Knowing AyaMature

Carissa Blackthorn.

Watching the blonde child, I can't help but wonder what the demon wanted with her. She must be about ten and her magic is already strong, yet she still a child. Widening my magic, I can only sense the power within her. Biting my lip, I try to think about what the demon would want with her and why the fallen angel would have chosen her to possess? Maybe Lara would be better at figuring it all out.

Looking at Aya now, running around and giggling with the Lara whilst the dog Lancer created runs around her feet, causes a knot to tie in my stomach. How can a child who has been through so much able to stay happy?

"What you thinking about so hard?" Lancer gives me his goofy smile like we have been best friends for years. I raise an eyebrow and look away from him.

"I was thinking that you nearly killed us because you can't control yourself. You are power hungry and that makes you sloppy. You could have killed the girl-"

"I would never let it get that far-"

"One difference between you and me Lancer, you pretend that you want to be in a team but in reality you would prefer to do it on your own so you can go wild with your magic and even learn more power that you can't handle. I, on the other hand, know and accept that I can’t fully let myself go around my fellow guild mates. I prefer to be on my own." Snapping at him, I walk faster, holding my scythe tightly as Lancer follows me.

"Why did you come then, if you want to be on your own so much? Why not stay by yourself if that makes you happier?  I like going as a team as I like working with my friends, with my family. What do you like? What makes you happy?" Glancing at him sideways I can tell he is genuinely curious. His eyes are looking ahead on him, his hands are in his pockets, a peaceful smile on his face.

My stomach stirs again. What does make me happy? 

Hearing the high pitch laugh of Aya distracts me, reminding me of something... reminding me of what?

She turns around, waving at me and smiling like she has no care in the world, but there is something in her eyes that makes me think otherwise.  Slowly I walk over to her as she sits down to rest on the grass. Looking her over, she isn't badly injured, just a few bumps and bruises. She is probably happy that she is back in control.

I can feel her eyes on me. Curious little thing. 

"I'll make you a deal. I will show you how fun magic can be if you tell me everything that happened. And I mean everything kiddo." I smile softly down at her as I can see that she wants to see what real mages can do. “All magic can be dangerous but within danger comes beauty. Learn to control the magic and you can control all of the beauty of Ether. No matter how destructive your magic can be, it is your magic and therefore you will always be in control. Remember, you control your magic, it doesn’t control you. You don't belong to it, it belongs to you. Do you want to make Ether beautiful?”

She nods enthusiastically. "Okay. You have a deal."

I smile back down at her and turn my gaze to the forests on the other side of the road. I can feel Lara and Lancer looking at me, probably confused with my sudden uncharacteristic behaviour. With my soft tone. With my smile.  I can't help it. There is something about this girl that makes all of us want to see her smile.

Clicking my neck, I can feel the magical energy around me expand.

"Lara throw a potion in the air. Doesn't matter which." When she hesitates I raise an eyebrow at her until she throws one.

With a wink to Aya I feel the magic energy inside me forming into a tight ball. Spitting it out, my attack hits the bottle, making it explode, travelling down towards us at a rapid pace. 

Jumping into the air, I let the attack overwhelm me, breathing it in so my cells start to tingle.  Slowly,  I let the energy out, gently releasing it so I cascades down to earth like fairy dust, lightly singeing the earth.

Landing softly back on the ground, my bare feet rub against the soil as I look to the girl who's eyes are wide with excitement as I ignore the others. 

"Now it's your turn."

The excited look on her face drops, her smile fading.

I sit down next to her, my eyes looking into hers. I want to protect her from her past. Just like I wanted someone to protect me from mine. The knot in my stomach tightens but I push it away, wanting to be there for the young girl in front of me.

“My father says practising magic near others is wrong. He says I’m wrong.” I grit my teeth together tightly, my eyes burning as my anger grows as tears start to stream down her face. “I should have listened to him. I shouldn’t have used my magic, it will end up hurting everyone who I am close to.”

Lara sits down next to Aya as Lancer moves closer, his arms crossed and the playful look on his face gone.

"He never wants to talk to me. He has mostly ignored me ever since he found out that I was able to use magic. He always treated me like I wasn't there. That I didn't matter. Once he told me that he sometimes wished that I was never there. He-he-he hate me." Aya starts crying into her hands. My hands ball into fists at her words and I can feel the anger coming from my teammates.

"Sometimes people treat us badly and it hurts. But there is always people who will be there for you." Marx says crouching down, stroking her cheek to take her tears away. The dog licks the other side of her face, making her giggle.

I get onto my feet, my eyes far away as I turn my back, trying to conceal my anger before my magic drains the mages around me and explode.

"Marx is right. Even if your real family don't act like they love you, you will find others who will, like us. We found the Supernova Guild and now we are a family. A family who looks out for each other, who supports each other, who loves each other and who will do whatever it takes to fight with one another no matter what!" Lara smiles at Aya, lifting her to her feet and smiling brightly down at her.

Soon Lara and Marx gets Aya laughing and smiling again, her tears a distant memory. But I can't help thinking about how true Lara's words are. I look at her, realising that she is just as strong as any other mage from our guild.

The End

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