Demons are PersistentMature

Marx Lancer

I stood frozen, my ears, my eyes, my nose, my skin they were on high alert. Demons were not that easily vanquished. Something had happened during our short exorcism. We had all missed it.  Lara was holding the girls hands while Aya was laughing. I looked at Carrisa she had noticed it to. She must be able to sense it.

"Get down!" She yelled pushing Lara and Aya to the ground as a stone lance embued with a dark shadow, flew towards us. Two glowing white blades appeared in my hands deflecting the Lance and it's magic into the wall.

"Lancer! Don't bring this mountain down on top of us.  I will find you in death and kill you again if I have to." Carrisa warned, but this time I ignored her.  An orb of light grew in my hand that flew deep into the cavern ahead of us revealing the stone angel. Dark tendrils of shadow fell from the sleeves of its arms, and clung to the to it and the ground.

"Give me the girl." It's dark voice filled cavern sending a feeling of dread down our spines.

"We will give you nothing!" I shouted charging my magic swirling around me forcing air to whip out around me.

As my swords began to glow more and more with energy. The swords slammed into the lance forcing the stone angel to take a step back.  It whipped its lance outward sending me back a few paces. Perfect I moved with precision and accuracy as swarm of glowing blades flew at stone angels right side. Forcing its hand to leave its left vulnerable.  It managed to block most of the blades but a few jutted out from its torso.  My right blade slashed along its left arm as my left dragged in the ground.  It went for a kick to trip me up but I had managed to avoid it before spinning around meeting its Lance again. Each movement had a reason, I had to be careful in the next few moments' and hoped their would be no interference from the others. We had exchanged a few attacks and parries getting nowhere but I had the stone angel where I wanted it. I strike the Lance again as hard as I could but this time I phased the right hand blade for a moment so it could slide through the lance. like it had never existed, and slice into the angels torso brutally. The blade let out a beam of light the angels shrieked stepping back in pain. Dark blood pooled at its feet. I smiled as two chains made of light shot out from the darkness piercing the stone angel and holding it in place.  Below us a large rune mark began to glow.

"Hermes blessing!" I shouted as we were engulfed in golden flames. We felt the heat for a brief moment before it died down. I had transported us back to the surface where I could go all out.  The stone angel stumbled forward leaning on it's Lance for a brief moment. It's wounds were healing.

" You're an interesting type. Taking me on by yourself. Even going as far as to distance the battle from your allies. It doesn't matter but let it be known that things would have ended better had you kept us below these rocks."

The ground began to shake as the tendrils of shadow began to build up around the angel, it was a show of force that I would not back down from. I began to glow a bright white as my own magic energy built up. The air was getting heavy from the show. This was the true the beginning of the fight.  We charged at one another our respective weapons hitting one another but missing our flesh. The stone angel was careful to not let me get too close to let my blade phase through it's lance again.  That was fine. One sword disappeared into my arm covering it in light before I let it go in three swift bursts of light that impacted the stone angels lance with such force it was flung out of its hands.  The tendrils of darkness shot towards me. I jumped back slicing them with one blade making the same attack missing twice and hitting its shoulder sending it flying back. I charged this time shooting hard light from my feet to increase my speed. The angel blocked with its arms. The tendrils of darkness had stopped me from cutting its flesh.  I stepped back readying myself for an attack but it was to late as the dark tendril shout out from the ground upper cutting me through the air, and slicing my torso. One attempted to grab my leg but I managed to cut it as the stone angel came from above slicing down with the lance. I blocked impacting the ground hard shooting pain through my legs.  More light grew around my arms shooting outwards sending the stone angel back on the defense. A barrage of blades came from its left and right the tendrils stopped them from impaling it.  This time I had sent three enormous beams of light into the sky before charging the angel again with two blades. It defended itself with the dark tendrils again.

Each strike destroyed the darkness but the stone angel kept creating more. A pillar of light came up from behind the Stone angel knocking it off its feet and into the air. I rode my own pillar slicing at it as I went along. Energy had built up around my blades.  This would be it the last attack. The decisive blow A beam of light shot from above  I released another from my swords. Nothing happened.....

"Oh shit." I said.

