On Our WayMature

Carissa Blackthorn.

Walking through all of the rubble which Lancer just created, my eyes dart around, absorbing all there is to see. Releasing my hair from its ponytail, sensing a tug of magical energy I lead the way towards what seems like the main hall. Strange, it looks expensive yet no one has come out to see what has happened. Do they not care?  

Large white marble irritates my eyes as the sun reflects off it.

Striding forward, Lancer and Nightshade walk towards the centre of the hall where two people in expensive clothing sat close together. The woman gets to her feet as we approach, her hands outstretched as if preparing for something as magical energy seems to become stronger.  

“We are mages from The Supernova Guild, we were passing through when we noticed what is happening here and we wish to give you our assistance.” Lancer’s voice is strong, confident  and professional. If it wasn’t for the playful glint in his eyes, I would say that he was going to be serious on this mission. Lara stands next to him, her eyes are as wide as the smile on her face, her eyes taking it all in. Both of them are showing forms of excitement, they are itching to get out and start releasing a lot of pent up magical aggression.

“Relax Viola. They are here to help.” The Lord’s voice is tired but authority is still clearly enforced with each word. The woman next to him stands up straight, her hands clamped together in front of her. “It has been going on for five months now. There once was a stone statue of an angel in this town which protected us all from magic. Only it was not an angel. It once was a terrifyingly strong demon which terrorised this town for generations until a mystery traveller arrived and trapped the demon, turning it to stone and in turn protected this town from magic.”

Without looking, I can tell Lara is going through every possible explanation for these turns of events and Lancer is thinking about how fun it will be to take the oppressive demon down.

“What freed it Sir?” Lara asks, eyes sparkling, taking a few steps closer to the two.

Both the Lords, and the woman next to him, faces become tight, closed off, hurt and angry.

“A girl. She broke our rules and was practicing magic inside the towns boundaries even though there was strong magic was in place to stop that from happening. The demon was somehow released and the girl was captured. We trust you will find the demon, defeat it and bring the child to us.” The woman explains, her voice hard, whilst the Lord glares at the story.

“You trust no one.” Even spoken softly, my words are carried far, causing everyone to look at me shocked.

“How dare you-”

“If you truly trusted us then you would not feel the need to have this woman hold a protective barrier right now. I must say, it’s notable how long she has been able to hold it without so much as breaking a sweat. Very rare.”

The woman looks right at me curiously, her eyes showing her surprise. I shrug, looking away. “We’ll help.” I say whilst walking out of the hall, knowing that I might be able to detect the magical energy of the girl or the demon, or Lara might have some brainiack potion. That kid is probably worried out of her mind, confused and wondering what is happening, where she is going. Memories of my past threaten to resurface, briefly freezing me in my steps.

Hearing Lara and Lancer coming closer causes me to shake those thoughts away, burying deep inside where they belong as I close myself off, focusing back on the mission at hand.

 Walking at a brisk pace, we head back towards the area where the angel statue should have been, trying to find any clues that can lead us towards the whereabouts of the child and the demon.

It’s obvious that something serious happened due to the amount of destruction that is around here. I’m annoyed at the Lord and that Barrier Magic using woman for not giving us more information.

Feeling eyes on me, I turn slowly, raising my eyebrow at Lancer.

“Why were you so blunt with the Lord?” I shrug, not wanting to talk about it, looking back at our surroundings. “I don’t think it was a very good idea. We could have found something out.”

“They should have told us everything when we offered our help. Then I wouldn’t have told them how it is. It’s not my fault that they got annoyed.” The words releasing from my gritted teeth.

“Not your fault…!”

“Hey guys, I think I have found something!” Lara smiles wildly, looking through her microscope by the stone slab. Looking over, Lancer looks excited and bends down to look through the microscope causing his eyebrows to pull together in confusion.

“It’s a blonde hair.”

Lara laughs, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. Reaching into the pocket of her dragon skin jacket, she pulls out a machine with a wide screen on it and lots of multi-coloured wires coming out of it. Lara smiles unbelievably wide, excitement radiating off her in waves. Crouching down, she scans the hair, causing strange lights and sounds to be produced.

My body stiffens at the sound of another excited laugh erupting from the creative scientist as whatever the machine does seems to be taken effect.

The End

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