Marx Lancer

It didn't take us long to get to the next town over which was named Cevantes. It was larger town made of mostly beautiful stonework, with some wooden framing in a few places.  However it was getting late, and Aya's escorts would  be meeting us tomorrow morning.  Normally I would propose that we camp out the night, but I was sore. Not only that but I thought that all of us would with the day we had would appreciate a proper bed to sleep on.

"We should sleep in a hotel tonight. I know of one near the train station that is pretty cheap but good service, and quality. If you don't want to pay I can." I said leading the way down the cobble stoned streets of Cevantes.

"That wouldn't be a bad idea." Lara said Aya had stayed close to her since her departure from her father.

It didn't surprise me though Carrissa although soft and gentle which with Aya was still rough around the edges.  As for myself I wasn't as good as Lara was at dealing with children. The dog I had made was wondering up ahead smelling all the smells between playful leaps.

"It would be nice to sleep somewhere warm tonight." Aya said with her little voice.

I looked at Carrissa who had hardly spoken since we left the last town. Her words  from earlier still cutting deep. "power hungry, Go wild with your magic. learn more power." It sent chills down my spine.

"Sure. It doesn't matter as long as we find something before night falls."  She said quietly not looking in my direction.

"So it's decided then." I said with a smile, " I also know a great place to eat it has a magical flame in the middle of table to cook your own food the way want, and the sauces are possibly the best in the Ether."

"Why would you go to a restaurant to cook your own food." Aya asked in an almost cynical tone. I let out a small laugh.

"well we just cook up the meat Aya. The chefs marinate the meet and cook the rest. It does sounds kind of silly though."  The others didn't respond. Maybe caught up in their own thoughts but it wasn't that.

I piped down a bit till we got to the hotel. We got two, two bedded rooms it was all they had left. After all it was fairly busy hotel.  I didn't worry about whom would be staying with whom. I am Sure Lara, or Carrisa would figure it out. I just chose room got a change of clothes, and left my bag heading to the shower. I winced in pain as the hot water hit my left arm. It could be worse though; Lara's potions had made it much better. I would have to thank her later.

"You are power hungry and that makes you sloppy." It rang through my head again. It was word or term that haunted me, " You power hungry demon!" My fathers voiced roared.

"Dammit!" I spat; punching the wall of the shower, " I didn't..."

"One difference between you and me Lancer, you pretend that you want to be in a team but in reality you would prefer to do it on your own so you can go wild with your magic and even learn more power that you can't handle."

Was she wrong? Everything I ever did was go out of my way to learn more magic, I always put people in danger for my own desire not only to win but to learn. This was putting me in a right bad mood. I couldn't shake it.  I stared for a while at the wall letting the thoughts roll around in my head as the water kept pouring.  There was a bang on the door.

"Are you alright in their Marx?" Lara's voice called me away from my thoughts.

"Uh yeah. Sorry" I said turning the water off quickly getting some pants on before opening the door.

" It's okay. Are you going to show us that place for dinner?"

"If you want Aya was the only one who seemed interested.. you all seemed preoccupied with something."

"Well let's go." She said.

"ah. Alright just a sec." Quickly getting myself ready.

The mood hadn't gotten a little better since we had checked in. Lara seemed to be back to self. Carrissa well I don't she really changed but she was talking to Aya about magic which was an improvement. Maybe it was just me who had gotten worse. My right hand was balled up into a fist. I'm not power hungry. I though to myself as we walked to the restaurant.  We ordered the food. Aya was enchanted with the grill in the middle of the table. Lara was fiddling with something in her hands. Carrissa stayed quiet and sipped away her drink.

"I'm sorry about taking off earlier today. During the fight, I should have given some warning. Carrissa thanks for saving me back there. Lara your healing potions really have helped heal my arm, and already fixed my broken ribs." I started. Carrissa sighed looking out  the window.

"You know Marx you didn't notice me during that battle." Lara said," I did more than just make those potions. I think the fight would have gone smoother had you trusted our abilities as well. You even may have avoided getting yourself hurt ."

"Of course he wouldn't notice." Carrissa snorted, " He fights to gain more power.  As long as he has power he doesn't need to work with anyone else."

" That's not true." I stammered taken aback by what Lara had said," I know I suck at teamwork, but it's not because I seek more power," I glare at Carrissa my voice giving a hint of anger.

"Don't give us that crap about you not being able to control your power. If you seriously wanted to work with us then you would avoid fighting as you do. I saw you today. You enjoy fighting like that. You look forward to it." Carrissa accused.

"Your no better." Lara said to Carrissa,"

"Why are you all arguing?" Aya said reminding us that she was still with us.

" We didn't work well together today." Lara said sweetly.

"I think you all did your best." Aya said with a smile. It all brought a smile to our faces.

"Thanks." Carrissa said. I smiled. The food arrived and the mood lightened as we tucked in. It was nice, we had our issues but we left them behind for now, and atleast we all new taking away some of the animosity. With our bellies full we went back to the hotel. Tomorrow we would catch a train to Cirras and Aya would be going back to the guild. She wanted to come with us; but the mission would be a bit difficult for her at her current level of skill. I was apparently sharing a room with Carrissa because Aya wanted to be with Lara.  I went to bed before Carrissa she must have gone for a walk or looked for somewhere else to stay the night. Either way I didn't let it bother me I was tired and was looking forward to the rest.

It wasn't restful sleep, it was reoccurring nightmare. A girl was laying on the ground surrounded by glowing blue ruins. A silky Black portal  began to materialize above her. It was expanding at a worrying rate as shadows began to leak from the other side. She started screaming as a large wolf likes mouth appeared from the other side its teeth the size of full grown men. She was swallowed whole by it. While its red eyes watched me. I woke up sweating; saying I was sorry. I held my head in my right hand. A tear rolled down my face the rest of that night playing out in my head again. A few minutes later I got out from under my sheets. I wasn't going back to sleep tonight. I mind as well enjoy the night sky.

The End

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