I had pressed too hard, my light swords exploded, the angel managed to escape as my own attack struck me.  I did what I could to protect myself but I could feel my left arm begin to burn and peel. The energy slammed me against the ground leaving a crater and dust. I was screaming in pain my left arm had turned a red crispy colour.  A few of my ribs had been broken by the impact.  A dark tendril wrapped itself around my leg and lifted me into the air before slamming onto the ground again at the stone Angel's feet.  It had a dark, vicious smile. It picked me up again, and threw me to the ground a few paces away. The Dark tendrils had sharpened themselves now as it had raised its lance.Magical energy was swirling around it. It was going to kill me execution style. I attempted to stand up my vision blurred and my body staggering it seemed impossible.  The Lance began to fall. I recreated my blades, and gathered magical energy to rival my opponent, but it wouldn't be fast enough.  The tendrils shot out seeking my vital organs. I gritted my teeth. It stopped as a scythe wielding Carissa cut through each tendril, and blocked the Lance.

"As you were Lancer!" She barked looking into my eyes briefly as if to say " you pitiful man.  You soil your own title as you stand there pathetically."  Whether that's what it meant or not that's how I interpreted it;and I wasn't going to prove her wrong. My body began to glow white again with a fierce intensity that even the air was being blown back by it.  My blades grew in size and glowed with such intensity that it was nearly blinding. A strip of light had attached itself to my arm allowing me to control it despite its condition.  Carrisa had started fighting the demon. Hey scythe gracefully flowing through the air countering each of its attacks.  As she fought she got stronger her magical energy began to show. I think she was absorbing the magical energy the stone angel was releasing.  She could handle herself well but I was going to finish this. I charged in when she had forced the angel back. My blade swept across its torso light exploded from its chest sending it flying backwards. Shooting light from my feet again I rushed towards it throwing my left sword into its chest . From the hilt of that blade chains shot out into the ground.  Securing it against the ground. From its bleeding wound light began to build up.  I jump into the air using the hard light from my feet I use the rest of my energy to form a large enough Lance that 100 foot tall giant could wield.

"Lance of the destroyer!" I yelled Slamming it downwards into the stone angels. The area was consumed in a blast of white light. I'm sure Carissa, Lara, and Aya would be alright assuming that they had heeded my words before. There was allot more dust this time and the crater was far more impressive. The stone angel laid in the middle. Much of its body missing, but it was still alive. For the moment. Breathing heavily I stumbled towards it. Creating another sword from thin air. I brought upon its throat threateningly. It began to laugh.

"Mortals, beating me? An ending worthy of the fallen." It looked up into my eyes noticing the tattoo it laughed again but this time more hoarsely, " I take that back, this is a perfect ending. You and I are the same. What is your name?"

"Marx Lancer and you and I are not the same." I gritted my teeth the edge of my blade coming very close to severing the demon's head, it laughed again before the rest of its body crumbled into nothing leaving a purple aura. I let the sword disappear before walking out of the crater meeting Carissa and Lara who was still with Aya who was still wearing my cloak at the edge of the crater. I hoped they didn't here any of that.

"I'm sorry I di..." I began as Carissa stopped me.

"You Moron. That's the second time in one day someones saved your life. There won't be a third time."

" Hey I didn't see you get hit with..."

"My own attack! Lancer never in my life have I seen someone mess up on such a scale. Those kind of mistakes should only come from those getting used to their own abilities."

"Obviously haven't seen someone use an art of magic like mine then." I mumble quietly to myself.


"Nothing."  I started to smile again remembering I had bought a few healing potions with me.
That should fix up my arm for the time being. I drank a flask quickly as we began to walk towards the town. The burn began to heal slowly but it wasn't going to go away that quickly.

"You shouldn't have left to fight the demon alone." Lara said looking at my arm. I shrugged it off.

"It's better me hurt myself than me hurting all of you." I said.

  I looked down at Aya who briefly glanced at me a little fear in her eyes. She had saw the side of me that I hardly ever shared.  I grabbed a chocolate bar out of my pocket.

"Aya." I said lightly holding the candy out, " are you hungry?"
 She looked a little concerned but nodded and accepted the gift.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that. This might not be much but it's the best I can do at the moment." I smiled creating a life sized puppy from light using another spell to colour and texture it and even sound like a dog, " It won't last forever but should last for a few days maybe a week."

She looked at in amazement as if it was her first time she saw magic used to create instead of destroy.

The End

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