanishes from the door and is back in minutes with a couple of vials of green and gold liquid, she holds them out to me and right when I go to grab them she moves them away from my grasp slightly. "I know asking for help makes you uncomfortable but don't wake me at this time again." I nod, taking the vials and lightly touching her arm.

"Thank you for what you did today. With everything. You did well. I'll try and be a better teammate tomorrow."

She looks a little shocked but I don't stay long, I walk back into my hotel room.

Putting the vials down on the side, I open one. Maybe if I give this to Lancer, he will sleep better and maybe it will get rid of the knot inside of me. 

Looking over at his bed I find it empty. With a frown on my face I walk back out, following the faint sense of Lancers magical ability.  Lara wants us to be more involved as a team and I'm sure the comments I made to Lancer weren't what some people consider as 'nice'.

I wonder what Lancer was dreaming of, and if he is alright. He is my guild mate after all. Following the trail, I find myself in a wood, the sound of water flowing reaches my ears. There's someone else here.

My scythe flies out of its holder and into the large oak tree, bark soaring off. I turn in the opposite direction of Lancers magical energy and towards the new one.

Twisting my hand, I grab onto the magical energy that took my scythe away. With a flick of my hand, I can feel my opponent get closer to me. I can feel my cells start to buzz as I absorb the energy, running towards the source I can feel the energy go stronger. 

By jumping through the air, I bring my fist back, ready to punch the source. my body freezes in the air as the opponent chuckles before sending me into a nearby tree. A hooded man walks towards me, the smile widening.

"Care, have I beaten you already?"

I glare at him as he continues to walk towards me. Breathing in deeply, I can feel the magic loosening around  my body enough for me to push myself off from the tree and into my attacker. I swing my leg around to kick him in the face but at last minute he moves his head, grabs my leg, swinging it around. Landing on the floor, I spin around, going to knock his feet out from under him but he jumps up but instead I punch him in the stomach, sending him into the ground hard.  

His hood falls from his head, sending his black hair over his eyes. I stand over him as he starts laughing.

"Care, you really have been working on your right hook."

"What are you doing here Caleb? I thought you were on an Elite mission?"

He smiles at me, shrugging slightly, using his telekinetic magic to send my scythe flying towards the back of my head. By turning around, my hand catches the scythe without taking my eyes away from Caleb.

He laughs, pulling me into a tight hug "I missed you too Care." He mumbles into my hair. My body slowly relaxes as I hug back my best friend, noticing the fresh deep scars on his neck.

"I have a mission tomorrow. I'm guessing you are here to escort Aya. She's a good kid. Look after her or I will cut off your skin with my scythe."  Caleb laughs, rolling his grey eyes.

"You can try Care. Got time for a beer?"

Looking into his face for a few moments, I shrug and we both start to walk out of the forest towards a nearby tavern. "Lancer is out so we can take the beers back to the hotel room." Looking sideways at my best friend, I feel calmer that he is around. But that calm might be because I am going to have a long overdue beer. 

The End

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